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The corresponding deep-water column inventory Overall, this source accounts for about 0. The influence of the so-called Chernobyl fallout and the radioactive effluents produced by the different nuclear installations allocated to the Mediterranean basin, might explain the inventory gap, however, further studies are necessary to come to a conclusion about its origin.

We have carw natural isotopic ratios in uranium reagents separated before the onset of human nuclear activities, in uranium ores from various origins and in water from a subsurface well in Bad Gastein, Austria. Anthropogenic contamination was clearly visible in soil and rivulet samples from Salzburg, Austria, whereas river sediments from Garigliano river Southern Italy were close to the detection limit.

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Buildup of U in the gaseous diffusion plant product. A generalized projection of the average annual U concentration that can be expected in future enriched uranium product from the US-ERDA gaseous diffusion plants when reprocessed fuels become available for cascade feeding is given. It is concluded meoamar the buildup of U is not an ever-increasing function, but approaches a limiting value. Projected concentrations result in only slight separative work losses and mflamar no operational problem to ERDA in supplying light water reactor requirements.

The use of recycle uranium from power reactor spent fuels will result in significant savings in natural uranium feed. A uranium contamination mass of about 0. The ns shape isomer in U was populated by thermal neutron capture. Conversion electrons and Melajar were detected caar in delayed coincidence with fission. A branching xara the isomeric No definite electron line structure was observed Anthropogenic U recorded in annually banded coral skeleton at Majuro atoll, the equatorial Pacific.

The values were abruptly decreased in a few years, and they have been gradually decreased over time. Our results allow studies of not only the present distribution pattern, but gives access to the temporal evolution of U in surface seawater of North Equatorial Current which is introduced to the Japan Sea and the North West Pacific Ocean as Kuroshio and Tsushima currents over the past decades.

Anthropogenic U in Danish Seawater: Global Fallout versus Reprocessing Discharge. This work focuses on the occurrence of Mela,ar in seawater along Danish coasts, which is the sole water-exchange region between the North Sea-Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea.

Seawater collected in and were analyzed for U as well as U emlamar Cs. Our results indicate that U concentrations in Danish seawater are distributed within a relatively narrow range of 3. This indicates that besides the global fallout input, the discharges from the two major European nuclear reprocessing plants are dominating sources of U in Danish seawater.

While this feature might be interpreted as a clue for another significant U input in the Baltic Sea, it may also be caused by the complexity of water currents or slow turnover rate.

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Compact, low energy accelerator mass spectrometry AMS has evolved over the past years as one of the most sensitive, selective, and robust techniques for the analysis of heavy and long lived radionuclides. Excess of “2”3″6U in the northwest Mediterranean Sea. In this work, we present first “2”3″6U results in the northwestern Mediterranean. On the other hand, the input of “2”3″6U associated to Saharan dust outbreaks is evaluated. An additional “2”3″6U annual deposition of about 0.

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European roe deer antlers as an environmental archive for fallout U and Pu. Anthropogenic U and Pu were measured in European roe deer antlers hunted between and which covers and extends beyond the period of intensive nuclear weapons testing — The antlers were hunting trophies, and hence the hunting area, the year of shooting and the approximate age of each animal is given. Uranium and plutonium are known to deposit in skeletal tissue. Since antler histology is similar to bone, both elements were expected in antlers.


Furthermore, roe deer shed their antlers annually, and hence antlers may provide a time-resolved environmental archive for fallout radionuclides. Our investigations have shown the potential to use antlers as a temporally resolved archive for the uptake of actinides from the environment. The variation of the U and Pu concentrations as a function of depth has been studied in a soil profile at a site in the Southern Hemisphere well removed from nuclear weapon test sites.

The U inventory of 8. Chronology of Pu isotopes and U in an Arctic ice core. In the present work, state of the art isotopic fingerprinting techniques are applied to an Arctic ice core in order to quantify deposition of U and Pu, and to identify possible tropospheric transport of debris from former Soviet Union test sites Semipalatinsk Central Asia and Novaya Zemlya Arctic Ocean.

An ice core chronology of UPu, and Pu concentrations, and atom ratios, measured by accelerator mass spectrometry in a The ice core chronology corresponds to the period to The main sources of Pu and U contamination in the Arctic were the atmospheric nuclear detonations in the period toas global fallout, and tropospheric fallout from the former Soviet Union test sites Novaya Zemlya and Semipalatinsk.

Concentrations varied in concordance with Cs concentrations in the same ice core.

In contrast to previous published results, the concentrations of Pu and Rpoteksi were found to be higher at depths corresponding to the pre-moratorium period to than to the post-moratorium period and The Pu atom ratios ranged within the limits of global fallout in the most intensive period of nuclear atmospheric testing to lroteksi Its main sources in the North Atlantic are global fallout and European reprocessing plants.

Whereas the very low ratios are indicative for deep old waters, high ratios in shallow and surface waters show a clear signature of Atlantic Waters AW penetrating to the Arctic Ocean. BoxN Aas Norway. Radioisotope dilution analyses prpteksi geological samples using U and Th.

