Retrieved sources were further explored applying both the snowball approach Table 1. Cystatin C (CysC) reference values as reported in literature in full term. A cistatina C tem sido proposta com um marcador alternativo da filtração em relação à creatinina. O presente estudo foi conduzido com o objetivo de avaliar o . Request PDF on ResearchGate | La cistatina C aporta más información que otros parámetros de función renal en la estratificación del riesgo.

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Vantagens e desvantagens desse marcador foram aqui discutidas. Despite incontestable advances in medicine, it is still difficult to define precisely this test in clinical practice. Early markers of renal lesion are important, because glomerular filtration rate usually decreases before the first chronic renal failure symptoms or signs appear. Cystatin C has been pointed as an alternative, but it was not tested in many diseases. Advantages and disadvantages of this marker are discussed.

Although serum cystatin C determination is increasingly being used in clinical practice worldwide, its limitations as well as the conditions its use is in fact indicated are not adequately established; on the other hand serum creatinine and creatinine clearance is an easily available and low cost laboratory marker with well-known limitations that can be used routinely in the assessment of renal function.

O gene que codifica a cistatina C foi sequenciado e localiza-se no cromossomo Mais recentemente, Bokenkamp et al. EmRisch et al. Assessing kidney function – measured and estimated glomerular filtration rate. N Engl J Med ; Serum cystatin C as an endogenous marker of renal function in patients with mild to moderate impairment of kidney function. Nephrol Dial Transplant ; Cystatin for estimation of glomerular filtration rate? Serum cystatin C is superior to serum creatinine as a marker of kidney function: Am J Kidney Dis ; Cystatin C – A new marker of glomerular filtration rate in children independent of age and height.


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Scand F Clin Lab Invest ; Estimation of glomerular filtration rate by creatinine – based formulas: Nephrol Self-Assessment Program ; 5: Med Oncol ; More accurate alternatives to serum creatinine for evaluating glomerular filtration rate. Clin Chem ; Cystatin C as a marker of GFR-history, indications, and future research. Serum cystatin C is a more sensitive marker of glomerular function than serum creatinine. Human cystatin C – Role of the N-terminal segment in the inhibition of human cysteine proteinases and in its inactivation by leucocyte elastase.

Biochem J ; Jung K, Jung M. A promising marker of glomerular filtration rate to replace creatinine. A marker of renal function or something more? A comparison between cystatic C, plasma creatinine and the Cockcroft and Gault for the estimation of glomerular filtration rate.

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Kidney Int ; Serum cystatin C concentration as a marker of glomerular filtration rate in patients with various renal diseases. Intern Med ; Is serum cystatin C the marker of choice to predict glomerular filtration rate in paediatric patients?

Ann Clin Biochem ; 40 Pt 1: Comparison of cystatin C, creatinine and creatinine clearance vs.

GFR for detection of renal failure in renal transplant patients. Ren Fail ; An improved estimator of glomerular filtration rate?

Cystatin C serum concentrations underestimate glomerular filtration rate in renal transplant recipients. Promoter-mediated, dexamethasone-induced increase in cystatin C production by HeLa cells. Scand J Clin Lab Invest ; Effects of glucocorticoid immunosupression on serum cystatin C concentrations in renal transplant patients.

Risch L, Huber AR. Glucocorticoids and increased serum cystatin C concentrations. Course of glomerular filtration rate markers in patients receiving high-dose glucocorticoids following subarachnoidal hemorrhage. Early effects of methylprednisolone infusion on serum cystatin C in patients with severe Graves’ophthalmopathy. Serum cystatin C, a potent inhibitor of cysteine proteinases, is elevated in asthmatic patients.


Is cystatin C a marker of glomerular filtration rate in thyroid dysfunction? Thyroid function differently affects serum cystatin C and creatinine concentrations.

J Endocrinol Invest ; Changes in dietary protein intake has no effect on serum cystatin C levels independent of the glomerular filtration rate.

Effect of malnutrition on serum creatinine and cystatin C levels. Influence of muscle mass and physical activity on serum and urinary creatinine and serum cystatin C. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol ; 3: Differential estimation of CKD using creatinine- versus cystatin C-based estimating equations by category of body mass index.

A cystatin C-based formula without anthropometric variables estimates glomerular filtration rate better than creatinine clearance using the Cockcroft-Gault formula.

Simple cystatin C-based prediction equations for cistxtina filtration rate compared with the modification of diet in renal disease prediction equation for adults and the Schwartz and the Counahan-Barratt prediction equations for children. Estimating glomerular filtration rate in diabetes: Estimating GFR using serum cystatin C alone and in combination with serum cistaatina The combination of cystatin C and serum creatinine improves the monitoring of kidney function in patients with diabetes and chronic kidney citatina.

Improved GFR estimation by combined creatinine and cystatin C measurements. A comparison of GFR estimating formulae based upon s-cystatin C and s-creatinine and a combination of the two. S-cystatin C formulae or combination of scystatin C and s-creatinine formulae do not improve prediction of GFR.

Cystatin C identifies chronic kidney disease patients at higher risk for complications. J Am Soc Nephrol ; J Am Coll Cardiol ; Cystatin C is not a better estimator of GFR than plasma creatinine in the general population.

Concentración de cistatina C y TGF-β en pacientes con nefropatía diabética

Methods to evaluate renal function in elderly patients: Age Ageing ; Bagshaw SM, Bellomo R. Cystatin C custatina acute kidney injury. Curr Opin Crit Care. Epub ahead of print Aug All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal.