74HCT73 74HC/HCT73; Dual JK Flip-flop With Reset; Negative-edge Trigger. For a complete data sheet, please also download. The IC 74HCT73 Datasheet, 74HCT73 PDF, 74HCT73 Data sheet, 74HCT73 manual, 74HCT73 pdf, 74HCT73, datenblatt, Electronics 74HCT73, alldatasheet, free. 74HCT73 datasheet, 74HCT73 circuit, 74HCT73 data sheet: PHILIPS – Dual JK flip-flop with reset; negative-edge trigger,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet.

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Additional discounts are available for high volume purchases. Please contact us with your requirements. Not for new designs. Contact Rapid for details and samples of the replacement series. On all orders for in stock items placed between 8am and 7pm; Monday to Friday Dia. Manufactured to high technical and quality standards. Not suitable for speech and music.

This transducer requires a drive circuit. Miniature 1A plastic diodes in a moulded plastic A case measuring 5mm x 74hct773. Miniature 1A plastic diodes in an industry standard DO package.

Housed in a DO plasic package to 7. These Zener diodes are ideal for providing reference voltages for voltage regulators, or to protect other components from 74hct733 voltage pulses. The ZPY type 1. V 30 40 30 30 40 40 40 VCB max. V 60 60 50 50 60 60 60 74hhct73 max.

V 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Order code IC max. V 20 60 80 60 45 45 80 80 80 VEB max. V 30 60 datashset 80 80 VCE max. IC mA 2A 40 50 fT min. V 40 40 45 45 45 45 45 40 60 60 60 80 80 80 60 60 60 80 80 80 90 VEB max.

Their combination of fast switching times, rugged device construction and low ON resistance give a device which is versatile yet cost-effective.

LM336Z-5.0, TO-92

Having a lower gate source threshold than standard MOSFETs ensures that they can be driven by low voltage devices such as logic ICs and microcontrollers. When a one-off voltage is applied to the 47hct73, the diode conducts. It will continue to conduct until the current between the anode and cathode is reduced.

Built-in thermal shutdown, linear current limitation and overvoltage clamp protect the device in harsh environments. Housed in a standard TO package. The decoders receive serial addresses and data from a programmed encoder via a carrier using a RF or infrared transmission medium.

May be used in conjunction with RF modules TxRx as part of a system. The low impedance output voltage is a nominal 10V full scale provided by an on-board Zener. The IC has an in-built RC oscillator circuit, so requires minimum external components. These bargraph displays have two modes of operation. In dot mode, the IC will sequentially light 10 LEDs when a gradually increasing voltage is applied to pin 5. In bar mode all LEDs indicating below the input voltage are on.

The family has a large number of functions including analogue switches, monostable multivibrators, level converters, counters, timers, display drivers, and phaselocked loops PLLs. The devices incorporate a transparent window to permit erasure of the programmed pattern by exposure to ultraviolet light, a new active pattern can then be written into the device.


On all orders placed between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday Tel: LE TTL compatible control, inhibit input on each pair of drivers, external connections for sensing resistors. L Motor can be driven in half-step, normal and wave drive modes, on-chip PWM chopper circuits permit switch-mode control of the current in the windings. Requires only clock, direction and mode input signals.

When the voltage to the gate is removed the thyristor will conduct until the power is removed by shorting between the anode and cathode. To increase the time delay of the datasueet The circuit will turn on the LED after a period of time determined by the values of the capacitor and resistor. An additional feature is an alarm function with non-volatile, user-programmable upper and lower voltage trigger points.

Suitable applications for this device include: The sensor includes a digital thermometer and also offers functions such as thermostat, programmable digital thermostat or memory. The Dallas 74ht73 company was founded in and was purchased datasheeh Maxim Integrated Products in The companies contimued to operate separately until with all new products now branded as Maxim. The timer 74hdt73 two timers on a single chip. The can be used in countless applications and has three recognised operating modes.

