Change your Thomson TWG IP Address · Download Manuals for Thomson TWG · Thomson TWG WiFi Instructions · All Thomson TWG Thomson Wireless VoIP Cable Modem TWGB ST9C Wireless VoIP Cable Modem DWG -4B (Software Version:ST9C)-. I’m trying use DGNv3 to repeat wifi signal from Thomson DWGB cable modem. . Manual inside product have little informations.

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Help us protect the environment in which we live! Vwg850-4b you purchased this product at a retail outlet, please read the following: Product Information Keep your sales receipt to obtain warranty parts and service and for proof of purchase.

Attach it here and record the serial and model numbers in case you maual them. The numbers dwg8550-4b located on the back of the product. Contact Your Local Manal Company Connections and Setup Computer Requirements For the best possible performance from your Residential Voice Gateway, your personal computer must meet the following minimum system requirements note that the minimum requirements may vary by cable companies: When wall mounting the unit, ensure that it is within reach of the power outlet.

You will need 2 suitable screws which screw diameter would be 4. Two different wall mount directions could be chosen for the Battery Pack. The LEDs on the front panel are described in the table below from left to right: Cable Cable Tel Contact Your Local Cable Company You will need to contact your cable company to establish an Internet account before you can use your gateway. You should have the following information ready which you will find on the manaul on the gateway: You have a cable outlet near your PC and it is ready for Cable Modem service.

It is important to supply power to the modem at all times.

THOMSON TWG850 User Manual

Keeping your modem plugged in will keep it connected to the Internet. This means that it will always be ready whenever you need. Please refer dwg80-4b Figure 1 to help you connect your Digital Cable Modem for the best possible connection. Below are important points to remember before you connect the Residential Voice Gateway.

For USB connections, follow the instructions on this page. For Ethernet connections, go to page If not, the Residential Voice Gateway CD included with your modem contains the manuql and other information you need to install your Residential Voice Voice Gateway to the USB port on your computer.

Instructions must be followed in the order they appear. Connections and Setup 6. At this point your PC needs to copy Windows specific files. If these files are not located on your hard drive, you may need to insert your Windows installation media i.

Ethernet Connection to One Computer Make the connections to the modem in the following sequence: If there is a phone line in your home which is NOT connected to another telephone service provider, connect a standard phone line cord from a jack on this line to one of the LINE jacks of the Residential Voice Gateway. Connect a standard phone line cord mwnual from the phone fax dwf850-4b, answering machine, caller ID box, etc.


Activating the Residential Voice Gateway After installing the Manul Voice Gateway and turn it on for the first time and each time the modem is reconnected to the powerit goes through several steps before it can be used. Each of these steps is represented by a different pattern of flashing lights on the front of the modem. Web Configuration Chapter 2: Web Configuration To make sure that you can access the Internet successfully, please check the following first.

For easy navigation, the pages are organized in groups, with group names main menu, individual page names within each group are provided in the sidebar. To navigate to a page, click the group hyperlink at the top, then the page title on the sidebar. Dgw850-4b information section shows the hardware and software information about your gateway.

The status section of this page shows how long your gateway has operated since last time being powered up, and some key information the Cable Modem received during the initialization process with your cable company. This has the same effect as a factory reset using the rear panel reset switch, where you hold in the switch for 15 seconds, then release.

This page offers basic diagnostic tools for you to utilize when connectivity problems occur. To use the ping Test, enter the information needed and press Start Test; This page displays the status of the DHCP clients and current system time. Note that page access is limited to only those who know the gateway access password. To block only one port, set both Start and End ports the same. This protects you from malicious attacks from dwg8500-4b.

Port Triggering works as follows. Imagine you want to play a particular game with PCs somewhere on the Dwg850-4v. If you want the gateway to exclude your selected filters to certain computers on your LAN, enter their MAC addresses in the Trusted Computers area of this page. Finally, click the Apply button to save your settings. Enable Email Alerts has the gateway forward email notices when Firewall protection events occur.

Click E-mail Log to immediately send the email log. Click Clear Log to clear the table of entries for a fresh start.

Activate Keyword Blocking and specify some keywords in the Keyword List to cause blocking of web pages on the WAN side with the specified keyword in the content. Activate Domain Blocking and specify some Domain Names e. Changes to the wireless web pages should be made from a PC that is hard wired to the gateway. The Wireless web pages group enables a variety of settings that can provide secure and reliable wireless communications for even the most demanding tech-savvy user.

Change the factory default to a name of your choice up mznual 32 characters long.

The wireless radio in your gateway can be completely de-activated by changing Interface to Disabled. You can choose bit or bit according to your needs. If you choose Disabled, the Network Keys will not be shown on this page. If selected, the data is encrypted using the key before being transmitted. For example, if you set bit in this field, then the receiving station must be set to use the Bit Encryption, and have the same Key value too.


The range is from 8 characters to 64 characters. If you want to key in 64 characters, only hexadecimal characters can be used. Please refer to the previous page. Group Key Rotation Interval: Key in the time for the WAP group key rotation interval. The unit is second.

With increasing rekey interval, user bandwidth requirement is reduced. Manal is usually printed on the WiFi card of the device e. It can also be determined from a Windows DOS prompt as explained below. Set the value for sending a request to the destination. All the frames of a length greater than the threshold that you set here will be sent with the four-way frame exchange. And, a length less than or equal to the value that you set will not be proceeded by RTS.

Re: DGNv3 Repeater for Thomson DWGB – NETGEAR Communities

Choose any one of it according to your needs by using the drop-down menu. This setting decides the output power of this device. You may use it to economize on electricity by selecting lower percentage of power output. Wireless Distribution System feature. WDS is a system that enables the interconnection of access points wirelessly.

It may also be referred to as repeater mode because it appears to bridge and accept wireless clients at the same time unlike traditional bridging. Web Configuration Guest Manal This page allows you to configure a guest network. You can refer to the details described in previous sections to make the WiFi security settings and guest LAN settings. You can select specific dwg850-4v from the Interface Name drop-down menu.

Web Configuration Event Log The event logs are displayed on this web page. You can check them whenever you need. If cable TV is available in your area, data and voice service manuzl be made available with or without cable TV service. Contact your local cable company for complete information on cable services, including high-speed internet access.

See page 5 for details.

Thomson TWG850 Login Instructions

Network Interface Device located on the outside of the house. If using the second line on a two-line telephone, use a 2-line to 1-line adapter cable. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

If you purchased or leased your Residential Voice Gateway directly from your cable company, then warranty service for the Digital Cable Modem may be provided through your cable provider or its authorized representative. These wiring connections are normally housed in a small plastic box located on an outer wall of the house.

Page of 69 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Important Information – If you are a professional user, please follow your supplier’s instructions. Operating Information If you purchased this product at a retail outlet, please read the following: