In this short, punchy book, Drew Eric Whitman lifts the shroud of mystery surrounding consumer behavior by . Full Book Review: Cashvertising Book Review. Cashvertising Summary by Drew Eric Whitman presents secrets of customer psychology that will help you sell anything to anyone. Prepare yourself for a unique learning experience as author Drew Eric Whitman takes you on a wild, roller-coaster ride through the streets of.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want cashveryising Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Your brain is being controlled-and you don’t even know it. Because if you think the ads you’re seeing today are just pretty pictures with nice, creative copy, you’re mistaken. Truth is, you are being powerfully influenced by dozens of proven scientific principles of advertising psychology And they’re causing you–and millions like you–to spend enormous amounts of money every day yb countless products and services.

But what are these principles? How do they work? And how can you use them in your own advertising? Prepare yourself for a unique learning experience as author Drew Eric Whitman takes you on a wild, roller-coaster ride through the streets of New York’s famed Madison Avenue and teaches you the specific psychological techniques that today’s top copywriters and designers use to influence the masses And they’ll never know what hit them. One small change boosts your response.

But you better know the reason Kindle Editionpages.

Published first published November 3rd To see what your friends thought of this fric, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This book is a gold mine! I made notes on almost every single page. The best part I liked was on page when he says, “”Advertising is whitamn supposed to be entertainment! You may be entertained by it, but that’s not its purpose.

It’s not a creativity contest.

It’s not meant to grace the walls of the Louvre in Paris. It’s also not poetry, comedy, or a riddle to be figured out.

Advertising is not about winning awards for being tricky, off-the-wall, or ingenious. Advertising – plain and simple – is a This book is a gold mine! Advertising – plain and simple – is about selling products and services. It’s business communication with the goal to increase sales by interesting people enough in a product or service that they ultimately trade their money for it.

If only the stalwarts of the advertising industry would read this.


Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman –

They’ll be up in arms! But the thing is, this guy’s absolutely right. Advertising is about selling. I’m all for simplicity in the message but a certain degree of elegance wouldn’t hurt, I think. Ad-Agency Secret 4 – I don’t agree with this. While cranking up the scarcity does rake up the sales, what happens when the deadline expires?

An honest advertiser would pull the product out of the market. Or at least deploy a “”Back by popular demand”” kind of message. But still, it’s such a deception.

Cashevrtising Secret 13 – Adding questions does help to keep the prospect’s interest, but for how long? To me, it’ll only work well whitamn the prospect is not required to read through massive amount of copy before finally arriving at the answer. Ad-Agency Secret 26 – This tip says that long copy covers the requirements for both types of readers, i.

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Long and those who do not need long copy to persuade them Ms. The thing is what if in all that long copy, there’s not enough to convince Ms. She’s been made to read through a whole load of xashvertising and all it did is make her turn off from ever reading future communications from the same advertiser.

I don’t think dgew work anymore despite Whitman’s assertions. I think for some of Whitman’s tips, what works before does not necessarily work now. But still a worthy read.

Cashvertising : Drew Eric Whitman :

Yet, most professionals in advertising and related fields understand very little about what actually drives people to buy. In this short, punchy book, Drew Eric Whitman lifts the shroud of mystery surrounding consumer behavior by explaining some fundamental psychological principles. I usually don’t buy books with covers like this one.

It’s what it said on it that made me buy. And that is exactly what this book is about. How to tell people how awesome your product or service is and actually give them this urge to buy. No more, no less. A great book for advertisers. The author shares simply how to use ads to create a response, and showed me that advertising is more than just words, it is art. By reading the chapters alone you get a feel for what is good copywriting and it’s neatly organized and broken down so it’s easy to understand.

This is a book I see myself referring to eriv in the future, as it is so actionable and practical. Highly recommended and a MUST for affiliate marketers pros: Organized principals and proven ideas to make your ads sell 2. Lots of ad copy examples to make you understand what a great copy looks like 3. Checklist to see how good your ads are 4. Today I already implemented ad copy changes to a lander Cons: I felt overwhelmed with content, but it’s a sign of quality.


I don’t give it a 5 out of 5 because Wbitman not experienced at all in advertising and didn’t read any more books on the subject.

But I don’t have any other concrete reason. Cashvvertising knows his shit. My friend recommended me to read this book. Before I have seen this book, I fell in love with its cover already. I truly understand why people bought this book.

It’s because of the attractive cover and ddew that I was interested in. As I read, I really learned. I learned the Life Force 8 that really cover the behaviours of all people. I learn the psychology things that made me realize how people think and act in each situation. This book gives a lot of understandable examples and they are reall My friend recommended me to read this book. This book gives a lot of understandable examples and they are really useful in real situation.

Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

There are so many secrets I love in this book. I would recommend this book to anyone who is vrew to sell their products, or who has to negotiate with their customers, or salesperson who need to make more sales. You will find a lot of strategies that you can use in your case. One of my favourite copywriting books.

Every page has actionable insights. I always tell people to not judge the “self-help” look of the cover, as the content really erew gold for a new copywriter. Ad expert Drew Eric Whitman says: This man is a genius, not by chance or luck, but by knowledge, expert Full Book Review: This man is a genius, not by chance or luck, but by knowledge, expertise, and application!

Better yet, this does not read like a text book. I am currently reading another book about developing your web presence, qhitman in sharp contrast to THAT book, Cashvertising is written to flow. Wyitman is written to interest! Well, advertisers have figured out the needs consumers that will get consumers to BUY. We have the Life-Force 8, which appeal to our most basic, primal, and strongest desires.

Then we have the 9 Learned Secondary Human Wants, typically built upon from social conditioning what people tell us, and what we think is right.

The 17 Foundational Principles of Consumer Psychology Now cahvertising enter some very heavy psychological and sociological theory, specifically related to advertising and marketing. There are a total of 17 theories, and the great part is, they are NOT over-complicated scientific article-style reads.