Enriquecido con Aire o Nitrox buceo constantemente ganando popularidad entre los buceadores que desean maximizar su tiempo de fondo, minimizar sus. The NITROX course is the most famous PADI diving course in the world. Enriched air diving gives Buceo nocturno Especialidad PADI. ,00 € Add to basket. Estos sistemas son una ayuda para los instructores de buceo en el ámbito del Con la certificación de los compresores Nitrox de BAUER otorgada por el TÜV.

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Why is this speciality the most popular one ckn divers all around the world? Very simple, diving with enriched air higher oxygen and lower nitrogen content gives you more bottom time.

Yes, you read it correctly! You can choose among three options: Theory session and dive simulation Option 2: Theory session and enriched air dive. Theory session and two enriched air dives. Scuba dive with confidence with enriched air.


Continue your training as a diver, signing up for other PADI speciality courses available. What does the course consists of? In the theory part, we will focus on: At the end of the theory part, a short test must be completed in order to assess the acquired knowledge and to secure the highest level possible to scuba dive with enriched air.

What do the dives consist of? In the practical part, we will practice analyzing oxygen content in the scuba tank and we will set the dive computer for diving with enriched air before the dive.

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Then, we will confirm the maximum depth according to the mix we have chosen. During the dives, we will pay special attention to our diving computers to keep on the right depth limits and,of course, enjoy more bottom time.

What does the course include? Lanzarote Ocean’s Divers info lanzaroteoceansdivers. Fon sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. Discounts all year round for couples or groups.


NITROX PADI Enriched air diving. Only Theory – Buceo Estepona

When would you like to come? Do you need a place to stay? Click to select No Apartment Villa Hotel.

One theory session, and one or two optional or required scuba dives. Uso de cookies Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario.