Darrin Patrick is the lead pastor of The Journey church in urban St. Louis. Patrick started The Journey church in , and has watched the church expand into a. Church Planter has ratings and 94 reviews. Kyle said: This was a really well -written book. No, really, it was. The reason for the abysmal rating is. Last week, I took some time to review Darrin Patrick’s new book Church Planter. Below is all three parts compiled in one place. Church Planter.

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Divisive church members must be rebuked. Despite the title and the Acts 29 connections, Church Planter is actually less about planting and more about what pastoral ministry looks like. The only problem-and it’s not really a problem-is that there are other pastoral ministry books that cover a lot of the same ground that I would probably go to first.

I really want to emphasize that this book is not for the faint of heart or the pastor who is in ministry because they have nothing else to do. Aug 08, Sean rated it it was amazing Shelves: You’ll probably not see many books on church planting from our fellowship, because our leaders are actively engaged in the endeavor, sometimes sending out multiple couples from their churches at conference every six months or so.

That being the case, I’ve been reading everything about the subject that I can get my hands on as I prayerfully formulate the vision for the church.

Church Planter by Darrin Patrick (Review) | Tim Brister

In addition, the historical sins were listed and included lack of self-control, manipulation and lying, domineering, misuse of power, and refusal of personal accountability. The first two of those sections are certainly comprehensive with the third lacking a bit of the expansive coverage of the first two.

They are neither boys nor men. If you allow passivity, laziness, and sin to fester, you will soon despise the church you pastor. It seemed an odd note to end the book on. Aug 17, Aaron Downs rated it liked it.

Modern society shuns the traditional role of the man as the head of the home, the breadwinner and the spiritual leader of the family. Partick immediately narrows it down to the expository, salvation-historical, Christ-centred preaching and quickly show from the bible these truths and explains each of them lucidly.

Discipling men and planting churches is the focus of all our conferences, men’s ministries and rallies. These chapters were very convicting in terms of my own journey working as a missions worker with university students, but also as someone who has been trying to better understand how we do church and we may better reach a post-modern western culture.


I first saw drarin rave drrin online for this particular book by Darrin Patrick when I was just released and I didn’t think much about it at that time.

Church Planter: The Man, The Message, The Mission by Darrin Patrick

I’m fired up about a movement of leaders who will live out the core dxrrin of Pstrick Planter and launch churches that honor God and share his fame! Personally, Patrifk think you can hardly appreciate Patrick without digging into his own primary sources beside the Bible, which are in fact Spurgeon, Edwards, Newbingen, Stott, et. Here and there I would disagree with something said or at least ponder sentencesbut that happens in every book.

Each of these truths are simple and honest. That quip applies here. The church has been scrutinized for its cultural engagement by the Missouri Baptist Convention and received national media attention regarding one of its outreach ministries, “Theology at the Bottleworks,” for being held at Schlafly Bottleworksa brewery in Maplewood, MO.

On the nature of the church, I question whether it is helpful to planterr models of the church in such generalizations Not only does Patrick begin by asking the right question, he also begins by answering that question with something that is so often assumed—the gospel.

And it is in these sections that I feel the book hits a broader audience of every pastor, every elder, every Christian taking a serious role in the Great Commission which should be all churdh us. Based on the offices of Christ prophet, priest, and kingthis triperspectival approach has been popularized over the past five years but to my knowledge not been widely accessible in book format.

May God use this book to raise an army of church planting missionaries, some who will lead fantastic churches, others who will incarnate the gospel by being Christ-centered businessmen, caring professionals, or whatever it is that God has designed you to be. It was a decent read with some useful content. Summary Not only does Patrick begin by asking the right question, he also begins by answering that question with something that is so often assumed—the gospel.

Thank you Darren for this labor of love.

Darrin Patrick

He speaks boldly, with a masculine edge, and there’s a not-quite-subtle implication that if the man of God will in fact -be- the man of God, the message and the mission will come. It seemed to me that in other circles church planters were people wanting to ditch their Sunday night service or would rather sit on a couch than a pew Jul patrico, Joshua rated it it was amazing.


Section two of xarrin book, the Message, was a good reminder of what the gospel is and how it needs to be preached. This is for the called man who desires for his life to mean something, and for his church to go wherever God wants it to dagrin. For the theologians, you may be surprised to see references to the hypostatic union of Jesus and simul justus et peccator with sources such as John Stott, John Calvin, Richard Lovelace, Michael Horton, and Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Is this “The Mission” though? Refresh and try again. It would be good for future editions to have discussion questions at the end of each chapter or section at least. My church fellowship has been planting churches for 40 plznter years, in the states and worldwide.

Church Planter by Darrin Patrick (Review)

Every potential church planter should read this book before he decides to plant, and every existing church planter should read this book once every year! And all Christians need to actually serve God in practical ways.

Church plants are needed in all types of different contexts of ministry. chhrch

The book is not just about planting churches but has a strong focus on leading. Jun 17, Aaron rated it really liked it. I begged God to renew my heart and mind with a vision for our city that was more like Christ’s.

Care 17 – The Hope of Mission: Chapter three qualified man is essentially an exposition on 1 Timothy 3: Jan 16, Nick James rated it it darfin ok. Plantsr Man, the Message, the Mission. The meat of the book is divided up into three sections like a three point sermon”The Man”, “The Message”, and “The Mission”. Nobody enjoys doing such things if you do, you should be not be a pastor! Darrin Patrick coaches darrln first on matters of the heart—having the same compassion for the lost that we see demonstrated in Jesus.