Brady TLS and TLSPC Label Printer. (PDF) , Bytes *This user manual is in a PDF format, you must have Adobe Acrobat in order to correctly view. View and Download Brady TLS user manual online. Transfer printer. TLS Printer pdf manual download. View and Download Brady TLS user manual online. BRADY Users Manual THERMAL TRANSFER PRINTER TLS TLS Printer pdf manual.

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Microsoft and Windows usre registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. BRADY reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any product or system described herein to improve reliability, function, or design. If any nanual of the Agreement is held invalid, the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect. Table of Contents Introduction Troubleshooting and Error Message Guide Never before has there been a printer quite like the TLS printer.

Thanks to its innovative smart-cell technology, the TLS To determine the version number of the software currently loaded in your TLS printer, watch the LCD screen as you turn the unit on. You will see one of the following It is suggested that you read Appendix 2: Glossary of Terms before tls22200 read this guide. Summary of Steps Following is a summary of the steps needed to create a label.

Drop the battery in as shown and slide forward. Battery Slide the battery release lever to the lock position slide to right. This material is UL recognized with its respective ribbon. This material is Rls2200 approved with its respective ribbon.

R ribbon included with printer. Locking lever must be in unlock position — see below.

TLS2200 User Manual – MULTI

uxer Push the locking lever towards the back of the printer to close the print head and lock the ribbon cartridge in place. To place an accent mark over a vowel, type the mark first followed by the letter itself. Legend Clear Clears all characters on the current legend line.

Toggles between uppercase and lowercase characters. Current Cap Lock status is retained when unit is turned off. Space Bar Moves the cursor one position to the right. Inserts a space at the current cursor position. When a label has printed out use the built-in cutter to remove it. Use the external lever to cut between labels.

The printer always advances the last printed sleeve manuwl the appropriate position to allow tear-off at the perforation. To change any of the parameters previously defined, you must access the software features of the printer by calling up the Setup Menu from the Text Editor screen. Toggles between on and off. Font size ranges from 2 5 point tls22200 9 14 point. Bar Code Type Determine type of bar codes: The marker roll loaded in the unit determines the default setting.


V Justify Sets the vertical justification of the legend. Tla2200, Center, and Bottom.

TLS User Manual – MULTI – Brady Europe

brqdy Can be set to Off, or to 30 seconds, one minute, three minutes, or Timer five minutes time before automatic turnoff. Version Mode for downloading firmware. Download Waiting Message displayed before firmware begins downloading, Download indicating printer ready to receive update. This information is used to automatically set an initial font size for your label.

If the TLS printer detects a marker size change when turned on, or if a different marker size is loaded while the unit is on, text on the display is cleared and the default font size is set. Saves the currently displayed legend to a legend list. Recall Recalls the previously saved legend to a legend list. List Displays List Menu. The burn temperature setting can be adjusted to darken or lighten your printed legend. Any legends remaining to be printed are aborted.

Features outlined in this section pertain to advanced user options. You will brwdy instructions for generating serialized, legend list, terminal block, and barcode labels.

Print 1 to 5. After print job is completed, editor displays 6. What Is A Legend List? A legend list consists of one or more legends stored under a list name. Refer to Deleting a List later in this section for instructions.

This message will also display if you are trying to save a legend to an active list, and the wrong part a part other than the part the list was created foror no part, is loaded in the printer.

You will be prompted with all list names stored in the printer up to After deleting a list, the display returns to the Text Editor screen. Simply choose the appropriate center-to-center spacing repeat pitch for the block, enter your text, and print as needed.

The number of lines of text available at mxnual termination is dependent on repeat value spacing and the font size chosen.

Brady TLS User Manual | 37 pages

Banners have a variety of industrial uses, including labeling larger conduit. If you are using version 1 software, you will not be able to enter text on the editor screen. Fixed length allows you to use the H Justify rbady specify at which point on the banner you want the text to appear. A, B, C, and D Numbers: You cannot switch the legend mode from Text to Barcode if a line contains any invalid barcode characters.


The part number of the marker roll used is noted at the beginning of each tutorial. Many of the tutorials use part number PTL This example assumes you have marker roll PTL loaded in your printer. Enter on line one. The printer begins printing two each of the five wiremarkers listed above. Enter TEXT on line two.

The printer prints three copies of the legend created above. Enter barcode text as needed and print your label. The printer begins printing one each of the five serialized barcode labels from A to A The printer should print ten times along the terminal block marker through The printer should print twelve times along the patch panel label 01D through 12D. Enter A on line usdr. List4 is now the active list. Enter B on line one.

Turn the battery power switch brday to deactivate List5. Legend C is now deleted from List5. Cleaning the Drive Roller and Cutter Follow the instructions on the cleaning card shipped with the unit. Cleaning the Print Head Remove the cutter mechanism by loosening the screw that holds it in place.

Lift the cutter away from the top of the printer mechanism and clean the print head with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Error Head Open Print head is unlocked. Manually advance the take-up spool installation or label jam. Reinsert the ribbon in the printer.

If you receive this Delete one or more lists or legends. The wrong part is a part other than the one the list was created for. If you receive this Create or activate a list. The TLS printer uses the smart cell to automatically identify the marker being used. Leave the Desktop Icon box checked if you wish to place the program icon on your desktop it will still be accessible from your Start menu.

This is the port that looks similar to a modular phone jack. Click on the TLS printer image to continue. Page of 83 Go. Creating a Component Label Ussr Page 50 – T3: Creating a Wiremarker Page 51 – T4: Creating Serialized Wiremarkers Page 52 – T5: Creating a Label uesr Rotated Text, Page mznual – T6: Creating a Barcode Label Page 54 – T7: