The call has gone out, the mustering of militias is at hand and the Blacktooth Ridge beckons to any and all willing to come to their aid and discover what is. Assault on Blacktooth Ridge 1. This book is published under the Open Game License version a by permission of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. The Open Game . 5th Edition Adventures: A1 Assault on Blacktooth Ridge [Davis Chenault, Tim Burns, Jason Vey, Peter Bradley, Jason Walton] on *FREE* shipping.

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This is a small village area with a couple of cave complex dungeons and a few wilderness encounters. The various areas are a bit disconnected, and presented more as ideas for the DM to use, as opposed to blaacktooth well-connected series of adventurers.

The various encounter areas in this adventure module are strangely disconnected.

These are strangely disconnected. Finally the DM drops a hint in a wilderness encounter that leads you to the core dungeon. The town of Botkinburg is presented. Everyone else is a farmer of some sort or another.

About 25 areas in the town and nearby halfling village are described. The aesault are not particularly memorable, although they do each have some quirks. I wish there were more subplots going on than just the current crisis.


Assault on Blacktooth Ridge (5E) (5th Edition Adventure A1 PDF version) | Wiki | BoardGameGeek

Quite a few of the townsfolk may accompany the party if they try to recruit them. The potential recruits are of varying quality and have various motivations, which is a nice touch. There are some issues with the text in places. For example, riege few of the townsfolk visit a witch in the woods.

The witch lives 6 days in to the woods. Blacmtooth wilderness encounters are more interesting. Rather, taken as a whole they are more interesting.

Castles and Crusades: A1 Assault on Blacktooth Ridge for Fantasy Grounds

The individual encounters lack atmosphere however when taken together they provide the campaign environment an interesting flair. Ruins in the wilderness. One of the encounters is fairly large, a kobold cave complex with an old tomb at the end.

The cave is interesting, with ledges, tunnels, and so on.

A1 – Assault on Blacktooth Ridge

The tomb portion, while small, is interesting as well, with walls to tunnel through and treasure presented in an interesting way. I actually preferred this small complex to the main dungeon, even though it has kobolds rivge is fairly linear. I should also note the wandering monster table is nicer than average. All of the entries on the table, humanoid and animal, are doing something.


It helps bring a game world to life. The main dungeon is in two parts, with a single connection between the two. The upper portion is occupied by humanoids while the lower section is more of an unused portion of a military complex asault deep in the past.

That portion has some treasure and and a nice assualt guardian. The upper portion basically just has humanoids.

I wish the upper portion had a more organized response to incursions and there were more weird and fantastic elements in the dungeon. The village is realistic, which means boring. The wilderness encounters border on the fantastic, which is wonderful, although there is no wilderness map and it must therefore be a bit of DM railroad to get those encounters in to use.

The core dungeon is really just a humanoid lair while the supplemental kobold dungeon is more interesting from an exploration standpoint. This entry was posted in Reviews.

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