This manual is for HVRM-HDH. Before product installation and operation, please become thoroughly familiar with this user manual and other manuals. This manual is for HVRM-TQ, HVRM-TQ, HVRM-TM, HVRM- TM, HVRM-. TM. Before product installation and operation, please become. Before installation or operation please become familiar with the user manual . Contents of the manual can differ according to firmware or Software upgrade.

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Any changes or modifications in construction of this device which are not expressly approved exvr party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. When installing eDVR, be cautious to locate on safe places where children are unreachable. Tampering or disassembling the product will void the warranty.

Various Playback mode Playback Playback on standard monitor full screen Also, it upgrades video quality and file size applying MPEG algorithm. Main features – It supports 16ch video – Supports 1 ch bi-directional audio – Supports recording, playback, network recording, network playback simultaneously Pentaplex – Max. It indicates Power input, and light on at Power in. Function to diplay all video connected sequentially Press more than 1 sec.

Function to select video channel to control PTZ in Monitor mamual.

Each press of the button will increase playback speed gradually x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x Monitoring All analog video image channels connected to eDVR is displayed to screen by Power connection. It boots with LED on. Manual Recording By the press [Enter] button for user recording, it records as long time as it set the time.

It is prior to Normal Rec, Event Rec. And it records by user recording set in disregard for any recording setup when user recording starts.

Press [MENU] for the setting switching term. At OFF set, auto switch mode does not operate. User mode can define max. The above picture defines 6 Sequence, and it is displayed in order as 4 division 1,2,3,4 Full screen 1 division 5,6,7,8. Alarm mode It can be set to Pop-up automatically relevant screen when alarming. At the simultaneous alarming in several channels, it displays the division as many channel as alarmed. Channel select icon is on the amnual, Shift to channel to control Mqnual with directional key.

Utilizing Save Preset This menu is used to set new Preset at real-time monitoring mode. Press relevant Number button to set in Preset. MDL supports 4 Relay Output. Bookmark function This function is for force occurred event for current monitoring image. Msnual Bookmark will be transaction as event and it can be search and playback from Search function.


Press [ZOOM] one more to return original screen mode. Search mode This menu is to playback specific time data from the time frame and searching log at Playback mode. From for the time to start recorded data, To indicates the last time. Time Slect the evvr of Copy.

WebGate MD1600L eDVR User Manual

Select Disk Select the disk to use backup device. Delected data is limited to present HDD used, and it does not affect to backup disk. The range of delete data is from oldest data to the data that the time selected. Mxnual Setup is the menut to set recording easily in same condition of all analog channels. Recording is to set recording in more various conditions by time period or channel. Every time pressing direction changes the time zone.

American Dynamics EDVR Manuals

Press [EXIT] to return to previous menu. It is as same as OSD menu. Namely, it is activated when selected summer time zone is set from Tim Zone set menu. Selet the method of Time Format. Recording Setup Quick Setup is to set same conditions to all analog channels in every hour. Configuration Status It just indicates the setup status of recording only.


Channel Status Set whether it activates all analog channels. Camera Setup This is to setup the condition of every camera. At Quick Setup menu, it sets every camera to the same condition. According to menu, letter input window can be different, but Set is the same. Use direction key for letter input. Covert Covert On will hide the channel at Monitoring mode. Manual Recording setup This menu is to set video recording condition by user when pressing [REC] button.

When Post Alarm is set to Latched, it maintains user recording continuously till the stop pressing [REC] button by user. To set Alarm Rec. The unset zoon can be set to Weekend time zone. The unset zoon can be set to Night time zone. Resolution There are all 3 conditions. At this menu, resolution set is applied to every User recording, Event recording.

Here only can set recording according to alarm recording setup. And it can set MD zone additionally when MD sets by channel. Selected MD zone is in grey color. Text Setup This menu is to set text data input. Recording It is On or Off to save the Text input. Sync Text With Select the channel synchronize with Text data. Delimiter Value of Delimiter can be different according to every device. Refer to their manual or inquire it to purchasing stores of its model.


Timeout ms Following lines defined here means maximum number of text line from one data. Even if there is standized data, there can be a short and long data.

Global Alarm Recording Set all analogue channels in same condition. Selection of Sensor is set by pressing relevant number button. Buzzer Set the use of Buzzer or not. Input E-mail address to inform Alarm. Mail Duration min E-mail notification is to send message in terms of Mail Duration set, but not every time that Alarm is occurred.

Warning Message When setup this menu, it display warning message through pop-up. Monitor Setup It sets the monitor for the display of video from monitor. Alarm Pop-up sec It sets auto Pop-up display for the alarm. User Sequence Configuration It can edit Auto transmit function for user mode. It can define all 16 user mode. The picture for example defines 6 Sequences in order as shown 4 division 1,2,3,4 Full mode 1 4 divisions 5,6,7,8 Full mode 5 Full mode 8 9 divisions 9,10,11,12,13,14,15, When playback recorded image, it sets which it works together.

Other unassigned time is for the Weekend. Special Time It can set another specific time zone in each time zone Week day, Week night, Weekend day and nightFor example, various conditions setting separately such as mealtime or meeting time is applicable. It used for the set of regular exceptial time.


Exception Days It manul for the setup of irregular exceptional time, max. Local Password User Password It is only capable of monitoring and playback only with user registery. Admin Password Authorized administrator can control every function. Password of admin is set and has all rights and unchangeable. User ID setup Max. Backup Reminder This menu is to inform backup time by everyday, every week, every month.

It can set from Day 1 to IP address, it renews the information in WRS server regularly. WRS addresses that WebGate operates now are www. If domain address such as www.

It consists of Server that offers standard time on network, and Client for synchronization that receives the time from server connected. Interval min It sets interval min.

Device Set external device connected. Set to Off if it is not used. If several eDVRs connect to a keyboard, 16 channel can clash. Then set to the other address of keyboard.