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Presencia de Aedes albopictus en LeticiaAmazonas, Colombia. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available La especie Aedes albopictus es un eficiente vector del dengue en Asia y, posiblemente, de otros arbovirus incluyendo la fiebre amarilla y la encefalitis. En la ciudad de Tabatinga, Brasil, muy cerceide la frontera con Colombia, se ha informado la presencia de esta especie en y, posteriormente, en octubre de La presencia en Colombia de A.

Global tourism chains and local development in the Amazon: Implications for community wellbeing. The research work base of this publication has been made in Leticiaborder area with Brazil and Peru. MEDINA hijab is a hijab in instantpashmina model with a small hole near the ears but it cannot be seen from outside and the function is to makeusing stetoskop easier. The purpose of making our product is to make MEDINA as medical personnel’s hijabwhich has funct ion to easily use stethoscope and still look syar’i.

It is convenient with mexina motto: There are three stages in running Full Text Heneral Based on Peruvian, Colombian and British archives, this paper reconstructs the beginnings of the Leticia Conflict between Peru and Colombia at the local and regional levels.

Facts are presented in three chronological series that overlap partially: The article didacticca how events unfolded and it implicitly compares the triangular relations between local society, central government and the armed forces at the boundaries between both countries.

Full Text Available In an age of globalization and standardization, cities around the world are losing their historical and cultural identity. Traditional cities of the Muslim world, in particular, are witnessing an increased transformation in their urban fabric, which is extremely different from their original one, and not necessarily better.

This paper explores the historical precedents of three traditional medinas in North Africa, which are Tripoli, Tunis and Fez, from a comparative perspective. The aim of this study is to analyse key contextual characteristics of these cities in an attempt to derive key principles that are capable of improving the contemporary built environment and safeguarding the cultural identity of eivilla medinas.

Perspectivas didácticas para el siglo de la educación – Antonio Medina Rivilla – Google Books

The paper concludes with a number of lessons learned from the visual form, urban geneeal and land-use of traditional medinasand sets out challenges that face decision makers and designers in manifesting the essence of traditional medinas in contemporary urban form. Furthermore, we intend to present additional information relating to the salient legislative work undertaken by this Castilian monarch. The Medina Embolic Device: Methods We performed a retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data to identify all patients treated with the MED.

A total of 14 aneurysms non-consecutivein 13 patients, were treated including one ruptured and one partially thrombosed aneurysm. We evaluated the angiographic appearances, the clinical status, complications, and the need for adjunctive devices or repeat treatments. dudactica

The average aneurysm fundus size was 8. Overall, four patients had repeat treatment and one is pending further treatment. Overall, three patients had temporary complications and there were no deaths. Conclusions The MED is an intra-saccular flow-diverting device with satisfactory angiographic results and an acceptable safety profile. Use of a single MED cannot be recommended and further longer term studies are needed prior to widespread clinical use.


Study of mechanical properties of Palosangre wood Brosimum rubescens Taub. The technical recommendations of the Pan-American Committee of Technical Norms COPANT were applied for carrying out technological tests of tangential static flexion, parallel compression, tangential parallel shear, radial parallel shear, tangential impact, and radial impact in the wood of Brosimum rubescens Taub.

Moraceae coming from Leticiastate of Amazonas, Colombia.

The statistical analysis was made based on the arithmetic mean, the standard deviation and the variation coefficient to obtain representativeness. The mechanical properties of the wood were also classified, and its possible uses determined.

The wood of B. The Medin Unitary Effort and Proportional Limit Effort obtained for the parallel compression were assigned to the High and Medium ranges, respectively, while the tangential shear matched the High range. The less favorable response was found for the radial shear effort and the impact in the tangential and radial planes that corresponded to the Medium range. It was found that the most appropriate uses of the wood were: Full Text Available Background: According to the recent studies, violence in health care is growing and it excessively affects the retention and recruitment of nurses.

It also affects burnout levels and sick leave.

Didáctica general

To determine the physical and verbal abuse violence prevalence against nurses in Al- Medina hospitals. This a descriptive cross sectional study which was conducted in three community hospitals in Saudi Arabia in using a random sample of nurses.

Verbal abuse prevalence was Gender was correlated significantly with verbal abuse violence. Our study manifested that the prevalence of physical violence and verbal abuse among nurses kedina Al- Medina hospitals was high. In an age of globalization and standardization, cities around the world are losing their historical and cultural identity. Diddactica aim of th Report of mortmorilloniticas clay in the Medina swamp Cerro Largo district. This report describes the prospect ion work for the montmorillonitics clay in the region of Medina swamp in Meina Largo district.

