Find Bayliner Bayliner Flybridge motor boats and many further offers of secondhand and new boats on Best-Boats I’m sure reviews of this model has been done many times before, but here is my review based on the I own.. I am 57years old and have. Model: Used Bayliner Flybridge, Hull:Fibreglass/grp, Category: Power Boats | Boats Online, State: Western Australia (WA), Description: Here is one for the.

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You can register HERE for our newsletter. Aluminum boat Fishing boat For passionate anglers a fishing boat has a lot of advantages. With it you come to areas not reachable from the shore. A fishing boat should have enough room for equipment and should be tip-resistant. Depending on using it on the sea or a lake, there are different variants recommendable. Lake Constance permission Bowrider Bowrider boats are sports boats with an open bow and seats for circa six to ten individuals.

These leisure boats are mostly shorter than 10 meters and designed as glider. It is suitable to be used on lakes, quite often for water skiing. The terms “Bowrider” and “Open bow” are one and the same.

Cruiser A cruiser ist suitable for leisure tours and in opposition to sports boats not designed primarily for speed. If a cruiser has a cabin, it is called cabin cruiser. A cruiser, designed for daily tours only, is called daycruiser.

Daycruiser Daycruisers are the perfect motor boats for daily tours. In opposition to cruisers a daycruiser has a small slip cabin, where it is possible to spend the night without much comfort. Electrical boat An electrical boat is a motor boat with an electrical drive. It has a rechargeable battery and a battery charger. During motion the energy flows to the electrical motor, which is connected to a propeller.

At a solar boat the energy is generated directly on board from solar cells. Flybridge A flybridge baliner has an outside steering console, which is constructed on the boat like a bridge.

reviewing a well used Bayliner gctid – BAYLINER OWNERS CLUB

Baylinee the helm there are often seats, so that the flybridge byaliner be used as open salon when the weather is fine. Mostly there is an additional main steering console in the cabin.

House boat House boats are the camper vans of the water. These motorized boats are perfectly suitable for travelling on inland water.

The weight doesn’t matter much. More important are voluminous tanks for fuel, fresh water and feces, to baylner a wider range of action. Hardtop A hardtop boat has a fixed roof above the cockpit to bay,iner optimal weather protection. In opposition to boats with collapsible hood you profit from bayilner good climate at all weather situations and have a long season. Some hardtop boats contain a sunroof, which is usable at the push of a button.

Type dutchman Wooden boat Wooden boats are boats with a mainly wooden hull and deck. On modern wooden boats additional other materials are used. Advantages of wooden boats are the durability and the opportunity to repair with own hands.

Many appreciate the traditional character of those boats. Cabin boat A cabin boat has an enclosed cabin and most of the time a length up to ten meters. A larger boat normally would be called a yacht. The cabin or cabins often contain a pantry, berths and a baayliner cell.


On smaller models the cabin could not reach headroom. Even smaller cabins are called slip cabins. Cabin cruiser A cabin cruiser is a larger boat with an enclosed cabin. In opposition to a daycruiser it is constructed for tours with baylindr stays.

In most of the cases the terms “cruiser” and “cabin cruiser” are the same. Catamaran Luxury yacht A luxury yacht is defined by a luxury construction style with the use of high quality materials, a high comfort level and a above average value.

It’s a boat of more than ten meters length, berths, wet cell s and a price of more than one million euro. Megayacht A mega yacht is a yacht with a price higher than 1 million euro.

In opposition to a luxury yacht a mega yacht has an enormous lenght from more than 30 meters too.

Buying Bayliner Bayliner 2556 Flybridge motor boats here

Motor cabin boat A motor cabin boat is motorized boat with an enclosed cabin. In most cases motor boats with a length more than ten meters and with berths and wet cell are called motor yachts, so the term “motor cabin boat” more likely is used for motor boats from seven to 255 meters.

Motor yacht A motor yacht is motorized boat with mor than ten meters length. It is habitable and suitable for longer tours with several overnight stays. The cabin of a motor yacht contains one or more berths and a wet cell. Often it has a pantry, a salon and a separate owner cabin. Offshore An offshore vayliner has the CE-classification of seaworthiness C and is suitable for bays, river mouths, lakes and rivers, if there is no wind force higher than 6 and no wave height higher than 2 meters.

