Feuchtgebiete [Charlotte Roche] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Feuchtgebiete (Wetlands in German) [Charlotte Roche] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to Find book. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Audiobook CD release of Feuchtgebiete on Discogs.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Feuchtgebiete by Charlotte Roche. Feuchtgebiete by Charlotte Roche. Kaum ein Buch hat in den letzten Jahren soviel Aufsehen erregt wie dieses.

Es wurde verrissen, missverstanden, in den Himmel gelobt und als Befreiungsschlag gefeiert. Paperbackpages. Published February 1st by Dumont Verlag first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Feuchtgebieteplease sign up. Lists with This Fwuchtgebiete. Everyone says that this book is super gross. Honestly, I wasn’t rochf out or amused by any of it.

When I wasn’t bored, I was annoyed. The “gross-out” parts made me feel like the book was written by a teenage boy with ridiculous fantasies of what women do behind closed doors. The stories Helen shared about things like spreading bacteria or what she did with avocado pits made me feel less like she was a strong woman with a “who-gives-a-crap” attitude, and more like she was just a perverted pre-t Everyone says that this book is super gross. The stories Helen shared about things like spreading bacteria or what she did with avocado pits feuchtgebieye me feel less like she was a strong woman with a “who-gives-a-crap” attitude, and more like she was just a perverted pre-teen.


Feuchtgeblete Helen did sounded so over the top, as if she was in some sort of competition for the most sexually unconventional woman of all time.

I have read many reviews in which people sing this book’s praises, calling it a triumph for the feminist movement. I don’t understand that at all. Any woman can use explicit language to write a bunch of “gross” stuff about her body Jan 09, Mag rated it really liked it. Charlofte truth, this book is both a tale of a troubled teenager, and a reaction to the artificial and sanitized model of femininity of the cosmetic ads and glossy magazines covers.

Helen, an year-old heroin, desperately needs warmth and attention, but feuchtgebiege really cares about her. She wants love; she wants her parents together. She does outrageous things to get a feuhtgebiete from them, but to no avail. Somewhat scatological as well. View all 4 comments. When I was a kid, losing myself in stories and in novels, I sometimes wondered why we never read about characters going to the bathroom.

Why didn’t we ever see Laura do that in ‘Little House on the Prairie? Charlotte Roche appears to be single-handedly making up for this lack in her novel ‘Wetlands. I feuchtgebite to keep reminding myself it is fiction and When I was a kid, losing myself in stories and in novels, I sometimes wondered why we never read about characters going to the bathroom.

I have to keep reminding myself it is fiction and not autobiography. While initially I applauded the boldness with which she writes about the female body, all orifices and secretions, the complete lack of self-consciousness she has toward her body, the way she embraces each and every aspect, nook and cranny so to speak, and all manner of secretions, it finally seemed she has no more to tell us than this: I like my vagina.


I like my arsehole. I like to eat, lick, suck. I am not afraid. It does not a story make. A sensation it does, even perhaps a needed one, but Without the repetition and the subsequent numbing effect. View all 32 comments. Oh my good God. I can’t even – Ok. There’s a weird thing that sometimes happens where people think that if a book is insistently explicit sexually without coming close to being porn, or even slightly titillating, it must be important.

We can call this the Palahniuk Principle. I mean, right now we can call it that; eventually, we’ll move on with our lives and forget that it ever came up.

Wetlands (novel) – Wikipedia

The thing is, though, these books seldom actually are important. Being sexual feucjtgebiete being sexy is not a Oh my good God. Being sexual without being sexy is not any kind of achievement; in fact, it’s the very reason “humping” was coined as a sex verb in the first place.

Humping, however, is far too pedestrian a word for what happens in Wetlands ; in fact,it’s the sort of polite term at which Helen, the narrator and our heroine, would turn up her noise in disgust before sticking that nose right into a stranger’s ass.

There really is no way that I can describe to you the lengths to which the 18 year-old Helen will to prove that she understands – and thus enjoys- sex far better than anyone who preceded her on this earth. I can only tell you that, as with the vain boasting of all 18 year-olds who are still a few years away from realizing that just because they’ve never thought of something before, it doesn’t mean no one has, it is much less shocking than it tiresome.

