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En particular hemos detectado mediante LIF las especies: En este trabajo presentamos algunos de los resultados obtenidos mediante el estudio por LIF de estos radicales: Los modelos de eensenanza y aprendizaje constructivistas conceptualizan el aprendizaje como un proceso activo. El modelo de Aprendizaje Basado en Proyectos ABPr se distingue por una serie de componentes, entre los cuales se destaca el aspecto colaborativo y cooperativo como un reto al momento de su implantacion.

Son pocas las investigaciones que se concentran en este aspecto del modelo. En este estudiose analizaron las diversas interacciones que surgen durante la implantacion de una unidad curricular sobre el tema de Geologia de Puerto Rico, la cual se diseno con el modelo ABPr cuyo enfoque es orientacion a proyectos. Particularmente, se examinaron las interacciones sociales que surgen entre los pares y entre pares y docente durante el proceso de planificacion y desarrollo de los productos finales, al igual que las interacciones entre los estudiantes y el material didactico en estas etapas del modelo.

La investigacion es de tipo cualitativo e incorpora como diseno el estudio de caso. Las diversas interacciones constituyen la unidad de analisis. En el estudio participaron 19 estudiantes de 9no grado, a quienes se organizaron en 5 grupos colaborativos por temas de interes Pangea, Placas tectonicas, Volcanes, Tsunamis y Terremotos.

Las tecnicas que se utilizaron para recopilar los datos fueron: Para el analisis de los datos se aplico la teoria de actividad CHAT que concentra la unidad de analisis en la actividad humana en un contexto particular. Los resultados del estudio senalan que las interacciones entre pares, entre pares y docente, asi como entre estudiantes y material didactico son fundamentales en el proceso de aprendizaje.

Una mayor interaccion entre pares durante las etapas de planificar y desarrollar los productos finales de la unidad, promueve una mejor comprension de los conceptos de la. Family structure and dynamics in De Palma ‘s horror films.

An analysis of the familial relationships in Brian De Palma ‘s five major horror films reveals a persistent unconscious fantasy formation involving the nuclear family.

These single-parent, only-child families are all tragically destroyed because of an inability to adequately mourn nerique absent parent. Although the asexual young adults in the films are spared the completely disastrous effects of madness and violence, they are still psychologically traumatized.

This hidden subtextual theme involving the family parallels De Eoyo ‘s bleak view of authority figures outside the home, as well as American society in general. Adequate identity formation requires that people both inside and outside the family accept the adolescent as a separate person. The grim psychological truth enriwue its way throughout De Palma ‘s horror films is that these young adults are psychically devastated by the effects of a primitive, fused symbiotic relationship in interaction with a society that does not provide an adequate role for the developing person.

Consequently, their attempt to psychologically move outside the family, which includes the maturation of their sexuality, results in the destruction of the family itself. A Pliocene submarine series of alkali basaltic pillow lavas, hyaloclastites, and breccias Aa sheeted dike swarm Band a basal suite of gabbro and ultramafic rocks C from La Palma Canary Islands is interpreted as a cross section through an uplifted seamount. The basal plutonic complex C also includes intrusives coeval with up to m of younger subaerial alkali basaltic lavas unconformably overlying the submarine series.

The plutonic suite C is overlain abruptly by more than m of sills B0. Extrusives A form a m thick sequence of pillow lavas, breccias, and hyaloclastites. The clastic rocks increase in abundance upward and are of four main types: The extrusive series is chemically and mineralogically crudely zoned, with the most differentiated rocks metatrachytes and mugearites at the base and most picritic lavas occurring near the top of the series.


Another very fast moving NEA was discovered but was unfortunately lost due to lack of follow-up time. Based on the total sky coverage in dark conditions, we evaluate the actual survey discovery rate using 2-m class telescopes. One NEA is possible to be discovered randomly within minimum 2. These findings update our past statistics, being based on double sky coverage and taking into account the recent increase in discovery. The Palmae family contains genera and approximately species.

Except for Elaeis guineensis and Phoenix dactylifera, almost no genetic and genomic information is available for Palmae species.

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Therefore, this is an obstacle to carrnicer conservation and genetic assessment of Palmae species, especially those that are currently endangered. The study was performed to develop a large number of microsatellite markers which can be used for genetic analysis in different Palmae species.

Based on the assembled genome of E. Among these microsatellites identified in E.

The majority of these designed primer pairs had in silico products in the genome of E. These primer pairs were subsequently used to in silico amplify the genome of P.

A total of 7 conserved microsatellites were identified between E. One hundred and thirty-five primer pairs flanking the conserved SSRs were stochastically selected and validated to have high cross-genera transferability, varying from These genome-wide conserved microsatellite markers will provide a useful tool for genetic assessment and conservation of different Palmae species in the future. Metasomatism in the oceanic lithosphere beneath La PalmaCanary Islands. La Palma is the most active island within the Canary archipelago acondiciondo historical eruption along the Cumbre Vieja Rift.

The collection of xenoliths comprises sp-harzburgites, sp-lherzolites, sp-dunites and pyroxenites but only the first three were used for this work. Metasomatic processes are evident in all samples. A common feature is a variable channelling of melt flow through the mantle xenoliths displayed in variations from pervasively metasomatized, through veined to dyke intruded peridotites.

Orthopyroxene breakdown into olivine, clinopyroxene and glass is evidence for anhydrous melt percolation. Furthermore, fine-grained veins in various thicknesses consisting of olivine, pyroxene as well as amphibole with apatite and phlogopite reveal additional anhydrous and hydrous metasomatic processes, respectively. Pentlandite has been found in all veined samples.

Amphiboles are mostly pargasites but kaersutites are also present in the amphibole-bearing veins. Two different types of amphibole veins have been recognized. The first type is an amphibole-apatite-glass-bearing amphibolite, forming a cross-cutting vein that propagates through the xenolith.

The amphiboles in this vein are coarse-grained while the disseminated amphiboles are fine-grained. Clinopyroxene acondicionzdo occurs in association with amphibole and in textural equilibrium suggesting that both minerals have grown together.

The second amphibole-vein contains phlogopite and traces of apatite. Textural iare cross-cutting olivine grains and the absence of hydrous minerals in the.

A bathymetric enroque carried out in and the analysis of hydrographic and wind data with a geographic information system acondiionado the calculation of several metrics of cqrnicer morphometry. The overdeepened basin has a subrectangular elongated shape and is aligned in a NW-SE direction in an alluvial acondicuonado with a ennrique depth Zmax of These metrics suggest Lake Palmas as the deepest natural lake in Brazil.

The warm monomictic pattern of Lake Palmaswhich is in an accordance to deep tropical lakes, is determined by water column mixing during the dry and mild cold season, especially under the influence of a high canicer fetch associated with the incidence of cold fronts. Lake Palmas has a very long theoretical retention time, with a mean of The changes observed in the hydrological flows of the tributary rivers may disturb the ecological resilience of Lake Palmas.

At Work in the Genre Laboratory: Brian De Palma ‘s “Scarface.

Enrique Carnicer Royo (Author of Aire Acondicionado)

Postulates that, if genres serve as problem-solving constructs for the cultures they reflect and are fundamentally conservative structures committed to temporary resolutions of the hopeless contradictions that produce their dramas, then Brian De Palma ‘s “Scarface” exemplifies the ways gangster films of the s redefined generic….


Depleted and metasomatized oceanic lithosphere beneath La PalmaCanary Islands. Due to the inaccessibility of Earth’s interior, xenoliths became the best possibility to study the chemical composition of the earth mantle as well as its various processes. Three samples out of the sample suite of mantle peridotites from San Antonio Volcano on La PalmaCanary Islands, have been chosen to illustrate three examples of diverse mantle metasomatic events. Forsterite content in olivine varies between Clinopyroxenes are mostly found in association with amphibole and in textural equilibrium hinting that both minerals may have grown together, while orthopyroxene have only been found as remnant inclusions in olivine.

These clinopyroxenes are Cr-Diopsides with En Secondary clinopyroxenes are Ti-Augites with En The melt infiltration apparently took place prior to xenolith entrainment in the host basalt. Primary olivine has Fo content of Cr-Diopside compositions are in range of En The third sample is also a sp-dunite and marked by a network of phlogopite. Study of the histopathological types of cutaneous melanoma in Palmas -TO from to Cutaneous melanoma CM is considered serious for causing frequent metastasis, presenting high mortality, resistance to available therapies and incidences in laboring activity.

To study the histopathological types of cutaneous melanoma in Palmas -TO from toaccording to risk factors, location of lesions, Clark levels and Breslow thickness. The years of highest incidences were: The most common histopathological types were: In this study, Clark levels and Breslow thickness pointed to greater importance of thin melanomas and sun exposure without appropriate protection in farmers.

La Palma volcanic island is one of the youngest of the Canary archipelago, being a composite volcano formed by three overlapping volcanic centers. There are clear onshore and offshore evidences of past giant landslides that have occurred during its evolution. Currently, the active Cumbre Vieja volcano is in an early development state Carracedo et al. The study of flank instability processes aim to assess, among other hazards, catastrophic collapse and potential tsunami generation.

Early studies of the potential instability of Cumbre Vieja volcano western flank have focused on the use of sparse geodetic networks Moss et al.

Recently, a dense GNSS network and satellite radar interferometry results indicate ground motion consistent with deep-seated creeping processes Prieto et al.

palmas estudios mediante: Topics by

In this work, we present caarnicer geomechanical advanced numerical model that captures the ongoing deformation processes at Cumbre Vieja. We choose the Finite Elements Method FEM which is based in continuum mechanics and is the most used for geotechnical applications.

FEM has the ability of using arbitrary geometry, heterogeneities, irregular boundaries and different constitutive models representative of the geotechnical units involved. Our main contribution is the introduction of an inverse approach to constrain entique geomechanical parameters using satellite radar interferometry displacements. This is the first application of such approach on a large volcano flank study. We suggest that the use of surface displacements and inverse methods to rigorously constrain the geomechanical model parameter space is a powerful tool to understand volcano flank instability.

A particular important result of the studied case is the estimation of displaced rock volume, which is a parameter of critical importance for simulations of Cumbre Vieja tsunamigenic hazard.

Dietary intake and nutritional risk among free-living elderly people in Palma de Mallorca. To describe the dietary intake of free-living, non-institutionalised, elderly people of Palma de Mallorca, and to evaluate their nutritional status and risk of undernutrition.