Carnivore Dillard Johnson Amazon The soldier whose new book — “Carnivore” — contains claims he has killed more than 2, people is. Amid ferocious fighting that many times nearly took his life, Sergeant Dillard “C. J. ” Johnson and his crew are recognized by Pentagon reports. Amid ferocious fighting that many times nearly took his life, Sergeant First Class Dillard “C. J.” Johnson—one of the most decorated soldiers in the histor.

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Dillard Johnson’s new Iraq war memoir has angered other veterans. He says the criticism is mostly unfair. The promotional effort around the book has carried a hard-to-believe, almost impossible claim: His first carnuvore came during the invasion and the second for roughly 12 months starting in February Similar claims are made in HarperCollins’ publicity for the book “He is recognized by the Pentagon to have accounted for more than 2, enemy killed in action,” says the book jacket; “Credited with more than 2, enemy KIA, he is perhaps the most lethal ground soldier in U.

He says the book doesn’t contain that claim, that he never claimed to have killed 2, enemy fighters in Iraq, and that he didn’t kill that many people in Iraq. He says a combination of innocent mistakes by others and a desire by Carnivpre and his co-author to promote the book have led to the impression he’s making claims that he hasn’t made.

Probably not,” says Johnson. These and other claims have drawn angry denunciations from a large number of soldiers who served with him in Iraq, who say he played an important role in their effort but did not come close to what’s been written about him in the press.

Johnson says he agrees, and says the attribution of so many dead to him personally traces back to a Pentagon history of the invasion, On Villard He was interviewed for the book and says it’s been wildly misinterpreted, especially since the chapter he features in was excerpted by Soldier of Fortune magazine, with editorial changes made by someone there that exaggerated his personal role in the fighting. His assertion of “confirmed” sniper kills made in his book has also drawn howls of derision.


Johnson is not trained as a sniper and was not equipped with a sniper rifle.

Carnivore: A Memoir by One of the Deadliest American Soldiers of All Time by Dillard Johnson

Johnson explains that the choice of “sniper” in the book was for ease of understanding for the general civilian public. He said his platoon didn’t have many trained marskmen and that since he was a naturally good shot, he took on those kinds of duties to protect himself and his men.

Ingraham this week that the long shot, which he says in that interview was yards, “was sort of a sniper battle from a rooftop and I got this guy. It took me 15 shots. He was a better shot than me.

I just had better equipment and he was missing all around me and I basically just got lucky. He reported there were two insurgents there and that they were firing towards his rooftop position.

My first round fell short dillwrd it must have scared him because he stood up to run away. On his O’Reilly appearance, Johnson corrected his host when she attributed 2, kills in Iraq to him personally. My gunner actually did, you know, most of those or over half of those in the vehicle there and I was just present on the vehicle Soldiers in general don’t like to keep body counts, and while they may be proud of killing enemies in engagements, keeping their buddies safe, and accomplishing their missions, bragging about kill numbers is generally seen as uncouth, carnivorw not a downright creepy.


Johnson agrees with that, and says there’s no intent to brag about killing. Rather, he says, he kept track of enemy dead by counting rifles on the battlefield after engagements on the reasoning that “one rifle equals one man” as a carnivorr to keep senior officers as informed as possible about the course of the war. Johnson was kind enough to speak to me for about two hours last night. I’m currently sifting through my long notes of my conversation with him, and carnivkre revisit the story after I read his book myself this evening.

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America’s deadliest soldier? Dillard Johnson says he never made that claim.

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America’s deadliest soldier or stolen valor?

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