18F Datasheet, 18F PDF, 18F Data sheet, 18F manual, 18F pdf, 18F, datenblatt, Electronics 18F, alldatasheet, free. PIC18F Datasheet, PIC18F Flash pin 32kB Microcontroller Datasheet and Technical Data. The PIC18FI/SP is an Enhanced Flash Microcontroller with bit A/D and nanoWatt technology. The PIC18F family introduces design enhancements .

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Okay, I havent been pic programming that long, but I have been able to write simple programs with my 16fA that would output data to the serial port of a computer from a pressure sensor and a maxim ADC. I have been working on firmware to for a Vector compass module using a pic and the code comes out to be around 15k, so I had to upgrade to a larger pic.

PIC18F – Cytron Technologies

I chose the 18f with 16k. Anyways, the problem I am having is I can get this pic to communicate to a uart host serial port on a computer.


I scraped the 15k of code and just came up with some test code that would output a simple text string over and over, and check the results in hyperterminal. I know that the pic is making an effert to communicate, but something is slightly off like timing.

Here is my setup: My config bits are setup to use the internal oscillator at 8mhz, and MCLR disabled. I have defined debug to useand setup hyperterminal to use the same.

My code looks something like this: If I’m incorrect someone please let me know. Thanks for the replies. I didnt have to do this with the A, so I just expected it to work on the 18f which is 32k code not 16k. Nothing in the Picbasic help about it either.


So to change these registers, I need to identify them and add them to the top of my pic basic code like TRIS? Can I do this with any register I want to alter?

Or is there only a few that Picbasic recognizes? Thanks for all your help Cokehead and Mr E!


I will give this a try this evening and let you know what happens. I put this at the top: Could it be datxsheet that I need to use a line driver? But it may be thinking it’s running at a different frequency. Just for grins I adjusted the baud rate in hyperterminal to see if I could get any different results, and found something very interesting.

pic 18f datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

At baud it works! I set the baud rate to as it is defined in pbp, and nothing. The 4x clock multiplier is enabled by default. This means I was running at 32mhz instead of 8mhz. Had to set both of these to get the oscillator to perform the way I needed it to: