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Effect of age on the volume and weight of human testis. The weight and volume of human testes right and left were studied during the aging process.

Sixty testes from human adult, white cadavers aged from 20 to 89 years were divided into seven groups. After dissection, both testes were weighed and their volumes determined. The Student’s test and the Pearson correlation were used in order to analyze the results. The results showed that there was no statistical correlation between age, weight and volume of testes for each age group.

However, little attention has been given to the effects of aging on the reproductive function in man. With regard to the macroscopic aspects, SAPPEY refers that the testes vary according to the individual and according to the age, and the weight would be directly related to its volume.

PASTEAU describes that in the adult age great individual variations occur with regard to dimensions; whereas TESTUT reports that the testis volume can be maintained until very advanced age, and also that the two testes habitually possess the same dimensions. SALA describes the testes as being small until puberty, when they grow very quickly and reach the maximum of their development in the period of sexual activity, decreasing volume with age.

Due to these divergences in the literature, in this initial work we intend to evaluate the weight and the volume of the testes left and right during the aging process. After identification and determination of age at the time of death, they were distributed into seven groups: The groups I and VII were represented by five individuals and the other ones by ten.


Criteria for exclusion of cadavers to be used were: Testes were collected within 20 h after death. Initially the height of the cadavers was measured, and thereafter the testis were removed, dissected, taking away elements of the spermatic cord and the epididymis, in order to leave the tunica albuginea of testis exposed and clean.

After these procedures, each of the testis was weighed in a analytic scale Micronaland the volume was determined using a graduated beaker containing physiological solution. No significant differences were found in the several studied groups regarding the volumes and weight of the right and the left organs Fig.

Distribution of weight and volume of human testes in different ages. At first, we believed that this was due to a loss of blood through the spermatic cord.

We tested this hypothesis by tying the spermatic cord before the removal of the testes. However, we found the same testicular flaccidity, thus suggesting that it was due to a normal post-mortem phenomenon. Another observation was that, after being immersed in Bouin solution during at least one hour, the testis acquired its turgor.

Being so, it is important that the testis measurements are made before any fixation procedure in order to avoid volume or weight alterations. Literature data of testicular weights are shown in Table II.

We found in our material the average testicular weight to be We did not find statistical correlation between the weights and the volumes with elapsing of age; however, we believe that the testis may be considered to be somewhat more voluminous when the age group years is analyzed.

Some data are given as minimum and maximum values Weights g Reference 6. Testis volume ml versus groups: Testis weight g versus groups: With regard to the determination of the testicular volume, we preferred the method of normxle displacement, rather than the mathematical equations used by several authors HAYASHI et al. FUSE reported that, due to technical difficulties, only the width and the length are measurable by the ultra-sound.


In our material we did not have these problems, provided that the testes could be evaluated by the anqtomia of the physiologic solution in a graduate test anatomka. Among the authors that present numeric data of the testicular volume, we quote: In our findings, the average volume was As mentioned previously, we did not find significant statistical variations among the volumes between the right and the left sides, neither with elapsing of age or stature.


With regard to the testis height and weight, we did not find any significant correlation between right and left sides. Trattato di anatomia umana funzionale. Padova, Piccin Editore, Instituzioni di anatomia dell’uomo. Hanbuch der anatomie des menchen.

crus | English to Italian | Medical: Instruments

Dumagalli, Piccin Nuova Libraria, Reply by the authors by measurement of testicular volume. Disorders of the testes and the male reproductive tract. Williams textbook of endocrinology. B Saunders Co, Surgical sterilization by vasectomy and its effects on the structure and function of the testis in man. Tratado de anatomia humana.

Rio de Janeiro, Interamericana, Testis weight and the histology of the prostate in elderly men. Effect of age on the composition of seminiferous tubular boundary tissue and on the volume of each component in humans. Attrition of the human Leydig cell population with advancing age. Effect of ageing on the volume, structure and total Leydig cell content of the human testis.

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Measurement of testicular volume. The effect of age on male reproductive function. Histopathological and morphometrical study of the human epididymis and testis.

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Freedman and Company,p. Rio de Janeiro, Ed. Some data are given as minimum and maximum values. Casilla D Temuco mdelsol ufro.