In monostable mode the functions as a one-shot or pulse stretcher. Applications include timers, missing pulse detection and bouncefree switches. In astable mode the can operate as an oscillator. Applications include bouncefree latched switches. By making connections to separate input pins each melody may be triggered individually. Additionally, an input pin is provided that will play all melodies in sequence.

74HCT73 Datasheet(PDF) – NXP Semiconductors

The tempo of the melody may be adjusted to play faster or slower by varying the value of Rosc resistor. Dropout voltage Output voltage typ. These devices operate by sensing the actual output of dtaasheet voltage regulator and comparing it against an internal reference voltage. The error produced by this comparison is inverted and used to compensate the regulator output. Three siren sounds and an additional sound effect are selectable.

This allows a very compact sound module to be easily constructed with only a few additional components.

This regulator can provide local on-card regulation, eliminating the distribution problems associated with single point regulation. Supplied in a TOFP fully moulded package. DC Input voltage max. 74hc73 input voltage Output voltage Operating temperature range Mftrs. V regulation regulation current code mA 5. They have between and words of program memory and between 25 and bytes of user RAM. The bit wide instructions are highly symmetrical, resulting in a typical 2: The device has only 35 single word instructions with a ns instruction cycle.

All two al 2: The sensor detects and measures acceleration in three perpendicular axes and on-board evaluation circuitry converts the resultant measurement into a digital output.

The sensor also features an on-chip, motion-triggered interrupt controller that enables motion-based applications without the need for an external microcontroller.


Data Sheet catalog: ParNumber from digitIndex 74HCT

The sensor can detect tilt, motion, inactivity, orientation and shock vibration e. As part of the Bosch Sensortec range the sensor is also available mounted on a Shuttle Board that has a footprint compatible with the Bosch Evaluation and Application Base Board This evaluation board delivers a universal demonstration and development environment for the sensor and allows full interface with a PC.

The sensor has a pressure range of to datasehet and the device also features low power consumption and 74hc7t3 size, making it ideal for installation in mobile and hand-held devices. Use them in banks of 3 or 5 to improve accuracy. TTL level pulse and the echo pulse is a positive TTL level signal, with the width proportional to the object range.

The sensors give an analogue output which has a 2V variation between the maximum and minimum distances meaning they can be interfaced with just about any microcontroller. Two versions are available and should be selected based on the distance that you wish to measure.

These rotary encoders have a small footprint and highly accurate sliding contacts. Applications include volume control in AV equipment, menu selection for in-car navigation systems and other in-car devices. Email your scheduled order and required dates to: LED is securely held in place by locknut. Speak to an expert on live chat www. Current indications are for guidance only.

Colour cycles every 33 seconds. The LEDs have standard directivity and are available in the most popular colours, all having a high luminous intensity. The high luminous intensity and low energy consumption of these LEDs ensures that there are a wide range of applications suitable for these 3mm AC LEDs, including: PD View angle Operating temperature 30mA 3.

These LEDs are particularly suitable for automotive dashboard lighting and general backlighting purposes. High luminosity and long life make this LED lamp suitable for such applications as electronic signage, signalling, small area illumination, back lighting.

Available with diffused, water clear, or transparent lenses in a variety of colours and luminous intensities, the Super Bright LEDs rugged design adds to their long life reliability. Meanwhile, these high intensity components have been manufactured using only the best materials – the color devices are made with GaN on Sapphire Light Emitting Diode.

Featuring high luminous intensities and long lifetime operation, these LEDs are suitable for a wide range of applications including: V 6 6 6 14 14 14 14 14 14 Order code Ptot max.

Tough, reliable and built to last, these high intensity components have been manufactured with only the best materials – the color devices are made with Gallium Arsenide Phosphide. Available in red and green or red and blue these LEDs also provide a third colour when the two primary colours are combined.

V 5 5 5 Order code Lum.