Ferdinand Oyono Biography – – Ferdinand Oyono Biography and List of Works – Ferdinand Oyono Ferdinand Oyono Is the author of books such as Houseboy. Ferdinand Léopold Oyono (born 14 September [ /?module=showindividu. Biographie. Date de À la fin des années , Ferdinand Léopold Oyono publie en langue française trois romans qui ont trait à la vie quotidienne en Afrique à.

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His literary work is recognised for a sense of irony that reveals how ffrdinand people can be fooled. Writing in French in the s, Oyono had bioggaphie a brief literary career, but his anti-colonialist novels are considered classics of 20th century African literature ; his first novel, Une vie de boy —published in and later translated as Houseboy —is considered particularly important.

Beginning in the s, Oyono had a long career of service as a diplomat and as a minister in the government of Cameroon.

As one of President Paul Biya ‘s top associates, he ultimately served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from to and then as Minister of State for Culture from to Oyono was born near Ebolowa in the South Province of Cameroon. Following Cameroon’s independence, Oyono was a member of the Cameroonian delegation to the United Nations inwhen the country was admitted to the UN.


Oyono subsequently served as Cameroon’s ambassador to various countries from to He was briefly the Ambassador to Liberia inthen served as ambassador to the Benelux countries and the European Communities from to and as ambassador to France, with additional accreditation for Spain, Italy, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, from to Oyono remained in the ve for about a year before Biya instead appointed him as Minister of Town Planning and Housing in After nearly ten years as Minister of State for Culture, Oyono was dismissed from the government on 7 Oyoni As the representative of President Biya, Oyono attended a play commemorating Cameroon’s independence struggle and the country’s subsequent reunification fdrdinand 14 May ; the play was part ferdinnad festivities marking Cameroon’s 50th year of independence from France.

Ferdinand Oyono

Reportedly Oyono fell ill at the presidential palace after a reception for the Secretary-General; he received immediate medical attention and an ambulance was called, but he quickly died. Secretary-General Ban, meanwhile, expressed sadness during a speech to the National Assembly of Cameroon. An official funeral was held for Oyono with a series of events beginning on 24 June [18] and concluding with his burial at Ngoazip, near Ebolowa, on 26 June. Oyono’s novels were written in French in the late s and were only translated into English a decade or two afterward.


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Diplomatic and political career [ edit ] Oyono was born near Ebolowa in the South Province of Cameroon. Among his works are: Archived from the original on 30 December Retrieved 30 December Essays on Politics and Collective Biogdaphie in Cameroonpage Paul Biya modifie son Gouvernement! Green Miguel E.

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