Mapping Translation Technology Research in Translation Studies .. Medical education research contributes to translational science (TS) when its outcomes of specificity of Romanian translation studies in order to define and explain the to a TOEFL reading comprehension test and a translation performance test ( ATA. directly technology oriented and this learning area has strict connections with .. Paleolitik, Neolitik ve İlkçağda Bilim, Teknoloji ve Sosyal Değişme. In Bahri Ata. In skill dimension “using information technologies” skill is technology oriented . Paleolitik, Neolitik ve İlkçağda Bilim, Teknoloji ve Sosyal Değişme. In Bahri Ata.

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Unfortunately, the increasing professional use of translation technology has not been mirrored within translation studies TS by a similar increase in research projects on translation technology Munday In Section 2, we present translation Based on a small-scale study of papers published in TS journals between andSection 3 attempts to map relevant developments of translation Due to the growing uptake of translation technology in the language industry and its documented impact on the translation profession, translation students and scholars need in-depth and empirically founded knowledge of the nature and influences of translation technology e.

Cell cycle phase dependent emergence of thymidylate synthase studied by monoclonal antibody M- TS A method of identifying thymidylate synthase TS at the cellular level was developed using anti- TS monoclonal antibody M- TS -4a monoclonal antibody created against purified TS from a HeLa cell line. Autoradiographic and flow cytometric studies showed that TS appeared mainly in the G1 phase and subsided early in the S phase; thus, the G1 phase can be divided into TS -positive and -negative fractions.

Although the percentage of TS -positive cells was larger than the S-phase fraction measured by autoradiography after a pulse of tritiated thymidine or by the immunoperoxidase method using BUdR, the ratios were within a similar range 1. Therefore, the S-phase fraction can be estimated indirectly from the percentage of TS -positive cells measured by M- TS Because the emergence of TS detected by our method is cell cycle dependent, M- TS -4 may be useful for biochemical studies of TS and for cytokinetic analysis.

Memetics and Translation Studies. Translation Studies is a branch of memetics. This is a claim, a hypothesis. More specifically, it is an interpretive hypothesis: I claim that Translation Studies can be thus interpreted, and that this is a useful thing to do because it offers a new and beneficial way of understanding translation.

Study examines the implication of solder and flux selection in YBCO splice joints. Solderability varied with solder and flux for three different stabilizations tested.

Resistivity of stabilizer was dominant factor in splice joint resistance. Solder materials affected splice joint resistance when solderability was poor. The coated conductors, also known as second-generation 2G high temperature superconductor HTS wires in the geometry of flat tapes about 4 mm widewere laminated with copper, brass, or stainless steel strips as stabilizers. To understand the factors that influence their solderability, surface profilometry and scanning electron microscopy were used to characterize the wire surfaces.

It was found that the solderability varied with the solder and flux but the three different wires showed similar solderability for a fixed combination of solder and flux. Solder joints of the 2G wires were fabricated using the tools and the procedures recommended by the HTS wire manufacturer.

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The solder joints were teknooji in a lap-joint geometry and with the superconducting sides of the two wires face-to-face. The electrical resistances of the solder joints were measured at 77 K, and the results were analyzed to qualify the soldering materials and evaluate the soldering process. It was concluded that although the selection of soldering materials affected the resistance of a solder joint, the resistivity of the stabilizer was the dominant factor.

A rapid, precise and automated means for the regular inspection and maintenance of a large number of tunnels is needed. Based on the depth study of the tunnel monitoring method, the CNU- TS -1 mobile tunnel monitoring system TS 1 is developed and presented.

It can efficiently obtain the cross-sections that are orthogonal to the tunnel in a dynamic way, and the control measurements that depend on design data are eliminated. By using odometers to locate the cross-sections and correcting the data based on longitudinal joints of tunnel segment lining, the cost of the system has been significantly reduced, and the interval between adjacent cross-sections can reach cm when pushed to collect data at a normal walking speed.


Meanwhile, the relative deformation of tunnel can be analyzed by selecting cross-sections from original data. Through the measurement of the actual tunnel, the applicability of the system for tunnel deformation detection is verified, nahri the system is shown to be 15 times more efficient than that of the total station.

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The simulation experiment of the tunnel deformation indicates that the measurement accuracy of TS 1 for cross-sections is 1. Compared with the traditional method, TS 1 improves the efficiency as well as increases the density of the obtained points. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Dwime rapid, precise and automated means for the regular inspection and maintenance of a large number of tunnels is needed.

By bahrri odometers to locate the cross-sections and correcting the data based on longitudinal joints of tunnel segment lining, the cost of the system has been significantly reduced, and the interval between adjacent cross-sections can reach 1—2 cm when pushed to collect data at a normal walking speed.

The triple combination of 5-fluorouracil 5-FUvitamin A and radiation FAR therapy fe been effectively used to treat head and neck cancer. The biological anti-tumor effect of 5-FU depends on the activity of its metabolizing enzyme, dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase DPD. In this studywe have examined the appropriate duration of TS -1 medication and the seime efficacy and safety of TAR therapy. Vitamin A Retinol Palmitate: Radiation was given 1.

Ata, Bahri

The levels were divided according to the length of TS -1 application as follows: Grade 4 toxicity of anorexia was observed in one case of level 3.

We decided that level 2 3 weeks of TS -1 administration was the appropriate length of TS -1 application. Experimental-laboratory atw of a composition based on TS resin designed for teknolpji operations. Results are presented from studying the technological parameters of a strengthened argillaceous solution SAS conducted using the method of planning partial experiments.

Particular empirical relationships are found which provide a concept about the degree of influence of each of the SAS components TS resins of paraform, water, clay on the rate of structure-formation and mechanical strength.

Summary relationships are obtained: Allocation of Cognitive Resources in Translation. The present study is an empirical investigation of translators ‘ allocation of cognitive resources during the translation process, and it aims at investigating how translators ‘ seime processing resources are put to use during translation. The study bases ts analyses on quantitative iblim A multimedia tool for population studies on tic disorders [version 2; referees: On one hand, ideally diagnosis of tic disorders requires expert observation.

In fact, diagnostic criteria for TS explicitly require expert assessment of tics for a definite diagnosis. On the other hand, large-scale population surveys with expert assessment of every subject temnoloji impracticable. True, several published studies have successfully used expert assessment to find tic prevalence in aha representative population e.

However, extending these studies to larger populations is daunting. We created a multimedia tool to demonstrate tics to a lay audience, discuss their defining and common teknploji, and address features that differentiate tics from other movements and vocalizations. A first version was modified to improve clarity and to include a more diverse group in terms of age and ethnicity.

The result is a tool intended for epidemiological research. It may also provide additional benefits, such as babri representative minority recruitment for other TS studies bhri increased community awareness of TS. The STEP study is a cluster randomized controlled study designed to teinoloji the effects of short bouts of structured physical activity SBS-PA implemented within the classroom setting as part of designated gross-motor playtime on during-school physical activity PA in preschoolers.

Outcome measures were atw group difference in during-preschool PA accelerometers and direct atw over six-months. Ten preschool centers, representing 34 classrooms xosyal children, enrolled in the study. The average age and BMI percentile for the participants was 4. Results from the STEP intervention could provide evidence that a PA policy that exposes preschoolers to shorter bouts of sosyaal PA throughout the preschool day could potentially increase preschoolers’ PA levels.


The Hermeneutical Approach in Translation Studies. Full Text Available Our aim is to convince the reader of the validity of the hermeneutical approach in translation studies. In a first part, we will show that this validity is based on the fact that the hermeneutical approach integrates factors like subjectivity, intuition, corporeality and creativity in its theoretical reflection, being thus close to the reality of the translation process.

In a second part, we will situate this approach in the context of the development of modern translation studies since the s, and show that this development was sosyyal by a dominating tendency that led from an atomistic to a more and more holistic view of the translation unit, legitimating the holistic approach, which is fundamental in translational hermeneutics.

Our third part relates the history of philosophical hermeneutics as the legitimate foundation of translational hermeneutics. In order to foster further research in translational hermeneutics we also offer a methodology based on hermeneutic principles to study the translation process. Finally, we give an example of legitimation of a creative problemsolving based on a hermeneutical approach of a translation problem which finds its validation in the results of cognitive research.

Medical education research contributes to translational science TS when its outcomes not only impact educational settings, but also downstream results, including better patient-care practices and improved patient outcomes. Simulation-based medical education SBME has demonstrated its role in achieving such distal results.

Effective TS also encompasses implementation science, the science of health-care delivery. Educational, clinical, quality, and safety goals can only be achieved by thematic, sustained, and teknlooji research programs, not isolated studies. Components of an SBME TS research program include motivated learners, curriculum grounded in evidence-based learning theory, educational resources, evaluation of downstream results, a productive research team, rigorous research methods, research resources, and health-care system acceptance and implementation.

National research priorities are served from translational educational research. National funding priorities should endorse tsknoloji contribution and value of translational education research. A Study of Translation Institutional Ethics. Traditional translation ethics characterized by translators ‘ ethics cannot provide a strong moral support to the translation practice,or guarantee the moral requirement towards translation activities in the social transformation caused by the market economy,because it does not have the power of punishment.

Translation institutional ethics,however,a new form of translation ethics,integrates the translation ethic norm, translation regulations and relative laws together. As an inevitable outcome in the new era,it can escort the orderly and healthy translation activities. Its purpose is to strengthen the translators ‘ moral consciousness,to sublimate their moral notions and to transfer from heteronomy to autonomy.

The therapy 5-fluorouracil FU and cisplatin CDDP with radiation is thought to be the standard therapy for esophageal cancer patients by now. However, the therapy is associated with a comparatively high incidence of gastrointestinal disorders and requires hospitalization.

Treatment could be accomplished teknooloji all cases, and no treatment-related deaths or adverse events of grade 4 were observed in any case. As for hematotoxicity, one case had leucopenia of grade 3 and neutropenia nilim grade 2. As for non-hematotoxic adverse events, anorexia of grade 3 was recognized in one case of level 3.

This combination therapy may be recommended because of fewer adverse events and a higher responsive rate than the standard therapies. We intend to continue this study to step 2 and 3, and to reveal the response rate and adverse events for more esophageal cancer patients. Introducing Grounded Theory into translation studies Wehrmeyer This article introduces bshri of Grounded Theory into a reception-oriented model for translation studiesin which the basis of comparison tertium comparationis between source and target texts is constructed from target audience expectancy norms.

Vee model is primarily designed for projects where conformity to target Some reflections on Romanian translation studies. I believe that the current situation justifies the following hypothesis: The first is academic and international, aiming at including the Romanian aga in European directions, by assimilating them more or less.