Bruce Bouillet. likes · 1 talking about this. This is a Bruce Bouillet Fan Page. Former Racer X guitarist Bruce Bouillet overcame carpal tunnel syndrome to return to his first love – shredding. Now, he’s back with a third solo album The. Bruce Bouillet released his latest album The Order Of Control on Music Theories Recordings. Visit Mascot Label Group for more info!.

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Although Bouillet only appears on one studio album and two live albums, he is considered one of the band’s core members and maintains a friendship with his Racer X bandmates to this day.

Bruce Bouillet – Wikipedia

bduce Bouillet remarks that within the first song of Judas Priest’s set, he knew that he wanted to play guitar for the rest of his life. He quickly got his first guitar a Les Paul copy and amp a Peavey Backstage 30 and began playing in local bands, deriving his stylistic influence from bands such as Van Halen and Rush [1].

He soon upgraded to a Marshall stack and gained local fame from playing large shows in his area. Near the date of his high school graduation, he saw an advertisement in a guitar magazine for the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, California. Initially thinking his parents would disapprove of his cross-country move, they gave their blessing on the grounds that he would be attending a school.

After unsuccessfully trying to persuade his bandmates to move west brjce him, Bouillet embarked across the country by himself to attend GIT. On his first day in Los Angeles, Bouillet attended the graduation performance of Paul Gilbert, who was accompanied by the other members of Racer X. Bouillet, blown away by Gilbert’s guitar skill, requested Paul as his private teacher in order to learn the techniques that he’d bfuce.

Bruce was bouille diligent student and would spend long periods of time practicing the sequences that Gilbert had shown him. In a Ibanez clinic, Bruce reveals that he was often able to pick up difficult sequences in relatively short amounts of time.

Way by far,” he remarked, “I think when I came back he was kind of freaking out because we’d do it in harmony and he was like, ‘wow!

That took me like, six months to do that. How did you get it in like, a week? They came real easy for me. Within a month, I had all the shapes I have now, and they were about as clean. A while later, Bouillet was walking down the hall and passed one of Gilbert’s open counseling sessions. Paul invited him in, and began demonstrating a fast string-skipping sequence that was relatively unknown at the time. Bruce, on the spot, played the sequence in harmony with Gilbert, later referring to this event as “the luckiest manuever I ever pulled”.

Having thoroughly proven his skills without even realizing it, Bruce was given a copy of Street Lethal, the first Racer X album, by Gilbert and invited to a jam with the band. Bruce learned the album with some assistance from Paul and was subsequently invited to be the lighting operator at a Racer X show.


Bruce Bouillet

Afterwards, Paul invited Bruce to become the second guitar player in Racer X. ThroughoutBruce was touring with Racer X and adding harmonized sections to established songs such as “Loud and Clear”. Additionally, he and Gilbert began incorporating guitar stunts into their performances.

During the solo to “Getaway”, Bouillet would use his left hand to fret the notes on Paul’s guitar while Paul picked the notes with his right hand. Writing for the second Racer X album was underway at this point. The new set of songs began to incorporate elaborate guitar harmonies and dueling guitar sections. The album, which included famous instrumental “Scarified”, showcased Bruce’s powerhouse guitar abilities and gained him a high degree of fame locally, as well as feature spots in nationally circulated advertisements for Ibanez and D’Angelico strings.

Bruce also wrote the intro to “Motor Man”, which he and Paul refer to as the most difficult Racer X piece to play. Paul usually used the hot pink Ibanez, while Bruce was usually seen playing the orange and green ones. Bouillet was officially endorsed by Ibanez and appeared in several print ads. Around this time, Bouillet was hired as an instructor at GIT. He was noted for his blues influences and sweeping sequences in contrast to Gilbert who utilized a more traditional sound as well as more reliance on string skipping.

