“The Coral Fang,” is Luke Jermay’s third collection of material to be published. This manuscript does not concentrate as heavily on the use of suggestion in. The Coral Fang. Written by Luke Jermay. Work of Luke Jermay. 40 pages ( Stapled), published by unknown publisher. Language: English. (12 entries). magic tricks forum – The Effect Very long – please follow the link to read Alakazam’s product description. Cost £ from Difficulty (1=easy to.

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It could be described as a twist on Banachek’s PK Touches, but done in a way that leaves evidence behind of the psychic phenomenon. Touching on Hoy Simply ingenious. An essay that features a model of scripting to allow the performer to involve all types of audiences in his performances.

The Coral Fang is Luke Jermay’s third collection of material to be published. Can be performed “real time” with no pre-show, no secret helpers, and no where for the spectators mind to hide! I coarl changed the wording from, “I’d like the person who felt me touch them to think of It also means the mentalist has the potential to work within both market places.

The technique is ingenious and the response incredible. I love how jeramy effect perfectly emulates what a real mind reader would do in the same situation. Read our privacy policy. I haven’t actually used any of this material because of the set-up that goes in.

It is simple, visual and incredibly memorable. However, Luke also offers several variations and “outs” if the effect doesn’t go exactly as planned which, in my opinion, only enhance the effect. The problem for me lume that just about everything in the book is predicated on dual reality or pre-show work.


Similarly, the rest of the material in this book is well worth a read if you wish to add to your psychic act. This is a personal favourite of mine. Books by Luke Jermay. A stunning twist on the modern day classic. Tang are injuring yourself by not getting this.

In conclusion, buy instead of this book. Do you want to respond to this review? I must say that everything Luke puts out is gold.

fan Luke is quite possibly the best instructer ever Report this review Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on September 7th, We’re proud to let you read our mail. There’s nothing inherently bad about that, but my own personal bias is that I prefer effects than are more direct and designed such that they don’t require these sorts of crutches.

Not really a trick, just some good ways to get more information from the spectator without them noticing. No pre show work, no props, no stooges, no kidding! The very few times that I have performed this, so far, have appeared exactly as described. I presume that audiences, back when Dunninger was performing, weren’t used to seeing such psychic abilities demonstrated and so did not consider them simple tricks, allowing Dunninger to perform as he did.

The Coral Fang (Luke Jermay)

You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. An awesome essay on corql Luke makes sure that his show satisfies both the believers and non-believers of of the sixth sense. Having Luke’s name on a product is like having the kosher sign on a bottle of pickles, its good. From Magicpedia, the free online encyclopedia for magicians by magicians. At age 15, he wrote his first published book 7 Deceptions Wonder Wizards, which reached international popularity within the magic community.


The Coral Fang

Luke’s thinking is very clever and I think that all of the effects in the book are brilliant. Please consult the history of the original page to see a list of its authors. As I mentioned in another post ‘popular’ science is pet hate of mine. I don’t really wish to develop this much at the moment, as I’m still playing with the method and presentation, but can see this becoming a major part of future performances.

Jermay has authored a total of 34 books on the subject of mentalism and mind illusions.

This book has some genius effects that are quite reliable to perform, much more than his suggestion work. This is a great read though. Suit Cut to Orde. It’s a little risky, but pure “mind candy” if done right. The book features the following effects: This may be a small manuscript, but it is jam-packed jermah GREAT mentalism that really hits anybody right between the eyes, even the skeptics.

Coral Fang by Luke Jermay | theory11 forums

I believe that this was also featured in Building Blocks. The performer reads the mind of a spectator who is visibly seen to react the moment the thought leaves jernay mind. An excellent book, very highly recommended. Blowing Bubbles This isn’t necessarily a stand-alone effect, but more a very effective presentational device.

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