How Print2Flash Compares with FlashPaper? The table below compares Flash document features of Print2Flash and FlashPaper. Convert FlashPaper document to PDF on a linux host – AlephAyin/flashpaper2pdf . Macromedia’s most interesting product releases FlashPaper comes to compare with PDF, Here comes a explanation between PDF and.

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There are no active developers. This means waiting times in ti issue tracker are very long and mostly depend on community. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How Print2Flash Compares with FlashPaper?

As long as issue is in this state, the work on the issue has not yet begun. Opened state means developer started working on the issue. This means developer is not working on it now, for some reason it cannot be implemented now. Issue may be fllashpaper again in the future. Issue is in upgraded state when developer made changes to the program and new version clashpaper released.

This means the user is satisfied with issue results and no more changes are needed. These issues cannot be solved.

Convert Flash, Flash Paper 2 PDF | Adobe Community

Developer decided to take no action on this issue. Program changes were made but user is not satisfied and returned the issue.


Here is part of your last email: I’ve increased the memory allocated to the process but for large document ex pages it stop with OOME also.

Flashpaprr, only the test with a Zoom factor 5 is working for small documents 52 pages. But it’s again a nightly build, so an alpha version and it will surely be optimized. The problem with memory is because I convert all pages to images first and then write it to PDF. Maybe I could write them continually I still have an anypathy for it because what they did to the license.

I like the gnujpdf library, because it uses Graphics2d to generate PDF, which is very intuitive for me. And for ODT format I guess there exist some Java libraries for it. Does ODT support font embedding?

Please try latest nightly build. It should be better for large documents.

PDF vs. Flash Paper .Why should you converting into Flash or SWF format

fashpaper Storing all images in memory will clearly result in a OOME I agree with you, it’s best to write them continually. Again I agree with you about iText. But the link I give you is a fork, so, no more link to the developper of iText. Oups, not seen your message from yesterday. I will try it now. And since specification 1. Very sorry but the same problem occur. It’s a lot work to do, I will take a look later.


And currently, I am leaving for 14 day vacation, so you have to wait, sorry. If it’s ok for you, I can implement it. But just to avoid convet all the code, in which class did you create an image from the swf elements?

My work will be to create a ODF or RTF document containing all the elements of a page and not only a picture of the page. This way the document remain searchable and indexable.

PDF vs. Flash Paper .Why should you converting into Flash or SWF format

Is it ok for you? You didn’t answer to my question, I suppose you’re overbooked.

I really need this fonctionnality export to searchable pdf or LibreOffice format.