The Buderus GX is a larger gas fired boiler designed for medium to large sized homes. The included burner pre-mixes gas and oxygenated. [ Buderus ]. Buderus. GX | GX | GX. Atmospheric Gas Boilers. High Efficiency: Full line of. Atmospheric Gas Boilers. Flexible, Corrosion Resistant. Overview of the BUDERUS GX line of Boiler, including consumer reviews, model number, specs and warranty information.

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Table of contents Table Of Buddrus Explanation Of Symbols Standards, Regulations And Directives Boiler Operating Conditions Notes On Installation And Operation Other Important Information Tools, Materials And Equipment Dimensions And Specifications Logano Gx Dimensions Moving The Boiler Placing The Boiler Boiler Room Requirements Recommended Wall Clearances Leveling The Boiler Installing Buferus Boiler Connecting The Heating System General Safety Instructions Connecting Power Supply Mount The Logamatic Control Unit Installing The Rear Boiler Cover Connecting Budwrus Gas Supply Installing Gas Feed Converting Boiler To Propane Buderuss At High Altitudes Install Front Wall Of Boiler Connecting The Flue Installing The Flue Pipe Connecting Flue Pipe Installation Of Vent Damper Installing Electrical Connection Of Vent Commissioning The Heating System Test Safety Valve Making Boiler Ready For Operation Placing Heating System With Logamatic Control Unit In Operation Then Carry Out Start-up Procedures Shut Down The Heating System Action In An Emergency Heating System Inspection And Maintenance Why Is Regular Maintenance Important Preparing Boiler For Cleaning Cleaning The Boiler Wet Cleaning chemical Cleaning Cleaning The Burner Maintenance Log Book g2344x Key To Symbols Scope Of Delivery Moving The Tank Installation Location Requirements Preparing For Installation Fuel Gas Supply Connection Connecting The Flue Connector Installing A Vent Damper Electrically Connecting The Vent Damper Testing The Safety Valve Start Up Instructions Preparing To Commission The Boiler Then Carry Out Commissioning Work Shutting Down The Heating System Normal System Shutdown Emergency Shutdown Procedure Boiler Inspection And Maintenance Preparing The Boiler For Buderhs Wet Cleaning The Boiler chemical Cleaning Troubleshooting The Gx Electrical Circuit Diagrams Install Front Panel Of Boiler Normal System Shut-down Emergency Shut-down Procedures Shut Down The Boiler Removing The Boiler Front Panel Converting The Burner Prepare The Gas Valve Removing The Burner Installing The Burner Carrying Out Leak Test Turning The Heating System On Checking The Spark Check Orifice Budsrus Checking The Ignition Flame Setting Checking Flame Sensor Check The Vent Damper Checking The Aquasmart Turning On Heating System Turn Off The Gas Supply Checking Heating System Operating Buferus Budetus And Maintenance Cleaning And Care Certification And Testing Mark Before Operating The Appliance Checking The Operating Pressure Why Is Annual Maintenance Important Don’t have an account?