Barbus esocinus (Heckel, ). AphiaID. (urn:lsid:: taxname). Classification. Biota; Animalia (Kingdom). Sometimes taxonomists create new names for groups that already have a name. They may do this because they are unaware of the original name, or they may. Luciobarbus esocinus — Overview. Mangar learn more about Media. Map of Luciobarbus esocinus. Barbus esocinus Trusted. Creative Commons.

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Luciobarbus is a genus of fish family Cyprinidae and order of cypriniforms belonging to one actinopterigios. Es pez Benthopelagic freshwater reaches large sizes. Many endemic species of the Iberian Peninsula have recently been classified in this genre. Its species are found mainly around the Mediterranean region. Its type species is Mangar Luciobarbus esocinusfor which gender was described by Heckel in The scientific name refers to the similarity to the lucio.

It differs from the related genus Barbus, among other things for its elongated shape esocinis larger, referred to its scientific name. Like many other cyprinids, this genus Barbus included in those who appear to be close relatives. Several species appear to have evolved a unique predecessor of the current Iberian Peninsula.


IUCN calls for greater importance of gender, whereas for example FishBase recognizes many fewer species, not even include the type species. Its species are found mainly around the Mediterranean. In the sport fishing it is believed that the record is in 92 kg ,fish in Turkey in the Tigris River in the year In other fishing gear is in the recor kg, Fish in Syria on the Euphrates River in the decade of Although there are registered higher weights they are questionable in the absence of good records of it, We have taken the most recent records.

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Mangar (fish)

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Catalogue of Life : Barbus esocinus (Heckel, )

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