Anritsu MNB Details. Anritsu MNB. Anritsu MNB to nm Programmable Optical Attenuator. Anritsu MNB datasheet & specifications. Here you will find a large selection of new and used Anritsu MNB listed at special prices. Although some items match several categories, all of them are. Results 5 – 37 To ensure the continued integrity of the equipment, only Anritsu (c) Connect the output of the MNB to the MSC. (d) Press the Repeat.

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In this short episode Shahriar takes a detailed look at an Anritsu variable optical attenuator operating in the L- and C-Bands. The mechanical attenuator is defective and provides an opportunity for complete disassembly aanritsu examination of the free-space optics, mechanical components and electronics. This allows the microprocessor to set the exact position of the motors based on calibrated values stored on EPROM.


Anritsu MNB – Attenuators misc Coaxial Hardware

The free-space optics consists of two back-to-back disks with radial metal coatings. Depending on the position of each wheel, the coating limits the transmission of the light through the wheel causing attenuation.

The entire housing is hermetically sealed to prevent degradation of the disks. It looks as if the motor servos have both position feedback from the pot, and velocity feedback from what looks like a tachogenerator at the end of the shaft.

Anritsu MNB Programmable Attenuator

Perhaps they are using a nested feedback loop system: This loop varies the motor voltage to reach the required velocity. The reason for this is to give a servo with fast response and good stability under varying load conditions.

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