Ed Templeton Deformer Published by Alleged Press and Damiani Editore, Bologna, Italy Format: Hardcover, 9 x 12 inches, pages, color and black and . Eleven years in the making and compiling more than thirty years worth of material : Ed Templeton’s Deformer, a multi-media scrapbook of his upbringing in s. In Deformer, artist Ed Templeton explores his upbringing in suburban Orange County, California, through photographs, stories, and ephemera from his youth.

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The roles that they would play were established and the actions that they would take were set in motion. This big-bellied, raging tempered, slothful creature was carefully built to achieve his task — the destruction and breaking of little Ed and his spirit.

As a counter to his darkness, heroic figures would step in that were driven by goodness and love. They would, through their love, prevent much of the damage yet the key figure was most formidable and seemed initially destined to achieve success. He was equipped with a devastating arsenal of tools that could and would be wielded to inflict maximum punishment on the enemy and target for his dastardly deeds, little Ed.


That he would fall short is a miraculous thing, yet fitting for a lazy louse I would imagine. The book would serve as a vehicle for self expression, also to give testament to his battle, to his heart, to his spirit, to his desires and to his love of life. Your character is being formed. You want to be a good character. Your character, the personality you develop is yours alone.

Make the right choices. YOU have to live with them for always. Man is not an island. What you think and say and do interacts with others — your fans, friends, family. Brain damage as a little girl, a crippled head, maintenance drugs and life as a whirl.

Deanna and Ed would rise above the blackness that threatened to devour them and everything in its wake. Deanna and Ed would ride off into their sunset and become one… never to part. Deanna would need Ed as much as Ed would need Deanna. Together, they would conquer the world. That Ed could not be fucked. F-ck the enemies, f-ck that which would break us, f-ck the villains and thank God for the heroes.

Ed Templeton

We are broken to be repaired! We struggle through pain to find hope!

We are a negative waiting to find our positive! We make mistakes to find redemption! We are born with hurt so that we can feel love.


This is what photography should be… Scars and Hugs, Tears and Fears. A bar has been set. Deformer Photography by Ed Templeton. For inquiries, please contact American Suburb X at: I travel all around the world for work, and it used to be really lonely.

Now I can go onto Tinder and have a date lined up in a new city before I even get out of the airport! Handsome is as handsome does.

Deformer | Collector’s Edition Ed Templeton –

It is what is inside of you that counts. Evil is as evil does.

Here Deanna is writing her failed suicide note: Connect to the ASX world! Like us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter and Instagram. Girls, Rain and Nightclub Haiku: Dusk is Woven to the Hide of Death. Maya Rochat, The Chromophagist.

Tears of a Clown. The Application of Minor Cogs. Before Our Limbs Soften. One Comment I travel all around the world for work, and it used to be really lonely.

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