Nokia Car Kit CK User Manual details for FCC ID PYACK made by Microsoft Mobile Oy. Document Includes User Manual This transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna. CK 3 Volt FM transmitter. “The most powerful circuit we’ve seen that operates on such low voltage (just two AA cells). A range of 1/2 mile can be expected. CK – 3V FM TRANSMITTER. Published/7/9 Author:muriel | Keyword: CK, 3V, FM, TRANSMITTER | From:SeekIC.

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Audio picked up and amplified by the electret microphone is fed into the audio amplifier stage built around the first transistor.


Output from the collector is fed into the base of the second transistor where it modulates the resonant frequency of the tank circuit the 5 turn coil and the trimcap by varying the junction capacitance of the transistor. Junction capacitance is a function of the potential difference applied to the base of the transistor. The tank circuit is connected in a Colpitts oscillator circuit.


Let us look at the individual blocks of the circuit more closely: It is made by heating a ceramic material, placing it in a magnetic field then allowing it to cool while still in the magnetic field. It is the electrostatic equivalent of a permanent magnet. In the electret microphone a slice of this material is used as part of the dielectric of a capacitor in which the diaphram of the microphone forms one plate. Sound pressure moves one of its plates.

The movement of the plate changes the capacitance. The electret capacitor is connected to an FET amplifier. These microphones are small, have excellent sensitivity, a wide frequency response and a very low cost.

Visit page Leave Comment characters left: It is surprisingly powerful despite its small component count and 3V operating voltage.

It will easily penetrate over three floors of an apartment building and go over meters in the open air. The circuit we use is based on a proven Australian design.


It may be tuned anywhere in the FM band. Or it may be tuned outside the commercial M band for greater privacy. Of course this means you must modify your FM radio to be able to receive the transmission or have a broad-band FM receiver.

ck fm transmitter pdf

However, some countries may ban ALL wireless transmissions without a licence. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check the legal requirements for the operation of this kit and to obey them. The kit is constructed on a single-sided printed circuit board PCB.

Protel Autotrax was used to design the board. New Circuits Ultrasonic distance finder circuit.

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