Abdelfattah Kilito was born in Rabat, Morocco, in Trained as a scholar of classical Arabic literature, his oeuvre now includes several collections of. First published in Arabic in , Abdelfattah Kilito’s Thou Shalt Not Speak My Language explores the tension between dynamics of literary influence and canon. Abdelfattah Kilito. 6K likes. Ecrivain marocain spécialiste de la littérature française & arabe classiques. Professeur à la faculté, il a aussi.

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The Tongue of Adam by Abdelfattah Kilito | Quarterly Conversation

Review by John Domini — Published on December 11, The Tongue of Adam by Abdelfattah Kilito tr. Jorge Luis Borges, especially, casts his shadow, given the erudite cool wbdelfattah which this text handles Adam and Eve, Eden and Babel, effortlessly switching between Quranic as spelled by Kilito sources and Judeo-Christian.

Even more noteworthy, however, may be what the book accomplishes, abdeldattah this hour of the world, for Arab civilization in general. Then following seven short chapters—essays, meditations—Kilito himself provides the afterward, revealing that he taught in French, and often French literature, for forty years.


Nonetheless this epilog, like his text, makes an argument for his culture of origin. Born in Rabat during the colonial era, earning tenure at his Moroccan alma mater, Kilito is one multilingual thinker who never severed native connections—Maghreb, specifically—and knows how they matter:.

Every Maghrebian writer has a story to tell about their language or languages. Also it resonates with the title and the abiding concern for Arab identity: God split in abrelfattah.

Early speculation concerning the first human language take over the chapter, which cites everything from Herodotus to the ninth-century Book of Animals by Jahiz, all while never losing the common touch: The Arab Empire was.

Its unity was based on ethnic and linguistic diversity; contact between languages and cultures was an everyday reality. The tenth-century grammarian Zubaydi could therefore remark: So the Babel story, the subject of the second essay, leaves this author with a very different takeaway than in the First Book of Moses. Much of this I found fascinating, such as the early quandary over whether Adam could be both prophet and poet.

Clashanother pocket-sized text from New Directions, sketched thirteen coming-of-age narratives in a Franco-African seaport, back in days abdepfattah Kilito himself was young.


As the central figure marked notches on the walls of his home, anyone could identify.

Thus in our contemporary context, when so many in Europe and America see Islam as utterly alien, not to say monstrous, the stories served as an antitoxin.

The Postmodern Novel abdelafttah Society. It Is All Golgotha: Three Novels by Jacques Chesse The undercurrents of Swiss anti-Semitism invoked at this conference feature prominently in The Abdlefattah of Guy Davenport an Early in this roughly 1,letter collection, Hugh Kenner makes a flat declaration World-Building in Michael Chab Since we appeared together last spring on the Left Forum panel on the future of experimental li