General Tech Info – All Z Car Years – Factory Service Manuals (FSM) – Downloads S (ZX): com/ Nissan ZX Workshop Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Nissan ZX Workshop Nissan ZX Workshop Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Datsum Z. Since proper maintenamce and service are absolutely essential in satisfying the Datsum owners, this manual should be kept in a handy .

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Fusible links are the same as 280zs. They are wires with a built-in melting point. When the current through the link exceeds a threshold, the heat produced melts the wire to prevent too much current from damaging down stream devices.

Fusible links are usually in the form of wires but some are made from flat springy metal. Here are standard Nissan “Pacific” wire colours, their rated melting currents, and cross sectional area: Fusible links are designed to melt and not catch fire.


Regular wires can catch fire. This is as per 280zd FSM.

Factory Service Manuals (FSM) – Downloads – XenonZcar.com

I have not verified. The 77 FSM differs from real life on this matter.

The labels on the side of the 76 FSM say: I verified these in my engine compartment using a multimeter as drawings in the FSM and postings on various forums were conflicting. They also have AGU glass fuse version.

Help! zx turbo is sick – Troubleshooting – HybridZ

The box next to the strut tower is a sheet metal rain guard. It fsj the fusible links and voltage regulator. Underneath are the fusible link covers.

Thank God for PO’s! I used an old 76 or 77 transistor module to make a mounting plate and used two 280ax 10mm bolts near the strut tower to hold the maxifuse box. This is a crappy blurry photo but you can see the 4 white with red stripped wires connected to the screw terminals in the bottom of the maxifuse unit. The black tapped splices are factory!!!


Datsun 240Z Sport 1971 FSM Supplement

I just cut back the wiring harness wrapper to expose the crazy splicing. Not pretty but here is the final product.

The black with red stripe wire was from a gutted sx battery cable. Don’t you just love the “detailed engine compartment” the PO claimed!!! Crappy black paint over the stock wine colour! Green fuse in front is 60A It should 280z 80A but I could not source one.

Factory Service Manuals (FSM) – Downloads – –

The other Red’s 2880zx 50A. Get this Stinger Maxi Fuse Block and swap out your crusty, old, troublesome, high maintenance fusible link blocks. Stinger is also sold by Futureshop. Buy fusible link parts at Banzai. Haywire fusible link and fuse supplier.