The use of U and Th in alpha spectrometric measurements has some advantages over the use of other tracers and measurement techniques in isotope dilution analyses of most geological cra. Disadvantages in using Prlteksi and Th are: The use of these tracers in applications of uranium-series caea studies has simplified the measurements required for the determination of the isotopic composition of uranium and thorium because of the minimal corrections needed for alpha spectral interferences.

New and very accurate data of isotope shifts and relative isotope shifts in U, UU are presented. The invariance of the relative isotope shift, for the melmar we have investigated, supports the hypothesis that the so called specific mass effect is negligible in uranium.

Since uranium is known to behave conservatively in ocean waters, – U has great potential in protsksi as oceanic tracer. This ratio is already higher than the natural pre-nuclear background, which is expected to be at 10e levels.

However, the exceptional sensitivity and ultra-low background for – U of the Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator’s Accelerator Mass Spectrometry system allows us to measure down to detection limits. Moreover modeling of the results also demonstrates the capabilities of – U as oceanic tracer. Neutron widths for U from high resolution transmission measurements at a M flightpath. A series of neutron transmission measurements has been performed on U aiming at a determination of the resonance parameters and their statistical properties.

The analysis range covered neutron energies from 40eV to 4. A table displays the details of 6 experimental runs, 3 of which were arranged in such a way that the effect of the U and U impurities in the sample on the transmission was automatically compensated. Accelerator Mass Spectrometry AMS is presently melamra most sensitive technique for the measurement of long-lived actinides, e. In this paper we report on the procedure adopted to increase the U abundance sensitivity as low me,amar possible.

The energy and position determinations of the U ions, using a strip silicon detector have been obtained. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available The U isotope plays an important role in nuclear systems, both for future and currently operating ones. The actual knowledge of the capture reaction of this isotope is satisfactory in the thermal region, but it is considered insufficient for Fast Reactor and ADS applications.


The isotopes ULroteksi and Pu are present in surface soils as a result of global fallout from nuclear weapons tests carried out in the ‘s and ‘s.

These isotopes potentially constitute artificial tracers of recent soil erosion and sediment movement. Only Accelerator Mass Spectrometry has the requisite sensitivity to measure all three isotopes at these environmental levels. Coupled with its relatively high throughput capabilities, this makes it feasible to conduct studies of mela,ar across the geographical extent melamae the Australian continent.

In the Australian context, however, global fallout is not the only source of these isotopes. As part of its weapons development program the United Kingdom carried out a series of atmospheric and surface nuclear weapons tests at Maralinga, South Australia in and Quantification of the relative fallout contribution derived from detonations at Maralinga is complicated owing to significant contamination around the test site from numerous nuclear weapons safety trials that were also carried out around the site.

We show that U can provide new information on the component of the fallout that is derived from the local nuclear weapons tests, and highlight the potential of U as a new fallout tracer.

An automated analytical method implemented in a flow injection FI system was developed for rapid determination of U in 10 L seawater samples. Besides, the operational conditions for the target preparation prior to the AMS measurement were optimized The low method detection limit 3.

Effect translational invariance in low-lying electric dipole excitations in U and U. In this paper the translational invariant QRPA approach suggested by Pyatov [1] for the spherical nuclei has been extended to describe the 1 – states in deformed nuclei. The role of spurious centre-of-motion state on the Pygmy dipole resonance PDR has been investigated in the deformed U and U nuclei. It has been shown that the effect of taking into account the translational invariance of the Hamiltonians in the QRPA with separation of prkteksi energy spurious solutions are noticeable in both the low energy density of 1 – states and in the PDR.

Present investigation demonstrates the advantage of the translational invariant QRPA over the non translational invariant one. It is found that the spurious state is spread over many levels, the largest admixture being situated in the region of the energy spacing between nuclear shells o melsmar h.

The giant resonance states contain, as a rule, very small admixtures of the spurious state. The technical developments of recent years, such as the introduction of helium as a stripping gas, make compact AMS systems probably among the most sensitive analyzers available for ultra-trace analyzes of actinides in the environment.

This lecture will provide a brief overview of the latest technical xara in the field of heavy ion analysis at compact AMS plants at ETH Zurich. In the second part, the produced data sets are then car and the current understanding of this new ocean tracer discussed. Im zweiten Teil werden dann die produzierten Datensaetze zusammengefuegt und das gegenwaertige Verstaendnis dieses neuen Ozean-Tracers diskutiert.

In addition, the angular distribution of these isotopes will be measured for the first time beyond 14 MeV. Published by Elsevier Ltd. An automated analytical method implemented in a novel dual-column tandem sequential injection SI system was developed for simultaneous determination of UNp, Pu, and Pu in seawater samples. By using the high-efficiency solution introduction system APEX in connection with a sector-field ICP-MS a sensitivity of more than counts fg -1 uranium was achieved.

By using the high-efficiency solution introduction system APEX in connection with a sector-field ICP-MS a sensitivity of more than 5, counts fg -1 uranium was achieved. Angular correlation between the heavy fragments and the light charged particles in tripartition of U and Cf. The energy distributions and relative intensities of protons, deuterons, tritons and alpha-particles emitted along the fission axis during thermal neutron fission of U are measured simultaneously with the energies of the two fission fragments.