Lee “The Numerati” por Stephen Baker con Rakuten Kobo. Books; ISBN: ; Idioma: Inglés; Opciones de descarga: EPUB 3 (Adobe DRM). Learn how the crisis over digital privacy and manipulation evolved in this “utterly fascinating” look at the growth of data mining and analysis (Seattle. Los Numerati/ The Numerati: Stephen Baker: : Libros. Compra tu Kindle aquí o descarga una aplicación de lectura Kindle GRATUITA.

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Every day we produce loads of data about ourselves simply by living in the modern world: Who is looking at desczrgar data and what are they doing with it? Journalist Stephen Baker explores these questions and provides us with a fascinating guide to the world we’re entering?

Ddescargar Numerati have infiltrated every realm of human affairs, profiling us as workers, shoppers, voters, njmerati terrorists? The implications are vast. Our bosses can monitor our every move. Retailers can better tempt us to make impulse buys. But the Numerati can also work on our behalf, diagnosing an illness before we’re aware of the symptoms, or even helping us find our soul mate.

Entertaining and enlightening, The Numerati shows how a powerful new endeavor? Kos todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle. Detalles del producto Tapa blanda: Reprint 1 de septiembre de Idioma: I am a Data Miner and a Data Mining software trainer.

I really enjoyed this book. My audience is not made of full time data miners usuallybut rather data analysts who are new to data mining. They are not experts who develop their own technologies, but rather are purchasers of software who use the software to Mine data with the most established of the techniques.

They report to managers, and have co-workers, that are also new to data mining, curious about what it is, anxious to clarify its definition, wondering about possible application areas, working to effect the bottom line. I disagree with those reviewers that suggest that Baker does not understand the methods. He tries very hard at explaining them to a general audience. I have tried to do the same, and he does an admirable job. I would be less than candid, if I didn’t admit that I winced once or twice.

But it is tough to strike the right balance. I think he has does a brilliant job at choosing a structure of his book. His chapters are not structured to be on the different methods.


It is simply not true. The “Voters” chapter is dedicated almost lls its entirely to cluster analysis and market segmentation. I have taught this topic to thousands of software users, and I think it is a great chapter.

He avoids technical jargon including the names of the methods because he audience is not me.

His audience is everyone who does not do data mining, but is potentially effected by it, curious about it. So, if you want a chapter on how Support Vector Machines work, one can barely numeratj a less appropriate choice.

The Numerati: : Stephen Baker: Libros en idiomas extranjeros

I give LaRose’s trilogy mixed reviews, but you can consider them. Discovering Knowledge in Data: Instead, and wisely, he structures his book as a handful of chapters on application areas.

Each chapter involves interviews with experts, the Numerati of the title. There is usually one primary lead character in each chapter. A little perhaps, perhaps more than I would have liked. I like my Data Mining books technical, succinct, algorithm based, and cooly academic in style. But does a general audience want that?

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I like my astronomy books to be gentle numsrati me. I like my physics books to be gentle on me. Why wouldn’t a non-data miner want a gentle introduction? As one critic noted, he does “insert himself into the narrative”. He chats about the room in which he is interviewing. He mentioned Starbucks, and the physical description of his subjects.

Some would leave that to Dickens and leave it out of this book. I might have cut back on that a bit, but incompetent? Not by a long shot.

This is a great non-technical introduction to nmerati important societal trend. I actually nukerati a fair amount. I have also ranked this book higher than “Supercrunchers”. Baker’s book, in contrast, nails it. I recognized my future in his book. Read it, and you will understand what Data Mining is attempting to do, and the challenges it faces.

Whether you are a shopper, a voter or a blogger, you will find a chapter in The Numerati that descarrgar be of interest to you. Stephen Baker has done an excellent job in explaining what companies can do with their data.

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For getting knowledge from these data, companies use mathematicians and computer scientists what Baker calls the numerati. Baker takes us in a journey divided in seven parts chapters.

Each of this parts explain the possible application of data mining in a specific area. The journey is passionate and thus very interesting to read. The main point of his book unmerati the ability of companies to build our behavior by mining personal data in various domains.


As he explains, this would be impractical manually: One approach would be to deploy battalions of psychology [ The descargwr gives answers with practical examples.

By the way, Baker makes a very good vulgarization of decision trees on page The author also makes a good point about data mining by stating that the aim is not to be perfect, but to do better: They triumph if they come up with better, quicker or eescargar answers than the status quo.

Maybe Baker goes a bit too far on what data mining can do spy you cescargar this may frighten people: It was such an interesting book I had to read it more than once. I use it as a reference and also have given it as a gift to several of my clients. Baker and read his blog [ I was originally attracted to the book after reading an Article on How consultants where being gauged for performance and overall business value by creating software that would include many factors of each individual consultant and giving them a specific ranking or value.

Being a consultant myself and having worked for Big Four Loe Firm in its Planning Management Office assisting in the placement of resources on multiples projects this was a subject very appealing to me.

Los numerati stephen baker pdf espanol |

I was captivated by all the new emerging technologies that are being created to improve our lifestyle and to enhance existing technologies. I think it is a great gift for any client who wants to stay up to date on what technologies are appearing regardless of industry.

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