Chaotopia! has 14 ratings and 0 reviews. ‘Once one is fairly competent at practical sorcery, there is little of importance that remains to be said or. Chaotopia: Sorcery and Ecstacy in the Fifth Aeon. By Dave Lee (Mandrake of Oxford reprint). Before i begin my review i want to say that i. Chaotopia! Dave Lee Format: Softcover ISBN: £/US$ Subjects: Chaos Magick. ‘Once one is fairly competent at practical sorcery, there.

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It seems to me that Chaos Magic itself has reached this point; the basic ideas needed for anyone to construct his or her own system of sorcery and to hone their skills are already covered by the available books.


What has been lacking so far, is a Chaos magical approach to the investigation of the ecstatic states that underlie magical gnosis. This book, rather than trying lde provide yet another slightly different flavour of Cnaotopia technique, takes as its starting point the relationship between ecstasy and magic; between Chaos Magic and Chaos Mysticism, if you like. This makes it more democratic than the intimidating acolytism of learned magic in the European tradition.


Lee shows us the intellectual underpinnings of a practical System, without rendering the art, or his discourse on it, abstract or arch. This is not for the beginner in chaos magic, but it is a good guide for the observer with a grounding in the history of European magic, and a grasp of its cultural milestones.

Chaos magic is central to the continuing health of magical traditions, and writers like Dave Lee are central to that influence. There have been many books coming onto the market supposedly outlining the Chaos Magick vision which seem to confuse incoherence with mystification.

Dave Lee (chaos magician)

However, I am very pleased to say Chaotopia! It was originally published in but includes a very succinct but updated introduction which gives us a snapshot of the basic principles of Chaos Magick and how it works.

In many way I found Chaotopia! He also outlines later in Chaotopia!

The Eight Brain Circuits are more practical i. As you can see there is a lot to think about in this work! Every chapter I read made me what to read more, think more and practice more…. The theoretical chapter on Magick and physics is a real intellectual stimulator.


It offers a new theoretical foundation for magick as found within the Bose-Einstein Condensate. It will trigger lots of discussion and chaottopia. I could continue chapter in this way. There is so much packed in here.

No padding, no BS, no wasted space, lots of important information, practice advise and hints. An avoidance of pretense and an openness which leaves the reader eager to go out and learn more and practice more. Dave Lee, Thank You!

Deep Magic Begins Here.