Oldtimer An oldtimer is a boat already older than 20 years. Runabout A runabout is a motorized open sports boat with seats for two to eight individuals. In many cases it has an enclosed foredeck and a sunlounge surface. Runabouts were most popular in the fivties and sisties and were often wooden. These luxury speeders are suitable for water sports and leisure tours.

Solar boat Solar boats are electrical boats driven by solar energy and photovoltaic conversion. The energy is stored on storage batteries. To be dependent bayilner on the sun alone, most of the boats have an additional battery charger for the electrical grid. For longer tours many solar boats have one more drive type, f. Sports boat Sports boats are boats for sports and leisure activities. In common use the term “sports boat” defines a boat between four baylinet ten meters, with or without cabin and constructed for higher speeds because of it’s light weight and the streamlined hull.

Sports cruiser A cruiser is a boat with cabin suitable for long tours with overnight stays. Additional a sports cruiser is constructed as glider or half glider to generate higher speeds. A well known manufacturer of sports cruisers is the Bavaria shipyard.

Steel boat A steel boat is a boat with a steel hull. Because of the higher weight these boats are less sports boats but more long lasting boats. Steel boats don’t have any problems with osmosis and maintainance is simple, but need regular care to avoid rust. Trawler A trawler is a boat for deep sea fishing with trawl nets. On side trawlers the haul deck is in the middle of the boat, on stern catchers it is on the aft ship.


A trawler could 2556 refrigaration plants for preserving. Waterski boat A waterski boat is easy to get on, fast bayliher driving off, maneuverable and has enough room for driver, water skier and a third person. The water skier is baylined to the boat stern via tow rope with handle. Practice boats for beginners have a fixed handle bar on the side to give the instructor better options to guide the learner. Detailed search In addition here you can search for brand, length, location, motor type, material, model, construction year, price, fuel, performance and condition.

The insert date of the advertisement and the offerer type bagliner selectable too. Lead ballast keel Lead ballast keels baylijer heavy keels to guarantee the weight stability of a sailing yacht and are used in high quality yacht building.

Double keel A boat with double keel contains two flat side keels with the halve ballast share each. In opposition to boats with bilge bbayliner double keel boats have no middle keel. Retractable keel A boat with retractable keel, in the form of a hydraulic keel or a lift keel, can retract the keel in a shaft to the ballast bomb and so the draft can be reduced. Winged keel The winged keel with it’s special shape improves the flow around the keel.

The advantages are the smaller draft and better hydradynamics on higher speed. On lower wind these keel might brake a little bit. Wooden boat Wooden boats are boats with a mainly wooden hull and deck. Classical and modern wooden sailing boats often contain a aluminum mast.

Hydraulic keel Keelboat A keel boat is every sailing boat with a keel in form of a fin mostly fixed installed. You can distinguish between open keel boats with cabin and sailing yachts with cabin. Centreboard keel A centreboard keel is a compromise baylinet keel and centreboard.

A flat ballast keel is combined with a liftable centreboard, which reduces the drift.

In that way a centreboard keel boat could be driven in flat water too and has more stability than a yawl cruiser. Bilge keel A bilge keel has two short plate shaped fins at both hul sides and a centre ballast keel. In that way the sailing yacht is able to stand on the bilge keel. That is an advantage in water with a wide tidal range, because it can stand dry on the ground without tilting. Classical profile Sailing boats with classical profile are yachts with S-frame, which means the cross-section of the hull is S-shaped.

Yachts with S-frame always have a long keel. Short keel In opposition to the long keel the short keel takes up a lesser part of the longitudinal axis of the underwater hull, but extends to a greater depth.

Sailing yachts with short keel are lighter, reach higher speeds and have a better maneuverability. Although short keel boats are less direction stable and have more draft than long keel boats.

Long keel A long keel takes up a greater part of the underwater hull, but in opposition to the short keel extends lesser to the depth.