Followers, Following, 33 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from ayu utami (@). Abstract. This study aims to reveal the meaning of the concept of spiritualisme kritis in the novel Bilangan Fu by Ayu Utami, using dialogical. Novel “Bilangan Fu” karya Ayu Utami. 4 likes. Book.

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Questioning politics, human behavior and her own religion made Ayu Utami into a taboo breaking writer, journalist and activist. Why bioangan people do what they do?

That is probably why she started off as a journalist for several newspapers. It was the first book in Indonesia that adressed politics, religion, sexuality and freedom of expression for women.

It became a bestseller and has been translated into many languages. Lack of respect for auy, loss of traditional Javanese culture, pragmatic politicians and ignorance of people. Ayu Utami was born in Bogor, a green oasis one hour from the capital Jakarta.

Spiritualisme kritis dalam Novel Bilangan Fu karya Ayu Utami analisis dialogis

Bogor is known for its huge botanical garden that was built by the Dutch colonialists. Later it became the weekend residency of the first president of Indonesia Soekarno.


The biggest event that made her realize some things were changing, was the implementation of the anti-pornography bill in Polls show us that bilagan is growing stronger. Politicians are pragmatic, they only want to maintain their power. The gap between the educated people and the poor is too big.

Utami is part of a democratic movement that is dealing with bilanfan intolerance. The fundamentalist religious groups that we are facing as part of our activism for democracy are financed by rich organizations from abroad.

The story is set in the mountaineous area of East Java where traditional believes and modern life meet.

The novel is very well written and easy to follow, although the story is profoundly intertwined with Javanese mythology and symbolism. They both choose different ways to reach their goal.

He almost turns into a Messiah when he wants to start a New Javanese Religion, that is htami not a religion but more like a movement of critical spiritual thinkers. Through the main characters we learn how people develop their opinions and identity is influenced by their environment and education.


Konservatif Dan Progresif Spritualisme Dalam Novel Bilangan Fu Karya Ayu Utami – Neliti

But also about the difference between modern and post-modern ways of thinking. The novel is also about the history of Indonesia and its first steps as an independent democratic country, dealing with corruption, militarism and fundamentalist religious groups.

Het e-mailadres wordt niet gepubliceerd. Yvette Benningshof Questioning politics, human behavior and her own religion made Ayu Utami into a taboo breaking writer, journalist and activist. Ayu Utami’s latest work: Geef een reactie Reactie annuleren Het e-mailadres wordt niet gepubliceerd.

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