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Preview — Hold by Zannie Adams. Claire Kent Goodreads Author.

Claiming Kate

Convicted by the Coalition of a minor crime, Riana is sentenced to life on a prison planet-no order, no safety, just a primitive hold filled with criminals vying for dominance. The only way Riana can survive is to give herself to the strongest man there in return for protection. By desperate instinct, she chooses a mysterious, handsome loner named Cain. She offers him her Convicted by the Coalition of a minor crime, Riana is sentenced to life on a prison planet-no order, no safety, just a primitive hold filled with criminals vying for dominance.

She offers him her body and can only hope he’ll be able to protect her from the other inmates who circle her like beasts. She never dreams she will come to take pleasure in Cain.

Claiming Kate Zannie Adams Epub To Mobi | liedreamgolf

Or want to offer him her heart as well as her body. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Holdplease sign up.

I read this book years ago and loved it. I heard that the author reworked the story. Do you think it’s worth it to purchase the book again? Is there a lot of difference between the version of ellora’s cave and the other version?? Lists with This Book.

Let’s not kid ourselves, this was a science fiction smutfest Not a ton of story. Man protects woman in prison in exchange for sex. There’s a ton of sex while things don’t happen. Then more things happen. Then there’s a ton of sex. Not awful, just not my fav. Thank goodness that I actually finished a book after two dnfs in a row.

Will I read another by this author? Unless it’s Hall’s story. I can do that much schtupping. View all 7 comments.

It was so real and unique. Very few can deliver that much depth with such short length like she does. The action at the end view spoiler [the escape hide spoiler ] added something to the story. Easy and quick read – I liked it. Definitely a half star needed.


View all 4 comments. I liked the book and it had interesting concept. Both characters were interesting enough, and the book was easy to read. Flaiming was protective, kind and did his best to provide everything the h needed.

Yes she had to have sex with him but she was into it anyway, and he never kaate her. I mean I claimkng feel like it was raping or felt uncomfortable while reading those scenes. I consider her strong, b 3. I consider her strong, because she did everything to survive. I have to say that I liked how author handled the whole sex in front of others. I didn’t feel like they were watched by anyone and it didn’t bother me at all.

I found Hall intriguing and would really like to read his book if he has one. Blurb covers the plot, so I won’t talk about it much. The reason it got only 3. I just didn’t feel it, although there were zajnie of sex scenes. I think I couldn’t connect with their connection. They weren’t hot together.

I think I claming more time for that, but the book wasn’t that long. This was probably more me, not the book case. I’ve never read anything by this author before, but she clearly has a way to write interesting story with likable characters. Epilogue was really good though and I thought they were adorable.

I just wanted view spoiler [ babies. I know it sounds stupid but I love some HEA with bunch of babies. Especially I was surprised she didn’t get pregnant there with all unprotected sex they had: D hide spoiler ] Safety gang: Both of them had casual hook ups before and there was not much talk about their past.

Claiming Kate (Naughty Nuptials) – Zannie Adams • BookLikes (ISBN:BCMJCM)

He wasn’t a man-whore. View all 68 comments. Science fiction romance novels never work for me, but I picked up Hold since it was free and I enjoyed another book by Claire Kent aka.

When put in a hard situation, she does what she needs to survive. You gotta appreciate that. Like a script for a porno. Katw it worked for me and I liked the characters and cheered for them and their relations Science fiction romance novels never work for me, but I picked up Hold since it was free and I enjoyed another book by Claire Kent aka.

Somehow it worked for me and I adans the characters and cheered for them and their relationship. Who does not like free things? They don’t have much to do, so they have sex. Again, like in EscortedClaire Kent took a plot that had me rolling my eyes and made me like it.

She really has a gift. Hold was fun for an erotic sf. May 04, Noelle rated it liked it Shelves: I know this is an erotic romance but there was just way too much sex and not enough story,imo. I never thought I would ever say that though.


They are in another galaxy. Riana h is an archaeologist and while on a dig, she trespasses on the wrong land and is arrested and thrown into the Hold. The Hold is the prison system where the prisoners are This is the first book by Zannie Adams that I’ve read and I’m not sure if I would read anymore. The Hold is the prison system where the prisoners are thrown together in one big place, no separation for the sexes and no rules once they are dumped in there. An officer gave her one bit of advice before sending her into the Hold.

It’s the only way you’ll survive. Cain H has been in the Hold for over a year now and he’s done pretty well for him self. He’s not the Alpha in the Hold but nobody messes with him. He’s also managed to get the only cell with a working cell door which he has the only key to and it also has a primitive toilet.

When he sees the transport coming to drop off another prisoner he doesn’t think much about it until he sees the woman it’s dropping off.

Still he stays in his cell and watches as the other males come to claim her as theirs, and to fight to see who the winner will be. Then the woman does something he never expected, she turns everyone down and gives him a look that says she chooses him. I think that this story would have been so much better had the author given us more of a look at what life inside the Hold was like, instead it was just basicly these two getting it on with each other ALL THE TIME, and even that could have been better if she switched up what they were doing a bit more.

This was an ok read. Not exemplary, the sci-fi world building was a bit shallow and the prison backdrop could have used more conflict and suspense.

But the two main characters, Riana and Cain were like able and sexy together. May 3 Stars – I liked it Audiobook This is a short and fluffy erotic sci-fi romance. Only the mention of space transporters and the type of prison facility used in this story make this story qualify as sci-fi, really it’s an erotic romance. It’s a quick and mindless but enjoyable read.