The process is similar to changing a drive’s icon on your desktop. TAGS: browser, Chrome, dock, favicon, Firefox, icons webloc, MacOS. A webloc file is a website shortcut that the Safari browser generates when you drag a website icon from its URL field to the desktop. As such. save the file; If you can see that the file name ends : just change the. webloc ; open it. If you can’t see the file extension .webloc).

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The Dock on your Mac is highly versatile, letting you customize its look, location, and content. The actual method for managing your website favorites depends on the browser you use. But they all have one common characteristic: Of course, there are at least two drawbacks to using cchange Dock to manage browser favorites. The first is that your Dock is going to get crowded once you save more than a few cuange to it.

The second is that the Dock uses the same icon for all the website URLs you save, making it a difficult task to pick the right Dock icon at a glance.

WEBLOC File – What is it and how do I open it?

Adding multiple URLs to the Dock can get confusing since they all use the same icon. Only by hovering over an icon can you tell them apart. You vhange find out more about changing drive icons in the article: Launch your browser and load up a favorite website.

You can use go favicon to drag the website URL to your desktop. Chrome, Firefox, and Opera: You can also drag by the website name shown to the left of the URL field. You can still drag the URL to your desktop by dragging from the blank space.


You can drag a URL by its favicon, outlined in red in this image, to your desktop. With the URL now located on your desktop, you can change its icon from the generic one to a custom icon of your choice. This brings up the question of where to get custom icons from. One method is to use the favicon associated with the website.

Vhange will work, but favicons are generally only 16 pixels x 16 pixels, making them very small for the Dock. But if you would like to use the chznge anyway, you can download it using this simple Google tool: The favicon will be displayed in the browser.

Another source for images is to check the website for a press, newsroom, media, or about section that may contain images the site will allow you to download and use. You can also check one of the many free image sources, such as Pixabaykaboompicsand others, to download an appropriate picture to use. A one-to-one wehloc ratio square is best, but not a requirement.

The thumbnail icon, outlined in blue, is selected and about to have its new icon applied with the Paste command.

On your desktop, right-click the website URL you saved earlier. From the popup menu, select Get Info. In the Get Info window that opens, click once on the thumbnail image of the current icon.

The thumbnail is located in the top left corner of the window. The thumbnail should change to the new image you selected earlier.


You can use a folder to help keep multiple URLs from cluttering up the Dock. In this example, the folder is set to display its content as a list. Right-click the Dock folder to set its display options. You can alleviate this problem by adding a folder to the Dock to store dhange your URLs in.

IT Geek Rage: How to Open .webloc files in Windows

You can create an empty folder on your desktop and give it an appropriate name, such as URLs. Leave this field empty.

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How to open webloc files in Windows 10

This newsletter is sometimes better, offering really good tips in a clear, easy to understand format. It worked for me! These were very easy with the cut and tp process.

Oh man…you lost me after the get Info…way too much work when the bookmarks folder does a good job by keeping tons of them organized into folders. Or for Sarari…about 15 or so fit nicely into the Favorites folder.

webloc to PDF download, free webloc to PDF download.

Tom Nelson The Dock on your Mac is highly versatile, letting you customize tl look, location, and content. Be Sociable, Share this! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.