un caso de aplicación de la dieta cetogénica en la epilepsia refractaria | The case of Dieta cetogênica para epilepsia intratável em crianças e adolescentes: . La dieta cetogenica es una terapia no farmacologica que se ha usado como alternativa para el tratamiento de la epilepsia refractaria desde. Publisher: Efectividad de la dieta cetogenica en niños con epilepsia comparado una dieta cetogenica sola con otros tipos de dieta para el.

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Enviado por Adilson De Oliveira flag Denunciar. This study aims to report on use of the ketogenic diet in a group of six children and adolescents with intractable epilepsy. Authors reviewed the medical records of every patient under 15 years of age who received the ketogenic diet between April and July A comparison is made between treatment results, adverse events and beneficial effects with the pertinent medical literature.


The ketogenic diet was administered to six patients, whose median age was 7. Average duration of diet application was of 9. Complications included neutropenia, constipation, dehydration, priapism, and ;ara recurrence. The ketogenic diet was effective and safe in three out of six patients with intractable epilepsy. Neutropenia was the most common complication.

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Dieta cetogénica // International League Against Epilepsy

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Dieta cetogénica

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