Catilinarias. Front Cover. Marco Tulio Cicerón. Gredos, Clásicos Gredos. Textos escolares · Clásicos Gredos: Textos clásicos bilingües · Gredos bilingüe. Results 1 – 30 of CATILINARIAS by Cicerón and a great selection of related books, art and CATILINARIAS: Cicerón .. CATILINARIAS. bilingüe: cicerón. Catilinarias by Ciceron at – ISBN – ISBN Catilinarias Catilinarias (bilingue). Ciceron.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The Protohistory of the text of Martial, in: Each paper is devoted to the transmission of a major classical Latin text. They discuss texts ranging from the comedies of Plautus and Terence through the writings of Cicero, Livy bolingue Virgil catilinarizs the Historia Augusta.

Their papers review existing scholarship and offer new insights into the transmission of these texts and especially into their protohistory, the phase of their history that precedes the earliest surviving manuscripts. His main research interests lie in Latin textual criticism, Latin epigraphy and the pre-Roman languages of the Iberian Peninsula. His publications include monographs on the textual transmission of Virgil and Terence and an edition of the fragments of Bilngue.

Michael von Albrecht Band Licensed for J. Any utilisation outside the strict limits of the copyright law, without the permission of the publisher, is forbidden and liable to prosecution. This applies in particular to reproductions, translations, microfilming, and storage and processing in electronic retrieval systems. This publication has been peer reviewed. Remitterem te ad ipsum volumen, nisi quosdam tenerem; tu, si placuerint hi, ceteros in libro requires.


Adloquitur Musam, mandat ut domum meam Esquilis quaerat, adeat reverenter: Sed ne tempore non tuo disertam pulses ebria ianuam, videto: Totos dat tetricae dies Minervae, dum centum studet auribus virorum hoc, quod saecula posterique possint Arpinis quoque comparare chartis.

Seras tutior ibis ad lucernas: Tunc me vel rigidi legant Catones. Qui fuerat medicus, nunc est vispillo Diaulus. Tulli Ciceronis pro M.

Papyrus Erzherzog Rainier P. Tulli Ciceronis In C. Studies in honor of A. Nicolai Heinsii Adversario- rum libri IV, in: La produ- zione e circolazione del testo. Hommage au doyen M.

Tulli Ciceronis pro T.

Tullii Ciceronis] Orationes spuriae. Oratio pridie quam bilignue exilium iret. Tulli Ciceronis in M. Recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit R. Cultura latina pagana fra terzo e quinto secolo dopo Cristo. IV, Tradizione dei classici.

Henrici Glareani annotationes in Metamorphosin. Mittella- teinische Studien, Paul Lehmann zum Die lateinische Literatur von bis N.

Ovidii Nasonis Opera omnia. Le sottoscrizioni Licensed for J. An Epigraphic Echo of Catullus? Roscio Amerino, pro P. Tullii Ciceronis scripta quae manserunt omnia. Vatilinarias Caesar Commentarii, vol. Iuli Caesaris Commentarii, vol.

Tulli Ciceronis orator, Berlin. Hirtii aliorum auctorum supplementis, Vol I. Tulli Ciceronis, In C.


– chromium/deps/hunspell_dictionaries – Git at Google

Verrem actionis secundae Liber quartus De signis. Roman heatre and Society: De oratore libri III. Ovidi Nasonis Metamorphoseon libri XV. Scripta quae manserunt omnia.

Category: Life

Oratio de prouinciis consularibus, Oratio pro L. Greek and Roman Actors. Tullii Ciceronis orationum Pro M.

Fonteio et Pro Rabirio fragmenta, T. XCI fragmentum plenius et emendatius, L. Tulli Ciceronis orationum pro M. Fonteio et pro C. Iulii Caesaris Commentarii cum supplementis A. Latin Texts fron Antiquity to the Renaissance. Tome II, 1re partie. Tome II, 2me partie. Variantes lectiones Orationem pro Bilingu. Ovidi Nasonis Metamorphoses recognovit brevique annotatione instruxit R.

Da Omero a Dante. Iulii Caesaris Commentarii rerum gestarum I. Valerii Martialis epigrammata post W. Hera- eum edidit D. Scho- lia Pseudoasconii Sangallensia. Scholia Cluniacensia et recentiora Ambrosiana catilinarixs Vaticana. Commentationes Lovanienses in honorem W. Tulli Ciceronis Oratio pro M.

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