filetype: you only want Microsoft Word documents, filetype:doc . Google’s and Clusty’s Basic Searches and Dogpile’s Advanced Search were. Google screen with search text as follows: filetype:ppt quote math curriculum Dogpile is one of the metasearch engines and can be accessed by going to. Accepts Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, and limiting by “filetype:” and Dogpile Searches Google, Yahoo, Bing, and.

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For an explanation go to Boolean Logic. Some search engines sell commercial spots on the results list so that the buyer’s page is near the top as if it was one of the best results according to a link analysis.

However, it is possible that you will want to review more than the top ten. There are hundreds of search engines designed to help you find information, whether you are looking for a topic of personal interest, or material for a scholarly research project.

Link analysis is comparable to the time-honored tradition of researchers rating the importance of a study or article by the number of times it is cited elsewhere.

Surfwax also has a news accumulator feature with over 50, news topics in 84 categories. If you are not certain which techniques the search engine uses or if your search statement does not work, reread the HELP file. Since it is not likely that users will find the desired topic within the first few clicks, the breadcrumb list provides a way to return to previous subcategories.

These are derivates of the above search engines; they use the engines indicated: Using fileyype limiting syntax in Dogpile may produce many useless results.

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LIS2004: Web Search Engines

If you do nothing else with the deep Web, learn how to use the three websites described below. When upper case rogpile used, the search engine will only retrieve the exact match. Some search engines are case sensitive, requiring that proper names and place names be capitalized. You’re looking for sites that have tomb raider in their Web page titles.

However, most if not all meta-search tools are no better filetypf an individual search engine as neither of them seemed to develop an effective blending technology and relevancy leaves much to be desired:.

For additional search features, read the HELP file of the search engine you are using.

However, keep in mind that not all search techniques will be available in advanced search. By Ann Smarty T Comparison of Major Search Engines.

DogPile Searce Engine by Jessica Pugh on Prezi

Stephan Schmid December 5, at 4: Many search engines use a simplified form of Boolean operator, replacing the operator with a symbol:. Newsgroups There dohpile a newsreader built into Outlook Express not on Outlook If it is not in one of these places, try selecting the search engine’s Advanced Search option.

The rules may be found by following the links in the table below and locating “Help” or “About” for each search engine.

Sites with a higher frequency of filetpe search term are determined to be more relevant.

Mo re about Google: Check that list along with the displayed categories. Most search engines use a computer program called a “spider” to collect information and index web resources. A website that contains a search term in the title or in the first few paragraphs of text will be dogpi,e to be more relevant than one in which the search term appears toward the end of the document. These are some of the major directories: Metasearch Engines Metasearch engines search several search engines simultaneously and combine the results.

  GMK 3055 PDF


Search Tools

To convert the search words to a phrase, enter “math curriculum” with quotations marks surrounding the terms. Books and other materials located in remote catalogs can often be borrowed from a local library via interlibrary loan. Let’s suppose that the question is, “How do I locate elementary math curriculum for a fifth grade class?

Sometimes called “webcrawlers” or “robots”, these computer programs crawl through websites on the Internet, gathering information from all the pages of a website. You could then, at any future time, search this group on a research topic with keywords. It does the big 3: Without an understanding of the topic, it is nearly impossible to select appropriate categories. Many search engines throw out small or insignificant search terms and single digits.

Dogpile is one of the metasearch engines and can be accessed by going to http: In addition this site has WikiWax which takes the online encyclopedia Wikipedia to the next level. Each search engine has its own set of rules using basic search techniques and advanced search techniques. All three had only one title in common in the top 10 results.

To get started, you can choose to use the highly-rated Pluck RSS reader. Using search engines effectively may seem intimidating since new search engines appear frequently and existing engines often change their search interface and format.

This process can be much faster than querying several search engines separately.