Berulub FR Polyalpha- olefin. (PAO). Special lithium soap. 2. 6. + Cup holder, ash-tray, kinematic components, sun-shades. Suitable for the. BECHEM BERULUB FR 16 HF. Special lubricant for metals and polymer materials. Examples of Application · Door locking systems · Central locking systems. BECHEM BERULUB FR 16 SC. Fully synthetic special lubricant. Examples of Application · Door locking systems · Central locking systems · Window regulators.

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In automotive interiors, composite plastic materials are a combination of definite polymer matrix with special additives and reinforcements like glass fibers or plastic material in ft with Berulyb with ABS etc. These composites are used in various automotive cabin components such ff HVAC units, seat recliners and adjustment mechanism, gear shift mechanism, cup, ashtray holder, door handle mechanism etc.

Frictional dynamics are unique and complex and need to be resolved by speciality greases. These speciality greases possess narrow molecular weight distribution and avoids migration of molecules between contacting surface and lubricant. High base oil viscosity ensures lower diffusion rates and hence better compatibility.

High performance synthetic grease with PTFE additives for long life lubrication of plain and roller bearings. Possesses good oxidation stability and resist water.

The advanced multipurpose grease provides good protection against friction and wear of the contacting surfaces. Berulub FR 43 has excellent low temperature behaviour.


FR 43 has good compatibility with plastic and polymer materials. Additionally, Berulub FR 43 has excellent noise dampening properties. Recommended for friction partners of sun roof mechanisms.

High performance synthetic grease with PTFE additives for long life lubrication of with good oxidation stability for metal and polymer materials. Berulub FR 16 prevents stick slip and provides resistance to water. Berulub FR 16 has excellent low temperature behaviour. Also, Berulub FR 16 has excellent noise dampening properties. Recommended for friction partners and plain, roller bearings in the components of door locking systems, central locking systems, window regulators, sunroofs, seat adjustments, steering wheel locks, horn contacts, push pull cables, small and shift gears of automotive vehicles.



High performance synthetic EP grease recommended for automotive mechanisms such as roller and plain bearings, cam disks, guides and begulub that have plastic to metal as well as plastic to plastic material pairings. With an ability to form consistent separating film between frictional partners even at extreme temperatures, Ceritol PK 1 Soft effectively reduces friction and wear whilst preventing stick slip phenomenon.

Ceritol PK 1 Soft finds application in automotive components such as wiper mechanisms, control switches, window regulators, latch and closure mechanisms, steering systems berulkb. Special range of synthetic greases with excellent noise dampening properties of varying levels. Berusoft Series has excellent oxidation stability and provides long term lubrication by reduction of friction and wear of contact partners of materials such as metal, plastic and polymers.

Has excellent compatibility with elastomers, prevents stick slip phenomenon. Good low temperature behaviour. Recommended for berklub partners in automotive components such berulyb instrument panels, armrest, door modules, steering column modules, glove compartments, control units of HVAC systems, gear shift mechanisms etc. Synthetic grease with PTFE additives for superior resistance against friction and wear of contacting surfaces made of metal and polymer materials.

Berupub excellent noise dampening properties and prevents stick slip phenomenon. This special grease with long life lubrication property can perform at extreme low temperatures as well. Suitable for lubrication of friction partners in automotive switches, spur gears, various dynamic seals, small gears, sliding parts and cams in HVAC systems etc. The most important feature of a grease is its consistency. A berupub that is too stiff may not get pumped into areas requiring lubrication.

While a grease that is too fluid may leak out. Grease consistency depends on the type and amount of thickener used and the viscosity of its base oil. A grease consistency is its resistance to deformation by an applied force. For better understanding, grease thickener can be thought of as a sponge saturated with oil.


Moving parts squeeze the oil out of the sponge like thickener for forming the lubrication beruulub. The pour beruljb of an oil is the minimum temperature at which the oil turns into semi solid and almost losses its flow ffr. At low temperatures, the viscosity of the oil will be very high, causing the oil to resist flow. This is important in equipment that operates in a cold environment or handles cold fluids.

Dropping point of a lubricating grease is an indicator of the heat resistance of the grease. The dropping point indicates the upper temperature limit at which a grease retains its structure, not the maximum temperature at which a grease may be used. Few greases have the ability to regain their original structure after cooling down from the dropping point.

The measure of consistency is called penetration. Penetration depends on whether the consistency has been altered by working.

The NLGI has established consistency numbers ranging from to 6, corresponding to specified ranges of penetration distance of the standard cone into the test grease.

Table below lists the NLGI grease classifications along with a description of the consistency of each classification. It is defined as rate of change of viscosity with respect to temperature. Berusoft 10 Automotive industry Plain bearings Low temperature Noise damping Compatible with plastic.

Berusoft 15 Automotive industry Plain bearings Low temperature Noise damping Compatible with plastic. Berusoft 20 Noise damping Low temperature Automotive industry Plain bearings Compatible with plastic.

Berusoft 30 Automotive industry Plain bearings Industrial fitting Sanitary fitting Compatible with plastic Noise damping Resistant to water.