The Deryni Adventure Game has been nominated for an Origins Award in the ” Roleplaying Game of the Year” category. This marks Grey Ghost’s sixth. Background. The Deryni Adventure Game is a roleplaying game based off of the Deryni fantasy novels written by Katherine Kurtz. It’s based on. The Deryni Adventure Game. If you’re already familiar with the world of Katherine Kurtz’s Deryni novels, then let’s just say that even if you don’t.

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Welcome to the Eleven Kingdoms, known from days of old. It is a time of chivalry, treachery, sorcery, and power!

The novels weave a rich tapestry of romantic chivalry, medieval kings, a powerful Church, and the Deryni, a persecuted race of humans with the gift of magic. Now you can share in the magic! Create characters — human or Deryni!


Uncover intrigue in the courts of kings, defend the Deryni from persecution, explore the world, and experience all manner of medieval majesty! The Eleven Kingdoms, agme poster map of the Deryni world, beautifully illustrates the geography of the Kingdoms of Gwynedd and surrounding countries.

This large poster 24″ x 36″ comes rolled in a tube no crease marks! Major cities, towns, religious establishments, and places of intereste are all marked, as are rivers and mountains and other geographical features.

The Deryni Adventure Game (DAG)

Poster Map of the Deryni World24″ x 36″ Price: Deryni Dice are Fudge dice – four black and four white – packaged in a reusable pop-top storage cube. In the world of the Deryni based on the fantasy novels by Katherine KurtzDeryni mages use “ward cubes” to aid in performing magic. Ward cubes adventurr small cubes of contrasting colors four each of black and white that aid in focusing Deryni powers.


During times dergni persecution, Deryni mages disguise their ward cubes as dice to escape detection. GMs Packs are Fudge dice 4 each of 5 colors: Players Packs are Fudge dice 4 dice of one color, 5 colors available in a dice tube.

Grey Ghost games, including books and dice.

Deryni Adventure Game

Additional Fudge products from other Fudge publishers, and Grey Ghost products in. Lawmen V Outlaws 2. The Grey Ghost Store is now online! EZFudge – Essentials Edition.