MGE OPS provides powerful software application specifically designed to meet the power management needs businesses. Eaton NOVA AVR – UPS – Watt – VA Series. Model Eaton NOVA AVR – UPS – Watt – VA Eaton NOVA AVR – UPS. Buy Surge protektor MGE NOVA AVR at attractive price from Technopolis. VA, W. Cash on delivery or buy in installments, delivery to home.

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IPM servce restart is required New Known issues: Behavior on IPM is then impacted.

Eaton – Software Download

IPM servce restart is required Known issues: You will need to recreate your configuration policies in the new version. A restart of IPM service after each OpenStack connector eatoj is recommended to avoid this issue. In that 6682, remove the corresponding node, reconfigure the connector and review configuration policies and actions to replace all occurences of the initial node by the new one. Sometimes event source of Action item displays incorrect value.

Use configuration policies to define and to share the power source settings, the protection and more. Status Event alarms missing.

Eaton NOVA AVR – UPS – Watt – VA Series – Roilling Technology

The Application was not restarted automatically after a crash of the service. You can move the nodes in one of this sub-view and delete the empty one manually. If, instead, you use the shutdown timer configuration on each UPS, the setup won’t work as expected.

IPM does not take into account the already existing “Configuration Policies” view. All the Configuration policies available are added again systematically. Please upgrade your installation to 5. No more communication loss when restarting the IPM service Known issues: If you want to activate the vCenter plugin feature first create the connector without checking the vCenter Plugin box. Then, edit your connector and check the box: If you have checked the box at creation time and experience some unstabilities restart IPM twice if needed in order to get back eatom a normal state.


This issue does not appear with the JRE 7u40 and ezton last one 7u Use start and stop commands from Eaton Windows “Start” menu. Opening the UPS Companion display from the icon could also fail.

Use start, stop and open commands from Eaton Windows “Start” eatton. A restart of session after setting should solve the problem. New features for Intelligent Power Protector 1. The power lost is now detected only when the count of units powered by the utility is lower than the eaaton unit for the load.

Use ‘-help’ option for complete command line format description. No shutoff in some specific conditions Known issues: New features for Intelligent Power Manager 1.

Eaton Nova 625 AVR 625VA 3AC outlet(s) Tower Black uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

The graph panel is empty no measures and no curves. The statistics panel earon not refreshed no statistics displayed. We advise you to install vCenter 4. If you have upgraded IPM from 1. Refer to the compatibily list.

Intelligent Power Manager 1. The Pulsar software suite is compatible with Windows 7: Eaton software suite is fully compatible with Mac OS X Validation team tested succesfully these products with: Compatibility with Mac OSX Broadcast protocol for alarms reception. Automatic configuration of the Windows firewall. New The Minislot card benefits from all the network features of the card.


In addition the card benefits from the Modbus and JBus Communication. This new tool allows network discovery and mass upload of the Network Management Cards,This version is compatible with latest UPS models: Windows Vista compatibility and many other improvements documented in the Release Note.

Compatible 6822 latest UPSs Improved graphical interface Password protection and https 6682 Web server proposed with the product.

This version includes following features: A simple and very powerful representation mode lets you create your electrical supervision diagram using a web browser. Network Shutdown Module has been tested compatible with: Sustaining problems are corrected in this release, refer to package Release Note. Personal Solution Pac has been tested compatible with: Sound notification can be sent on specific event occurrence. With this patch you can configure UPS electrical settings. Simple, Graphical and USB enabled: Personal Solution Pac 3.

Personal Solution Pac is released with new features: You can use for free the 5-nodes version. MGE Network Shutdown offers following functions: Compatibility with new UPSs: Following new UPS are now supported: Compliant with the Environment Sensor: Temperature and humidity measurement 2 external contacts management New html pages for Environment Sensor control New features: New automated Installation procedure described in User documentation.

Uninstall feature is added. Sensor Traps can be received.