Bruce recorded an instructional tape, entitled “Improvisation for Progressive Hard Rock Guitar”, which was more straight-ahead and focused chiefly on theory in contrast to Gilbert’s “Intense Rock” tape. He also toured the local clinic circuit for Ibanez and Fender. Around this time, Bruce had developed carpal tunnel syndrome and in fact missed some of the final Racer X shows to seek treatment. Bruce Bouillet in The Scream. In the early 90’s, Bouillet mostly used Fender Stratocasters.

Following Racer X’s breakup, Bouillet moved on to L. This transition was not particularly jarring, as 3 out of the 4 initial members were from Racer X; Juan Alderete on bass, and Scott Travis on drums. Though The Scream survived for a short time afterward, Bouillet’s carpal tunnel had worsened to the point where he had to quit playing guitar.

At this point, he moved into production and sound engineering. Though he’d quit playing guitar inBouilleh was again asked to join a band called Epidemic in He was able to play guitar by tuning to Open Drop A, which necessitated the use of a light-gauge bass G string in the low E position, and only utilizing one finger to play.

Despite this simplistic approach in contrast to his technically demanding work in Racer X, it was with this method that Bouillet finally secured a major label deal with Elektra Records.

The band had a song appear in Madden NFL 03, then broke up. Bruce again returned to producing, winning a Grammy Award in for producing Motorhead’s cover of the Metallica song “Whiplash”. Eventually, he discovered a practice known as myrotherapy that could be used to fix the injury in his left hand. Indeed, it was successful, and Bouillet began playing guitar once again.


Inhe reunited with Paul Gilbert to play in the G3 concert. This series of shows saw the two guitarists playing Racer X pieces such as “Scit Scat Wah” and “Scarified” for the first time since the late 80’s. Though Bruce boullet successful in playing these pieces, he and Gilbert bouillrt have to re-arrange certain parts in order to prevent Bruce from re-occurring his injury.

To accomplish this, they changed some of the licks and, sometimes, Bruce would only harmonize certain notes in a sequence. InBouillet recorded a medley of several Racer X songs and solos, mostly from the Second Heat album.

Though he does not exhibit much country influence in his style, he talks about growing up around boouillet music and has recently incorporated hybrid picking techniques into his playing.

Though Bruce and Paul often played in perfect synchronicity, the two have very distinct styles. Fans of the band have often attributed Bruce to a more blues-based style and a heavier use of sweep picking. In his solo passage, he also implements several dominant ideas. In footage of a private lesson fromBruce expands on some of his stylistic choices. He remarks that he “was never really comfortable doing the biuillet stuff” even though he “had to do quite a bit of it”.

He instead preferred to utilize two-note-per-string ideas such as the pentatonic scale and an inversion of a major 7th arpeggio.

Guitar | News | Bruce Bouillet Official Site

Additionally, he confirms his penchant for taking complicated ideas and making them fit rhythmically into the song ex. When asked about tapping, he remarks that he “never really carried the tapping thing too far”, although he sometimes had extended tapping passages in his unaccompanied live solos.

His Lydian sweep involves adding a flat 5th to a standard major-triad arpeggio.

In his live solo as well as bojillet Killer”, he adds diminished ideas into his sweeps by playing an arpeggio and moving the shape chromatically. Bouillet also prefers a bluesier tone, often using his neck pickup in lead lines and solos.

Paul, in contrast, uses more treble as well as his bridge pickup. On the Extreme Volume albums, Bruce is heard in the right stereo channel while Paul is heard in the left. Bouillet is married and has one daughter. He currently lives in North Hollywood, Los Angeles and offers guitar lessons over the video messaging service Skype.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Bruce Allan Bouillet pronounced boo-yay is an American guitarist, producer, and audio engineer from Vincennes, Indiana.

Initially a student of Paul Gilbert at Hollywood’s Guitar Institute of Technology, Bouillet was later hired to play in Racer X and added harmonized leads and dueling solos to the band’s sound. Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from ” http: