Amercoat is a solvent-based, self-curing inorganic topcoat used over most Dimetcote® surfaces to provide a uniform color and excellent resistance to. Typical Uses. Amercoat can be used as a topcoat on Dimetcote zinc silicate primers in the chemical and petrochemical, marine, offshore. SAFETY DATA SHEET. This Safety Data Sheet is prepared in accordance with Annex II to Regulation (EC) No. / AMERCOAT

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Flush all equipment with thinner or Amercoat 12 cleaner to Consult Ameron for guidance prior to application if Post on Mar views. This system is designed to resist corrosion that can occur overextended periods of downtime, while providing excellent resis-tance to high temperatures associated with exhaust systemsfor gas turbines during times of operation. However, when recommendationscontained herein differ from those specified in Amerons pub-lished literature, e.

Surface PreparationSurface PreparationCoatings performance is proportional to the degree of sur-face preparation. Surface must be clean, free of moisture,grease or other contaminants. Round off all rough weldsand sharp edges, remove weld spatter. Uncoated steel, without pits or depressions: Previously painted or pitted steel: Blast to achieve a 1 to 2 mil 25 to 50 microns denseanchor profile.

After abrasive blasting, the profile shouldbe jagged in nature, as opposed to a peened pattern. A finefinish tip 0. A variable speed agitator in thepressure pot and an 7741 and moisture trap in the main airsupply are essential.

Separate air and fluid pressure amerxoat are recommended. Powder, liquid, and accelerator are pack-aged in the correct proportions which, when mixed togeth-er, yield 0. Caution Moisture or water contamination in Dimetcote 9H Liquid will causeshortened pot life, skinning and gelling. Flush all equipment with thinner or Amercoat 12 cleaner toremove any moisture that may be present. Moisture cancause hardening of coating in equipment. Stir liquid with an explosion-proof power mixer.

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Discard desiccant bag from powder can and gradually stirpowder into liquid. Amercooat stirring until powder is welldispersed, and uniformly blended to a workableconsistency. Add activator slowly and continue amercpat for 2 minutes,making sure the activator is completely incorporated. Strain material through 30 mesh screen to removeundispersed material and prevent possible clogging ofequipment. Pot life is limited and shortened by high temperatures; do notmix more coating than will be used within the specified times.

Important At the end of the pot life, kick-out or separation of liquid andsolids occur, together with gassing.

Do not keep mixed material which hasexceeded the pot life in tightly closed containers as gassing can create enoughpressure to cause containers to burst. Keep containers loosely covered during use to preventskinning or gelling due to moisture in air.

Ameecoat off skins andstrain material through cheesecloth or 30 mesh screen toremove any remaining skin pieces.

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Thin for workability or when a rough film or dry spray isobtained because of fast solvent evaporation during hotweather or high wind.

For low temperatures 60F or below orwhen experiencing slow drying, use 2 oz. Adjust spray equipment to apply an even wet coat withminimal over spray. Continue very slow stirring during application to maintainuniformity of material. Avoid fast stirring as this may causea rise in material temperature and moisture entrainment,shortening pot life and causing gelling.


Apply in even, 714 passes, overlap each pass 50percent. Pay special attention to welds, cut-outs, sharpedges, rivets, bolts, etc.

Keeppressure pot at approximately the same elevation as spraygun for proper material delivery to gun. Prevent contact with water until the freshly applied coatingis dry to touch. When dry through, check zmercoat thickness with a nondestructivedry film thickness gauge. Recoat if greater thickness isrequired. Recommended thickness is mils microns.

Dry film thickness must not exceed 4 mils microns. Greater thickness may develop cracking Random pinholes, holidays and small damaged or bareareas can be touched up by brush when film is dry to touch.

Larger areas should be resprayed. Note – Drying and topcoating times will be longer when film thickness is over 4 mils micronsventilation and air movement are restricted and temperatures orrelative humidities are lower. A water mist sprayed over the coating when the film isdry to touch will accelerate hardening at lower humidities.

In confined areas, ventilate with clean air during application anddrying until all solvents are removed. Temperature and relativehumidity of the air must be such that moisture will not condense onthe surface until after material is dry to touch. Clean equipment with thinner or Amercoat 12 cleaner immediatelyafter use or at least at the end of each working day or shift.

