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Miele actively participated in various national and EU funded project: Below you can find a brief description of my research interests, the people I mainly work with and the list of my publications.

Characterization and Design Methodologies.

Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria. Several are the fields of application of such a methodology: Hybrid Service Oriented Architectures: Increasing autonomous fault-tolerant FPGA-based systems’ lifetime.

A third crucial logiceh in the design phase is power consumption, thanks to the shared awareness of the need for electronic devices to be less energy-hungry. Architecture, Tools, and Applications”, pp. A data-mining approach to preference-based data ranking founded on contextual information. In Information Systems 38pp. A lightweight and open-source framework for the lifetime estimation of multicore systems.

Matteo Carminati

In this scenario, several activities have been carried out in these years, aimed at investigating reliability issues and developing techniques, methods and methodologies to pursue fault detection and tolerance properties in the digital devices.

HERA Hardware Evolution logoche Reconfigurable Architectures Evolvable Hardware is a highly multidisciplinary field concerning the creation or the adaptation of physical circuits through evolutionary strategies aiming at improving the circuits behavior with respect to a given specification. These radiation effects are particularly frequent in the space and thus have been taken into account mainly for space-related application scenarios, however within the present technological scenario, radiations an issue also at ground level, for the general application scenarios.

At first, the focus will be on the reliability and performance aspects, leaving the power issue for future consideration. In the case you want to know something more about me, you can download my CV short or complete. Evolvable Hardware is a highly multidisciplinary field concerning the creation or the adaptation of llgiche circuits through evolutionary strategies aiming at improving the circuits behavior with respect to a given specification.

The design of dependable embedded systems, as technology scales and transient faults emerge as a key issue, poses yet new challenges, especially as the complexity of the devices increases and core- or platform-based methodologies are adopted, thus assembling Commercial Off-The-Shelf COTS components that not necessarily expose reliable properties.

This multidisciplinary project is focused on the identification, design and integration of technical solutions for buildings, aiming in particular at the minimization of energy consumption and the optimization of the use of Renewable Energy Sources.


Design and analysis of reliable computing systems Reliability aspects play a relevant role in computing systems’ design, not only in mission-critical application scenarios as traditionally occurred, but also in more common environments, due to their pervasiveness in today’s life. Our interest is devoted to the dependability characteristics of the final system, to be tuned with respect to the other two aspects; the overall goal is to investigate models, methods and tools to support the specification, development and analysis of systems with a tunable level of dependability, based on the requirements and the run-time environment.

In the latter cases, the system can adapt its working conditions and expose a robust behavior with possibly limited performance, or the other way around. This is possible by implementing the Observe-Decide-Act approach.

Being the problem not new, although becoming more and more relevant, literature offers a wide set of reliability-oriented design techniques, devoted to the introduction of fault detection or tolerance properties in the system. In the recent years, this interest has evolved towards i the design of self-adaptive reliable systems, able to dynamically adapt to the occurrence of faults, also considering the varying conditions of the working environment, and ii to the handling of device wear-out issues, that can be effectively mitigated by means of suitable workload distribution strategies in order to balance the aging trend of the various processing resources.

The Linux kernel is the starting point, while the desire is to build a brand new operating system from scratch.

Appunti – Informazioni del corso di Reti Logiche A

Miele’s research is the study of new methodologies for the design and the analysis of computing systems with reliability requirements. He received his Ph. From the same university I received, inthe Laurea Triennale degree in Computer Engineering equivalent to Bachelor’s degreewith a thesis on evolvable hardware, and the Laurea Specialistica degree in Computer Engineering equivalent to Master of Science degree with a work on self-adaptive operating systems, in These methodologies need to be able to deal with system reliability issues right from the beginning of the design flow, and to include them as part of the overall process with a holistic approach; in this way, it is possible to drive the several decisions by exploiting the synergy of both classical aspects and reliability-oriented ones.

Indeed dependability has become a first-class citizen in the most recent years, and not only a strict requirement for critical-application scenarios, due to the increased susceptibility of the devices to hard and soft faults caused by a harsh technology scaling, variability of the manufacturing process and to the expositions of devices to radiations and noise fluctuations.


Towards efficient resource management in heterogeneous system architectures. In he also got the M. Theory and Applications, Springer, Vol.

Miele is co-author of more than 60 scientific publications in international conference proceedings and selected journals. Download the complete curriculum vitae in PDF lkgiche here. Multi-level Fault Modeling for Transaction-level Specifications. In Journal of Electronic Testing: The key elements in EHW are the evolutionary algorithms used and the programmable devices over which the circuits are deployed.

Previously, he received the M. Cristiana Bolchini Fondamenti di Informatica – Lab.

Scalable analytical model of the reliability of multi-core systems-on-chip by interacting Markovian agents. Holchini, the common practice of considering the system hardening step loggiche the reliability analysis separately from the main design flow as typically done in the embedded systems’ design scenario does not suffice, because of the many issues the designer has to face with e. During the research period, some of these applications will be further investigated, in order to prove the validity and the efficiency of the proposed approach.

The final aim is to develop an expert tool to allow the design and the integration of technical solutions for lighting, heating and cooling, etc, with an eye to safety, standard compliance and law provision aspects. Therefore, when adopting the COTS-based design approach for the realization of modern electronic systems, also considering their pervasiveness, reliability has become one of the main issues, together with performance.

Lifetime reliability modeling and estimation in multi-core systems.

Moreover, the susceptibility of digital systems to faults, both transient ones mainly caused by environmental phenomena such as radiations and permanent ones due to aging and wear-out effects, has increased due to the aggressive technological scaling. Towards the Design of Tunable Dependable Systems. In the meanwhile, I attended the Alta Scuola Politecnica ASPworking on a multidisciplinary project related to energy efficiency and renewable energy for intelligent and sustainable buildings.

Radiations, in particular, are the cause of transient faults and they also accelerate the aging rehi electronic devices are commonly subject to. A fault-injection methodology for the system-level dependability analysis of multiprocessor embedded systems. BuildSmart Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Intelligent and ,ogiche Buildings This multidisciplinary project is focused logihe the identification, design and integration of technical solutions for buildings, aiming in particular at the minimization of energy consumption and the optimization of the use of Renewable Energy Sources.