Edred Thorsson is the founder of the Rune Gild and one of the top experts on runes alive today. He received his doctorate in Germanic languages and medieval. Edred Thorsson has 31 books on Goodreads with ratings. Edred Thorsson’s most popular book is Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic. Books By Edred Thorsson Similar Authors To Edred Thorsson . Green Runa, The Runemaster’s Notebook: Shorter Works of Edred Thorsson Volume I.

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Flowers is the real name of Edred Thorsson. He publishes books under both names. Thorsson has published many books on many subjects, but most of them are related to runes and rune magic. To make it even more difficult, his books tend to have very positive reviews, and are often recommended.

My first couple books on rune magic were from Thorsson, because he looked, at first glance, like a good source for those very reasons. I have decided I want nothing to do with his work; and I wish I never bought the books to begin with. His information on the historical aspects of the runes usually the first couple chapters of his books is very good.

Edred Thorsson – Böcker | Bokus bokhandel

He clearly knows his stuff. When he gets into how to use the runes exred practice though, none of it comes from the historical information he just finished presenting.

Instead, he presents the entire thing as fact So his works come off as very misleading and disingenuous. Definitely not how you want to come off to your readers. With that in mind; whether or not he is a good source kind of depends on who you are and what your goals are. If you are someone who is okay with mixing things or is okay with new age concepts then he may be an author that you would be interested in – which is fine. To each their own. If you are a reconstructionist though like many heathens are thorsso, it will be very difficult to find even a single piece of practical information in his books that is usable.


So just to reiterate – the problem is not that he is mixing in new age concepts. The new age concepts are not the same as the historical usage and they should be introduced as what they are.

Which also comes across as misleading and sneaky. Those are my issues with him as an author. I also have issues with him as a person; that makes him somebody that I would not want to support, even if I liked his work.

This states that the organizations who signed it will not promote, associate, thogsson do business with AFA due to racist statements made and ideologies that they have. Init was also added to a list of hate groups by Southern Poverty Law Center. So when or if you buy his books, just keep in mind that this is where your money is going to and supporting.

As far as I know, Thorsson himself has not said anything like this.

But the fact that he is involved with this group at all says a lot about his character. Meeting Steve was a life-changing experience for me. He is an embodiment of a kind of Germanic spirituality that puts words into action. I also had a scroll through his Facebook page – and found a post from earlier in He is not longer part of that group though he stepped down because people were upset about his affiliation with satanist groups – as far as I know.

Similar authors to follow

Just read the article linked, yeah, it’s a snowball’s chance in hell I’m ever gonna support these Nazis. Maybe Amazon needs a letter or two though Thank you very much for a wonderful review, I really appreciate honesty! Just a quick note, authors commonly sight themselves, both to avoid tyorsson issues yes you can plagiarize from yourselfand to provide information on where the reader can look if they want to see an extended discussion of that topic.


I attended a rune workshop and the heathen teaching it warned against this author. He fdred Freya Aswynn. I don’t have any of her books yet to form my own opinion but I thought I’d share. I was recommended the books months ago so I sure no harm was intended. I’m happy thorssson have been corrected before supporting her.

I was a witness to many of it as she was one of my thogsson as well. Thanks for telling me. Will add her to the mental list of authors not to support. I googled it and yikes: I edited my comment but I’m glad to find out edged I bought the book.

I remember the drama around the AFA. I was following a Heathen blog at that time that went massively in depth on why they suck.

I nearly bought this guy’s book.

This is one good non-fluffy review. I’m going to look at the article. Didn’t know of his affiliations, shiiiiiit, surprised Amazon won’t pull his books but I did notice many times that he is using a pen name, which is sneaky when you’re trying to be scientific.

Books by Edred Thorsson (Author of Futhark)

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Nisaryn I googled it and yikes: Featured post Thosrson comes after The Antichrist 7 hours ago.