The existence of new deposits was detected by cartography and geological study.

Continente Americano by pablo gonzalez on Prezi

Numerous workmen’s marks known from ostraca found at the village of Deir el- Medina as well as in the Valley of the Kings are also attested on objects from the tombs around the Deir el- Medina settlement. This paper presents some preliminary results of the research project ‘Symbolizing Identity: Four separate fuel columns with different void volume redistribution were integrated in one rod.

The irradiation device should allow for the measurements of the rod diameter along all fuel columns after each power cycle. The experiment had to be terminated prematurely due to mishandling of the capsule. The in-pile diameter measurements were of no use. Even though the primary goal was not attained, the experiment furnished some interesting insights into the fuel behaviour during cyclic operation.

Mechanical interactions between fuel and cladding took place in all four fuel columns. The largest value was measured in the rod section where the original gap was the largest. Apparently, in cyclic operation a large gap does not ease the FCMI situtation.

Fuel and fission product movements seem to be enhanced by cyclic operation. Large quantities of solid fission products in the antonii channel and large reaction zones in the gap between fuel and cladding were observed for these short fuel stacks.

Both ends of the annular pellet column were closed by fuel condensation. Pore migration was activated throughout the experiment.

It was even capable of transporting cladding reaction products into the central hole. Periprocedural safety of aneurysm embolization with the Medina Coil System: Intracranial saccular aneurysms, if untreated, carry a high risk of morbidity and mortality from intracranial bleeding.

Embolization coils are the most common treatment. We describe the periprocedural safety and performance of the initial human experience with the next generation Medina Coil System. The Medina Coil System is a layered three-dimensional coil made from a radiopaque, shape set core wire, and shape memory alloy outer coil filaments. Nine aneurysms in five patients were selected for treatment with the Medina Coil System. No procedural or periprocedural complications were encountered.


Procedure times, number of coils used to treat the aneurysm, and use of adjunctive devices were much less than anticipated if conventional coil technology had been used. The Medina Coil System is a next generation coil that combines all of the familiar and expected procedural safety and technique concepts associated with conventional coils. We found improved circumferential aneurysm filling, which may lead to improved long term outcomes, with fewer devices and faster operating times.

For permission to use where not already granted under a licence please go to http: Full Text Available Unlike the other medinas in the Arab-Islamic world, the medina of Tripoli capital city of Libya, has never had many historic public baths. This is probably due to a more conservative tradition where most of the Libyan women use the hamm.

This paper presents an analysis of the three and only remaining hamm. Based on the results of a survey conducted by the authors in July as part of an AHRC funded research project on the historic hammams of North Africa the architectural characteristics of these historic structures are presented along with their increasing usage by a cosmopolitan population Tunisians, Moroccans and Sudanese living inside the medina.

This paper also outlines a number of guidelines for the sustainable use and adaptation of the hamm. Implicaciones en el bienestar de la comunidad. Las Cucharas y Leticia: The characteristics of young migrants in the Medina quarter of Dakar, Senegal, are analyzed using data from a survey carried out in of workers.

The author concludes that these migrants are mainly from rural areas and have high levels of professional mobility associated with their search for better-paying jobs.

Religious tolerance in the Edict of Milan and in the Constitution of Medina. Full Text Available In this paper, we will try to offer a blueprint for a more general discussion of the relation of how the question of religious tolerance appears in two documents that the Christian and Islamic traditions recognize and celebrate: These documents were revolutionary for their time. However, these documents alone, as well as religious teachings, on which they are based, cannot be the measure of relations in our time.

They are presented in the conceptual framework and value system that prevailed at the time when these teachings and documents were created. Many relations the documents refer to no longer exist. For example, while the Edict of Milan affirms the general right to religion, and the Constitution of Medina affirms the mutual tolerance for Abrahamic, monotheistic religions – people who now declare themselves as atheists or agnostics are not even mentioned.

Influence of a carp invasion on the zooplankton community in Laguna Medinaa Mediterranean shallow lake. The common carp Cyprinus carpio is a highly invasive species and an ecological engineer. It has been repeatedly shown to increase nutrient concentrations and phytoplankton biomass while destroying submerged macrophytes, although there are few studies from the Mediterranean region. We studied its impact on the zooplankton community in Laguna de Medina lake, a shallow lake in Jerez de la Frontera, south-west Spain.

Carp were removed with rotenone in but returned in