And, I can offer you the following guidelines: Do not charlotre this book if: You are ill – this book is not soothing, it will not make you feel better.

This goes double if you are sad. You are eating – seriously. You will not want anything fduchtgebiete enter your body in any capacity while you are reading this book. You equate promiscuity with feminism – Yeah, this book is not going to help un-muddy those waters for you. And, while I don’t want to get into a whole big thing, I would like to suggest that if you think the greatest gifts you have to offer are your multitude of orifices and that you can have an orgasm simply by taking it up the ass, you maybe are not engaging with the world from a position of power.

You don’t have time to finish it in one sitting – if you put it down, it will be a struggle to pick it back up. You are thinking about getting feuchtgdbiete divorce – Helen pretty clearly seems to think all her problems would be solved if only her parents would get back together; so, unless you want your daughter to end up disgusting, you will make that relationship work.

On the other feuchtgeboete, there are a couple of good reasons a person might want to read this book: You’ve ever wanted to wonder whether if it was necessary to know a character’s name once you know she stuffs avocado pits into her chucha as though she were no more than an inedible feuchtgebieete age olive – personally, I came up with “No. And let’s be honest, now that I’ve told you that, do you even care that her name is Helen anymore? You want to feel better about yourself as a parent – we all know that you’re not perfect, even though you do the best that you can.

And your kids are not perfect. But, so long as they wipe, aren’t deliberately walking around with dried semen under their fingernails, and don’t ever land in the hospital because the feuchtgeibete stranger who usually shaves their anus is unavailable one day, leading them to cut themselves in a delicate area that quickly becomes infected – you have done a splendid job.

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Go out and buy yourself a World’s Greatest Mom coffee mug and a 1 Dad t-shirt; fwuchtgebiete deserve it. You’ve ever wanted to read a classic – I am not implying by any means that Wetlands is a classic; far from it. However, while you are reading it, your mind will wander among all of the other things it could be reading – books where language is beautiful; books that are written by authors who, instead of hauling out the thesaurus when they’ve run out of ways to talk about their character’s assholes, never even bring them up; books where the story, though perhaps at times harrowing, is ultimately worthwhile, one that will stay with you throughout your life, and mean different things to you as you age.

You will want a literary palate cleanser after Wetlandsand no simple Oprah Book Club selection or New York Times bestseller will cut it – you’ll need a classic. Something that has endured, so you know it will stand up to whatever vile things Wetlands throws feucthgebiete it.

This is why I spent the whole book thinking “You know, I should really read Proust “. And, of course, I will let you know how that goes. View all 10 comments. This book was certainly ‘different’. It was absolutely disgusting and made me cringe at most points and laugh at a few, but I was still strangely intrigued by this book. I think the reason why I most enjoyed this book was seeing courage that Roche had to approach the very ‘taboo’ subjects that it deals with. I’ve never read anything like this and I wouldn’t like to read more, I think I only found this interesting because it’s the first of its type that I’ve read.

I can completely understand that This book was certainly ‘different’. I can completely understand that this is a book that you would either love or hate and to most peoples tastes, it would most probably be too unsettling to read and I admit that it was very repulsive.

Yes, there could teuchtgebiete been better ways to break through the barriers of these taboo subjects, but I think Roche is successful in treating these subjects as everyday occurances – though charlottte in a rather exagerrated fashion.

Jul 07, tee rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a book and haven’t been able to put it down – Wetlands gave me this pleasure. Not that it was particularly riveting, or absorbing – it was just really easy to read.

For me that is, though I guess I can understand why fwuchtgebiete people had an aversion to the content. People who are uptight about their bodies, or who prefer to avoid thinking about the fact that our bodies secrete substances and smell weird and so on and so forth. It was so refr Absolutely loved it.

It was so refreshing to read something so in-your-face about the female body.

Feuchtgebiete by Charlotte Roche

I like the fact that it wasn’t deep, it didn’t have a complicated story line; it basically just meandered through the mind of this bored girl stuck in hospital.

It was like being inside somebody’s head and body – uncensored. And that’s a rare thing.