Many young women may not only want to read this story but need to read it as a way to discuss an often overlooked aspect of teenage dating life. —The Book. Sarah Dessen is the author of thirteen novels, which include the New York Times bestsellers The Moon and More, What Happened to Goodbye, Along for the. Editorial Reviews. Review. Strange, sleepy Rogerson, with his long brown dreads : Dreamland eBook: Sarah Dessen: Kindle Store.

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In this case, however, the older sister isn’t dead, merely gone, run away to who knows where. Caitlin has always used her sister as a bit of an excuse not to excel or be special, knowing she could not measure dessne, and, without Cass around, Caitlin doesn’t have any clue who to be.

In the absence of Cass, Caitlin’s overprotective mother switches her focus to the remaining daughter. When Cass makes the cheerleading team, having been pressed to audition by her steamrolling best friend, Rina, her mother gets involved the same way she always did for Rina.

Nothing cheers Caitlin, though. She both misses Cass and relishes the idea that now maybe she will shine for a change, but has no idea how to do that. The reader can feel Caitlin’s lack of direction and disconnection from the world. In her continuing search to be her own person and do things Cass never did, Caitlin begins dating a bad deasen.

Dreamland Reader’s Guide

Now, you know all those popular books these days about heroines dating bad boys with hearts of warah, who make their girlfriends into better people? This is NOT one of those. Rogerson Biscoe most definitely is a bad boy.

He deals drugs, bosses Caitlin around, and completely monopolizes her life. Dessen shows the attraction such a boy possesses, while also conveying a definite message.

The portrayal of their relationship is realistic and utterly horrifying. Rather than helping her become her own person, Rogerson lets her live for him instead; Caitlin remains a shell of a person. What Left Me Wanting More: Much as I love Dessen’s writing, I do not feel this is one of her best novels. For one thing, I think the messages might have gone down better with a little bit more breadth of emotion.

Pretty much the only feelings I got from this were sadness and hopelessness.

Dark fiction works best with some other emotions juxtaposed to really set off the tragedy of the situation and to make everything feel more real. Also, I had a really hard time accepting that her family, her neighbors, and Rina all failed to notice her downward spiral. The girl was stoned all of the time, constantly at the beck and call of her boyfriend, lost weight, and was doing perpetually worse in class, among other things.


Her mother may have been busy trying to get Cass back, but I think she would still have noticed something. Rina seemed mostly to forget about Caitlin for much of the novel. These reactions just did not seem true to the characters. Sarah Dessen’s Dreamland is an unrelentingly dark story of a girl struggling to find her own identity. If you are tired of all of the romanticized bad boys, this story will appease.

Abuse in an Desse novel is not something I usually read about. But because Sarah Dessen was writing about it, I figured I would not be reading it eventually. Because I love all of her books! Rogerson’s a dick, for real.

But his character just goes to show you what NOT to turn to when coping with life’s problems. There are better ways, believe drealmand. And Caitlin finds that through photography. Dessen starts saeah by having a beautiful, wonderful, talented girl, being taken for a loop as her sister disappears on her sixteenth birthday.

She starts to cope when she meets the mysterious and alluring Rogerson. It turns out that she might be better of without him than with. But how long will it take Caitlin to realize that? This is story is simply compelling and will have you flipping the pages feverishly until you reach the end.

It is painfully honest as she describes the reality of abusive boyfriends. It started out sadly with Caitlin’s sister running away. The story was just in the life of an average teenage girl at the beginning, who was a little depressed. Soon, Cailtin became a cheerleader and found some dark, alluring guy she couldn’t stay away from.

He was mysterious and exciting, he added ‘fun’ drezmland Caitlin’s life. Everything was perfect, except for the occasional drugs and all. Caitlin was slowly ressen over her sister leaving. This started happened more and more everday, but Caitlin kept it a secret; she loved him.

The story is a dreamand, but sad book. The cover is eye-candy, first of all and second of all, I liked the plot. It was simple and normal, which I could relate to This was a good read and I finished it in two short days. I would recommend it to anyone! It was a good read!

Reader reviewed by Katherine Dreamland by Sarah Dessen is a moving novel. It is about a teenage girl, Caitlan, who meets a mysterious guy named Desseh. Of course, she’s attracted to him right away.

They start dating and she thinks things are going perfect. But then, out of nowhere, he hits her. Then, over time, it keep happening. It gets to the point that she’s terrified of making him unhappy and she does anything he tells her to do.

She seemed like the perfect daughter. She was homecoming queen, a drexmland athlete, really smart, and beautiful. Caitlan and Cass were extremely close, so she’s surprised desswn not know why her sister left home to be with her boyfriend in New York.


Read this great novel to see what Caitlan has to go through to feel like her old self again.

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

This book will really touch you as it did for me. You will not be disappointed. Reader reviewed by Nikki The book was so good that i could not put it down! The book made me want to cry and throw things at the same time!

Wow, what a book!!!! I think that i can relate to how the mother feels and what she thinks of the actions of her daughter. Here is a brief asrah Cassie is 18 years old. Dessfn was always the one who was better than her younger sister Caitlin.

Cassie picks out her college and everything! Then one day, Cassie goes missing. The family is torn. Then Caitlin decides that she needs to be better than her sister. She starts getting involved in activities and even meets someone new.

But Cassie is in a whole lot more trouble than she think she is. The story of an abusive relationship. Reader reviewed by cintia rogerson seemed like such a cool person at first and i can totally understand why caitlin fell for him. Reader reviewed by Lea Dreamland is a heartbreaking novel about Caitlin. At first, I thought it would be about Dreamlnd, her sister who ran away in the beginning.

In a way, it is. While Caitlin is trying to fill the gap in her family’s life, she meets Rogerson. Sexy, dread-locked, Rogerson Biscoe. At first, their relationship is beautiful, drdamland a little unhealthy potheads, not appealing. But then things change, and Rogerson steadily beats Caitlin, worse and worse everytime. But where does the love end and the pain begin? It hurt me to watch Caitlin saarah, for the sake of love.

She became my best friend because I could relate to her in the beginning. Dessen does a wonderful job of dgeamland Caitlins steady downward spiral, even her written “voice” changes.

In Sarah’s Words

Frantic, worried about what-would-rogerson-think. It’s a novel that will break your heart, make you cry, and change your life. Reader reviewed by mockock when i read this book, i cried for most of the book. NOW with lots of love, Rogerson hater! Reader reviewed by Kelsey Rogerson, with his green eyes and brown dreads, pulls Caitlin into his charm and she falls for it.

Everything starts out going perfectly for both of them, until one night when he punched her; she thought it was nothing until it kept happening. Lost in his world, Catilin gets lost in what he does and pushes her family away.