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Arvel Amaya

Describe your issue Have a question not already answered in the links at left or on our main FAQ page? Arvel wrote her first LGBT romance when she was in college working on a arvl in creative amayya while participating as an activist in her local college LGBT alliance. She’s a firm believer in sexual freedom and finds erotica and romance gives her a chance to explore all nuances of sexuality and the relationships between different types of people.

Plus it’s pretty damn hot. You can find more of her stories and novels at http: You can also follow her or twitter or email her at arvelamaya gmail. She enjoys hearing from her readers.

Wolf Heart by Arvel Amaya Price: Sid has never wanted a mate.

Sex and fun has arfel been good enough for him. That is until he meets Bradley, the very human veterinarian that changed his world and pulled a bullet out of him all at the same time.


Books by Arvel Amaya

With Sid struggling to resist the claim and Brad determined to win him over, they both must decide the lengths they would go for each other.

Xavier has been in love with Tommy since the first time he met him. Discovering that Tommy was his mate should have been perfect, but Tommy is meant for more than being mated to a worthless tracker.

Trying to do what’s best for his future mate, Xavier tries to break it off, but breaking it off is harder than he thinks when Tommy sets out to prove to his mate that they are meant to be together. Josh wanted a change in his life, but when he decides to mix things up by attending a frat party he never expected to be brought into a world of magic.

When he meets Raven, he discovers the secret world of the immortals, where immortals are bound to mortal mates in order to keep their powers and their souls.

Unseen Touch by Arvel Amaya

The Touch 0 by Arvel Amaya Amaua There are some things you can’t run from. When Micah finds himself the witness to a horrible car accident, he discovers a young psychic and the beginning of a romance that spans decades and a love that can cross lifetimes. Wolf Bonds by Arvel Amaya Price: Gael Patricks is Wolf Blood – a human who is fated to bond with an Alpha wolf whether he wants to or not.

Dusk is a wolf without a pack and a life too dangerous for a mate. On the run from their past and fearful of their future, Gael and Dusk must decide whether to ignore their bond in order to protect the people they love or to risk it all to keep each other.


Burning Touch Paranormal Crime Unit: The Touch 2 by Arvel Amaya Price: Henri Abbey isn’t good at relationships and dating a man who is shrouded in mystery is starting to become more than he can handle.

When a psychic convention rolls into town and brings with it a string of victims burned alive, Henri finds himself on the trail of a psychic fire starter. As Henri juggles psychics and TV mediums, he must decide if staying with Micah is worth the risk of his heart.

Unseen Touch Paranormal Zrvel Unit: The Amata 1 by Arvel Amaya Price: For psychic, Henri Abbey, trouble is never far away.

When a witch asks for help finding her missing assistant, Henri is suddenly thrown into a case where the victims are found dead inside a locked room. The cause of death? Things just get arfel when Henri finds himself attracted to the main suspect. But that the least of his worries when he ends up next on the killer’s list. His Own by Arvel Amaya Price: It’s Kit’s nineteenth birthday and he has plans to seduce his sexy, older boss, Leon, but his amwya fall apart when he discovers strange wing tattoos on his back.

Suddenly, Kit is dodging demons and trying to figure out what happened to his normal life. Lost and scared, he runs to Leon amaja help, but Leon has his own secrets and has every intention of making Kit his.