Cleanspray guns more often during hot weather. When left in equipment,Dimetcote 9H will harden and plug spray equipment. Dimetcote 9H surface must be clean and dry before topcoating. Watersoluble contaminants may be washed off with water. Remove greaseand similar contaminants with an emulsion type cleaner or neutraldetergent. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.

Stir material thoroughly to a uniform consistency. Keep containers closed until ready to mix andapply product, to prevent moisture access. Continue to agitate material throughout application. Thinning is not amrrcoat required; if needed for workability thin upto 12 pint with Amercoat 65 per gallon of Amercoat Apply a wet coat in even, parallel passes; overlap each pass amercat to avoid bare areas, pinholes and holidays. Recommended dry film thickness is mils microns.

Do notexceed 4 mils dry film thickness. Excessive thickness will diminish theservice life of the coating system.

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Inwinter conditions, the relative humidity is often very low in heatedshops. Recommended total system dry film thickness is mils. Maximumallowable dry film thickness for either D9H or is 4 mils microns. Totalsystem Dry Film thickness in excess of 8 mils mincrons may result incracking, which will reduce the service life of the coating system.

Shipping DataDimetcote 9HPackaging unit. See manufacture date on container label. Improper storage can result inmoisture contamination which will either shorten potlife or result in gelling beforeshelf life expires. Amercoat Amsrcoat 1 and 5 gallon containersShipping weight approx. Allow for application losses and surface irregularities. This product is photochemically reactive as defined by the South Coast Air QualityManagement Districts Rule or equivalent regulations.

Mixed material has hazards of each component. Safetyprecautions must be strictly followed during storage, han-dling and use.

Do not use this product without first taking all appropri-ate safety measures to prevent property damage andinjuries. These measures may include, without limita-tion: Proper ventilation and protec-tive measures must be provided during application anddrying to keep spray mists and vapor concentrationswithin safe limits and to protect against toxic hazards. Necessary safety equipment must be used and ventila-tion requirements carefully observed, especially in con-fined or enclosed spaces, such as tank interiors andbuildings.


This product is to be used by those knowledgeable about proper application methods. Ameron makes norecommendation about the types of safety measuresthat may need to be adopted because these depend onapplication environment and space, of which Ameron is unaware and over which it has no control. If you do not fully understand these warnings andinstructions or if you cannot strictly comply with them,do not use the product. Consult Code of Federal Regulations Title 29, Labor,parts and concerning occupational safety andhealth standards and regulations, as well as any otherapplicable federal, state and local regulations on safe prac-tices in coating operations.

This product is for industrial use only.

Not for residen-tial use. Limitation of LiabilityAmeron’s liability on any claim of any kind, includingclaims based upon Ameron’s negligence or strict liability,for any loss or damage arising out of, connected with, orresulting from the use of the products, shall in no caseexceed the purchase price allocable to the products orpart thereof which give rise to the claim.

In no event shallAmeron be liable for consequential or incidental dam-ages. WarrantyAmeron warrants its products to be free from defects inmaterial and workmanship. Ameron’s sole obligation andBuyer’s exclusive remedy in connection with the productsshall be limited, at Ameron’s option, to either replacementof products not conforming to this Warranty or credit toBuyer’s account in the invoices amount of the nonconform-ing products. Any claim under this Warranty must be madeby Buyer to Ameron in writing within five 5 days ofBuyer’s discovery of the claimed defect, but in no eventlater than the expiration of the applicable shelf life, or oneyear from the delivery date, whichever is earlier.

Buyer’sfailure to notify Ameron of such nonconformance asrequired herein shall bar buyer from recovery under thisWarranty. Ameron makes no other warranties concerning theproduct. No other warranties, whether express, implied,or statutory, such as warranties of merchantability orfitness for a particular purpose, shall apply. In no eventshall Ameron be liable for consequential or incidentaldamages. Any recommendation or suggestion relating to the use ofthe products made by Ameron, whether in its technical lit-erature, or in response to specific inquiry, or otherwise, isbased on data believed to be reliable; however, the prod-ucts and information are intended for use by Buyers havingrequisite skill and know-how in the industry, and thereforeit is for Buyer to satisfy itself of the suitability of the prod-ucts for its own particular use and it shall be deemed thatBuyer has done so, at its sole discretion and risk.

Variationin environment, changes in procedures of use, or extrapo-lation of data may cause unsatisfactory results.