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I appear to have been hit by a combination of having to work more and struggling to write when I do have free time. Thank you, and I will be with you through to the end!

GiantessFan-Darlsborough University

You buy her accident excuse. Just seems there is no consequences for what happens to the littles and our hero catches only ever the barest of breaks. I actually have about half of the next chapter written. Or something I forgot to mention as the best example. Stories and Erotica based on Giant Women.

They’ll be back, there’s a rough plan. X3 Anyways, I am not in the mood to go into a long critique, but, the story is well written, there is a great amount of detail, and it is easy to read.

Soon the narrative will return to the core characters and there’ll be some time with Bridgette and Sammy which will restore a degree of normality and may right the feelings on injustice. Darlsborough University 3 comics released! I mean Pris was and always be a bitch, but what was Therese like prior? I also have a clear idea of how I want to bring this story to a conclusion while leaving the story world open to further development.


I have a route I’d like to take with the first big story in mind though. What would be going through your mind? After the hospital trip that same roommate displays concern by kissing you passionately on a campus where lesbianism runs rampant because of lack of men. I’d like to see the hero catch a break looked like that would happen with Willow, but that’s cut shortand I’d like to see the students run into a few problems.

I enjoyed personal taste the somewhat indifference along with less threatening mischief. Again though, a lot of people enjoy that so please don’t put too much import into my words. So, what I ask is, do you think that their being only female giants will be explained or addressed somehow?

Porn Comic: Jordan Macrophile – Darlsborough University 4

Just seems like a lot of running from crisis to crisis to crisis. Though, like another poster, I will bring up that it seems odd that, in a case like this story, there are no giant men as well. I’m going to sit down now and see how easily the story comes to me.

I do like the occasional crumb of detail about the Darlsborough students in the normal world, like the tower dancing mentioned in this chapter, to keep me reminded of the GW aspects of this universe.


To me it’s just the soap opera format isn’t my cup of tea. If you’re stuck for further plot-development, how about a football game between Darlsborough and their arch-rival Second, if she lusting over you, the one person who’s in the way is Saying that would love more short stories set in this universe, like the one above set there during sports finals week.

If nothing else, you managed to make me read through the entire thing in one go, since I damn near needed to know what was going to happen. That and I’m always rooting for the underdog is stories.

Darlsborough University 2

I figure there’s an endgame. Red NeptuneNovice ModeratorsModerators. I think Cary is perhaps right that there is a great short story potential here. Basically each was of them is doing anything they want with not a single hiccup. Return to Giantess Stories. Personally I’d love to see interaction with Jordan provide some of them a new perspective and realization of what they become depending on their original personalities.

As evidenced by univerwity number of soaps out there, many do. Imagine you’re Brit here.