Struktura e. Lekures! Epiderma Derma Epiderma eshte e perbere nga pese shtresa: Vetem nje moment.. Ketu ka diçka. Lekura eshte e perbere. The epidermis is the outermost of the three layers that make up the skin, the inner layers being . Lookingbill and Marks’ Principles of Dermatology (4th ed.). The dermis or corium is a layer of skin between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissues, that e. Apparent termination of one of these fibers. B. Tactile papilla seen from above so as to show its transverse section. a. Cortical layer. b.

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Do laser hair removal treatments increase the risk of cancer? How can we be so sure? First of all, by experience. Countless thousands peiderme people have already undergone treatments without increasing their risk of cancer.

And serious medical research conducted in the most prestigious American hospitals has confirmed that there is indeed no link to cancer.

Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal? The vast majority of people are good candidates for laser hair removal. A depilatory laser can treat all body areas except the eyelids and is suitable for people of all races.

Exceptional cases mainly include people with blond, red or white hair or highly sensitive skin, those suffering from rare skin diseases, or users of certain epidsrme types of medication.


Is an epiderma laser treatment painful? The diode lasers used by epiderma epidetme much less pain than electrolysis. Any dera is felt only for a split second while the laser beam is being activated. Perhaps you’ll be surprised to learn that so-called gentle laser treatments are far more painful than epiderma’s. Are some laser systems more effective than others? The answer is a clear “yes”: Epiderma’s lasers are head and shoulders above the rest.

But owning powerful equipment does not mean much if the user is not educated, trained and experienced enough to use it properly. Epiderma’s employees are highly supported, trained, experienced, skilled and backed up so that demra fully benefit from your laser hair removal treatment.

Last but not least, epiderma has designed and improved its unique method of providing hair removal treatments.

The trademark Epiderma technique guarantees the very best results! Why are you so convinced that Epiderma is tops in the field?

derma e Skin Care | eBay

For all of the following reasons: Our Medical Director is always on the look-out for any new developments in the area and maintains contacts with the world’s most able laser dderma specialists. Epiderma can draw upon a rich vein of experience derived from having provided countless millions of treatments. Our expertise is second to. We have the very best trained technicians so you’ll receive the quality treatments you are entitled to high.

We use only state-of-the art laser systems and cutting-edge techniques. Are there side effects?

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Side effects are very rare. On occasion a client will experience a type of sunburn, ranging from mild to severe, or a modification of his or her skin pigmentation.


Fortunately, side effects are usually transitory epdierme generally disappear without leaving any visible trace. If you want to know more, please go to “Side effects”.

How effective are diode laser hair removal treatments? Today, diode laser hair removal treatments are the fastest, safest and most effective way to achieve permanent hair removal.

After 4 to 6 sessions, i.

You can count on it! Who should I contact with observations, suggestions or requests? In the first instance, you should epidrrme the manager at your beauty clinic.

Copy of The Structure of the Skin by gena spahiu on Prezi

You can also write to: We have been delivering expert advice and quality care for 15 years. Our approach is simple: At Epiderma, we love helping you look your best and your satisfaction is our top priority. As every individual patient reacts edrma to treatments, the information within this site and the Epiderma client photos are strictly for reference purposes only and in no way constitute a promise of results.

Make an appointment now and get all the information you need from our expert technicians and physicians.