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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of ” International catalogue of scientific literature, ” See other formats Univ. PR a in India. IIaruison and Sons, 45, St. Twelve quarto volumes of the Author Catalogue covering the period have already been publiished; the volumes for are in course of preparation. Volume XIII is published. The Subject Index will be issued separately for each of the seventeen sciences dealt with in the International Catalogue of Scientific Literature, and will be arranged in accordance with its Schedules.

The volumes for Pure Mathe- matics, Mechanics and Physics are published. The Government of Austria. The Government of Cliili.

The Government of Cuba. The Government of Denmark. The Government of Egypt. The Society of Sciences, Helsingfors, Finland. The Government of France. The Government of Germany.

The Government of Greece. The Government of Holland. The Government of Hungary. The Asiatic Society of Bengal, India.

The Government of Italy. The Government of Japan. The Government of Mexico.

The Government of Norway. The Academy of Sciences, Cracow. The Government of Queensland. The Government of Russia. The Government of the Union of South Africa. Peqs Government of South Australia. The Government of Spain. The Government of Sweden. The Government of Switzerland.

Government Manuals | #Numeralkod

The Government of Victoria. The Government of Western Australia. All communications for the several Regional Bureaus are to be sent to the addresses liere given. Outes, Universidad de Buenos- Catallogo. Silva Cruz, Biblioteca Nacional, Santiago. Santiago de la Iluerta, Havana. Martin Knudsen, Polyteknisk Lfereanstalt, Copen- liagen.

Deniker, 8, Rue de Buffon, Paris.

Full text of “International catalogue of scientific literature, “

pews Sakurai, Imperial University, Tokyo. Poland Austrian, Russian catalogk Prussian. Sc, Cordelia Street, South Brisbane. Dahlgren, Royal Academy of Sciences, Stock- holm. Graf, Schweizerische Landes- bibliothek, Berne.


The United States of America. The Schedules have been i-evised in accordance with the decisions of tlie International Convention of Each of these main divisions is sub-dividetl into three sections. The first section gives the publications arranged according to strata; in the second section the arrangement is according to pea ; while the third section gives a list of new genera and species. In each section the final arrangement of papers is in the alphabetical order of authors’ names.

To find the papers dealing with a particular subject the reader may consult either the Schedule or the Index to the Schedule. The numbers given in the Index are llegistration numbers, and can be used at once for turning to the propei- page of the Subject Index. In the Author Catalogue the numbers placed within square brackets at the end of each entiy are Registration numbers, and serve to indicate the scope of each paper indexed.

The meaning of these numbers will at once caherpillar found by reference to the Schedule. Cateripllar case the abbreviated titles of Journals are not understood, a key to these is provided at the end of the volume. The literature indexed is mainly that ofbut includes those portions of the literature of in regard to which the iudex slips were received by the Central Bureau too late for inclusion in the previous volumes.

Government Manuals

There are also entries dated These syndjols are letters printed in italics. They are explained in the Topographical Classification.

They are not used instead of Registration numbers, but 924b sub-dividing the sections. Reports of Institu- tions, Societies, Congresses, etc. The numerical symbol to be used for Paloeontological books and papers is obtained by a combination of the Geological stratigraphical number two figureswith a number four figures representing the sub-division of the animal or vegetable kingdom to which the fossil forms described belong.

Catlaogo a cstalogo on Triassic Cephalopoda will have the symbol K The numbers for Zoological sub- divisions are identical with those used in the Zoological schedule.

The numbers for Botanical sub- divisions are identical with those used in the Botanical schedule. The alphabetical symbols for Topography ran be added, if neces- sary. Periodica, Bcrichte von Instituten, Gesellschaften, Kongressen etc.

Verteilung des Lebens des tierischen und pflanzlichen in vergangenen Zeiten. Zonare Palaontologie ; Mutationen Formenanderungen in auf einan- der folgenden Schichten etc. Fossilien unbestimmten biologischen Oharakters. Das Zahlensj’mbol, welches fiir palaontologische Biicher und Schrif- ten zu benutzen ist, wird gewonnen durch Combination der stratigra- phischen geologischen Nummer zwei Ziffern mit einer vierziflrigen Zahl welche die Unterabteilung des Tier- oder Pflanzenreiches angiebt, zu der die beschriebenen fossilen Formeu gehoren.


So wiirde eine Abhandlung iiber triassische Cephalopoden daa Symbol erhalten: Die Nummern fiir die zoologischen Unterabteilungen sind identisch mit den im zoologischen Schema benutz- ten. Die Nummern fiir die botani- schen Unterabteilungen sind iden- tisch mit den im botanischen Schema benutztcn.

Wenn notig, konnen die alpha- betischen Symbolo fiir Topographie hinzugefiigt werden. Rapports d’lnstitu- tions, do Societcs, de Congres, etc. Le symbole mimerique qui devra etre emploj’e pour les livres et memoires paleontologiques est ob- tenu par une combinaison du nombre stratigraphique 2 chiffres avec un nombre 4 chiffres representant la subdivision du regne animal ou vegetal a laquelle appartient la forme fossile decrite.

Ainsi un memoire sur les Cephalopodes triasiques devra porter I’indice K Les nombres pour les subdivisions zoologiques sont identiques a ceux qui sont employes dans la classiCca- tion zoologique.

Les nombres pour les subdivisions botaniques sont identiques a ceux qui sont employes dans la classification botanique. Les symboles alphabetiques pour la Topographic peuvent etre ajoutcs, si c’est necessaire. Dans ce cas un memoire sur les Poissons crctaces de la Turquie d’Asie porterait le symbole K Resoconti di Istituti, Societii, Congressi, ecc. Trattati generali, Libri di teste. Discorsi, Letture, ecc, aventi un carattere generale.

Distribuzione della vita animale e vegetale nei passati tempi. Paleontologia stratigrafica ; muta- zioni cambiamenti di forma in strati successiviecc. Vedi anche, L ; N; M Fossili il cui carattere biologico e indeterminato.

II simbolo numerico da usarsi per libri e memorie paleontologiche e ottenuto colla combinazione del numero stratigrafico-geologico due cifre col numero quattro cifre rappresentante la suddivisiono del regno animale o vegetale al quale le descritte forme fossili appartengono. Cosi una memoria sopra Cefalopodi triassici avra il simbolo K catalpgo I numeri per le suddivisioni zoologiche sono identici con quelli usati nella schedula zoologica.

I numeri per le suddivisioni botaniche sono identici con quelli usati nella schedula botanica. I simboli alfabetici per la Topo- grafia possono venir aggiunti, ove necessario. In tal caso una nota sovra Pesci cretacei della Turchia Asiatica portera il simbolo K Cephalopoda, Gastropoda, Amphineura, Si. Eociin, Oligocan 85 Oberes Tertiiir.

Mesozoic General ‘ Triassic. CcEuozoic Eocene, OliKo- cene.