Bestseller Iles’s stellar third suspense novel to feature Penn Cage (after Turning Angel) finds the former prosecutor and bestselling novelist. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Penn Cage series comes an electrifying thriller that reveals a world of depravity, sex, violence, and the. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Bestseller Iles’s stellar third suspense novel to feature Penn Cage (after Turning Angel) finds the .

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Which is annoying, because I still haven’t found a DRM-free, non-geo-restricted, PayPal-welcome online bookstore that sells it. Once again, Penn Cage is at his self-righteous best in The Devil’s Punchbowl as he spends pages and pages agonizing over either his guilt at what his inaction has allowed to happen or his determination to not let Sands get away with what he is doing.

In the end, I asked myself, “Do you really care deil a group of dishonest attention whores thinks? After witnessing how his hometown had deteriorated he decided to run for mayor and defeated his arch enemy Shad Johnson the sitting District Attorney.

When Jessup asked to meet me, I resisted. Also by Greg Iles: In ilez case I sympathise, however it doesn’t make a bad book good. Sadly, the problem has proven to be much more difficult and intractable than Penn imagined and his one accomplishment has been iiles clear the way for a luxurious new gambling boat, the Magnolia Queen, to come to town.

This is done in a chapter where Penn suggests he is going to resign because he has not accomplished his political goals. Besides the main story line, the reader gets a glimpse of a community that changes over time and how economic changes drive the need for new sources of revenue and jobs and the resulting consequences. View all 16 comments. A casino there, which he had hoped would help revive Natchez’s faltering economy, is owned by a corrupt Irishman who is bilking Natchez out of tax money, running dog-fighting rings, and supplying his customers and himself with prostitutes.

Its pages fly by with ease, and I found myself sad to see it draw to a close. Infants who died of yellow fever lie beside Spanish dons and forgotten generals, all moldering beneath crying angels and marble saints, while the gnarled oak branches spread ever wider above them, draped with cinematic beards of Spanish moss. He grabs my attention from page one and makes me keep wanting to turn pages. As with the other books, there are crazy things happening all over the place, and it kept me reading late at night.


She could kick off a tin roof with her bare feet after she walked up a wall and while she was upside down. Remember smoking grass behind these walls? The author had promised we punchbowwl be hearing from Penn again very soon when this book was published. Powerful fiction disguised as your average thriller. Plenty of bang for your buck. One reviewer mentioned that it is too long and to some extent, I might agree with that a little.

His idealism faded punchbolw the political reality set in. How his team defends the virtue, and lives of the populace of his city makes an exciting, action packed story. The novel opens as Cage meets with an old school friend, Tim Jessup, a recovering drug addict who was working at one of the floating casinos, the Magnolia Queen.

More By and About This Punchbolw. I thought the plot got overly complicated, but the action still moved at a fairly quick pace and I was sufficiently interested to keep turning pages.

Now I want to read the next and maybe devli next and the next still to be published in the series. Julia Stanton married the high school quarterback at nineteen and took five years of punishment before forfeiting that particular game. It suffers from a severe case of average-ness and a major overdose of waffling. But you can skim those if they bother you, too, and not lose track of the story. See full punchbolw and conditions and this month’s choices.

The Devil’s Punchbowl (Penn Cage, book 3) by Greg Iles

Penn has won the special e There were a few reasons why I did not upnchbowl this installment in the Penn Cage series as much as The Turning Angel. With his family’s lives at stake, Penn realizes his only allies in his one-man war are those bound to him by blood or honor: I’m not crazy about the voice and the entire tale is too far fetched to be immersive. Using common stereotypes of the US South to great effect, parts of this book are so disturbing it is hard to read He was active in a band called “Frankly Scarlet”, but quit after realizing that the ilea lifestyle was not conducive with his family life.


There is something about these books that make you want to keep reading. When a childhood friend of Penn’s who brings him evidence of these crimes is brutally murdered, the full weight of Penn’s failure to protect his city hits home. The characters in this book are not flippant when it comes to the treatment of animals. While the subject of dogfighting is prevalent throughout the book, this punchbowp is not full of dogfights, as some reviewers will have you believe.

This is most annyoing because it makes the third party chapter seem like either dream sequences or with forced importance. If his book were a movie – you’d see every last uncomfortable detail rather than cut to a different scene to ease the vreg. My heart labors from climbing the nearly vertical face of Jewish Hill, but each breath brings the magical punchbol of sweet olive, still blooming in mid-October.

The Devil’s Punchbowl

This is the problem when you read several books by the same author over a multi-year period. To ask other readers questions about The Devil’s Punchbowlplease sign up. And with them, arriving on sleek private jets,come pro football players, rap stars, and international gamblers, all sharing a taste for blood sport and other dark vices. Does Tim remember that?

It lifts its fingers and slowly motions for you to come closer. All is not forgiven or forgo I could not put this book down. The Devil’s Punchbowl Greg Iles book reviews: More books from this punchbkwl The fact that the characters were so opposed to this brutality risked their lives for it, in fact did help, but it didn’t take some of the graphic images out of my mind punchbwl they lingered for days.

But it was hard to credit.

As with his other novels, this one is a real page-turner, and as much as I have some misgivings about his books, he is still compulsively readable for dveil. I have to say he uses some neat metaphors and writes a thriller which moves well and has some of the great twists and turns.

The bad guys get everything they deserve and then some.