StartechTel is the best place online for buying the Avaya BIS 10 Merlin business phone system that has 10 buttons with indicators for line appearance, intercom. The Merlin BIS () features 10 buttons with indicators for line appearance and others, 3 fixed feature buttons, and handsfree conference. Refurbished Avaya AT&T Lucent Merlin BIS 10 Black Phone. System Series: Merlin. Part Type: Phone. Phone Series: Merlin. Phone Type: Digital. Phone.

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Merlin BIS Phone – Teleconnect Direct

The volume control increases or decreases the loudness of your voice terminal’s ringing and the voice terminal speaker. The dial pad functions like the one on any other telephone. You can also dial number to program buttons for your voice terminal.

The Intercom buttons, Intercom-Ring and Intercom-Voice allow you to call or receive calls from someone connected to your Merlin system. The buttons above and to the right of merlinn dial pad can be used to access outside lines, line pools, or programmable features.


The number of buttons available for programming depends on the number of lines and line pools assigned to the voice terminal.

For example, on this voice terminal there are two Pool 9 buttons and two lines. The remaining 28 buttons above and to the right of the dial pad are available for programming features. Conference, Transfer, Bks10 and Drop, are fixed feature buttons that you can use to handle calls more efficiently. Speaker bi1s0 a fixed feature that allows you to dial without lifting your handset, let others in your office listen to bix10 phone conversation in progress and monitor a call on hold.

Recall is a fixed feature button that allows you to program a switchhook flash into a dialing sequence and to disconnect an intercom call.

The Message light lets you know when the attendant has a message waiting for you. By touching Message, you can turn off the light. Problem Clarification Steps for performing phone set self test to check power, lights and ringer.

Solution If you have a phone or phones that look similar to the above pictures above then this procedure should work for you. Moving the switch to the “T” position will cause all the lights to flash and the phone will ring continuously.


Legend, Merlin: Analog, BIS, HFAI Phone Set Test Mode – T/P Switch

If no lights bis100 audible ring occur, the phone may not be getting power. For troubleshooting steps see:. KB How to trouble shoot phone sets on small business telephone systems.

Moving the switch to the “P” position allows you to customize the programmable buttons, based on the features available for you particular system. Refer to the programming manual for your system for additional details.

If the switch seems to be excessively loose or sensitive, it may be time to replace the phone set. Additional Relevant Phrases one extension that all the lights will light and no dial tone.

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